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Viewpoints in Brittany

48 viewpoints in Brittany

Viewpoints in Cancale
The Tip of the Grouin
Near the bay of Mont Saint Michel, you'll find this rock outcrop, the tip of the Grouin. It's the perfect observatory to see on the Breton coast, especially its plant and animal life. To get there you'll have to walk, and on the way you'll see lots of trees, flowers, rocks and the sound of birds around us. It is a destination for the more adventurous. Refrain sedentary. From the most outgoing out everything you can see the sea and the coast at its fullest. A gift for our eyes, that daily gains greater number of admirers for its stunning cliffs and lush vegetation. From the top you can see the profile of Mont St.-Michel Abbey. Their roofs slate weevils as needles skyward make its sunsets among the most bucolic of France.
Viewpoints in Perros-Guirec
Pink Granite Coast (Cote de Granit Rose)
A legend of love engraved on the stone: une legende d'amour sur la pierre gravée. This sentence is a beautiful tourist attraction for all those visiting for the first time here. Information for tourists: The Pink Granite Coast is north of one of the departments in the region of Brittany, Côtes d'Armor, Sea Coasts and Channel. It is a coastal stretch of about 10 km between connecting districts and Perros-Guirce Trégastel. Ploumanac'h belongs to the latter and it was here that I took most of the photos. This coastal stretch are largely crossed by so-called sentier des douaniers, custom trails, and these pictures make the experience unforgettable. The pink color of the rocks is due, according to the geology and I'm not a geologist, to a combination of three different minerals in granite, and one of them, feldspar is the one that gives the characteristic pink color. Curiously, only in China and Corsica do pink granite coasts exist, besides the one in question. Do not expect to find great cities or monuments: this is pure, harsh nature. I cannot say it is very accessible by train, plane or car. The last because I do not drive. In relation to the first 2 because I lived in Britain and I moved west, Brest, east, Lannion, our ave. From Paris it is easy to take a train to Saint Brieuc Lannion within a few miles of each other. Saint Brieuc has an airport as it is the capital. Accommodation? / Food? We only stayed in 2 star hotels that were good value for money: the ibis Lannion, about 10 km from the coast but well connected via bus, and the Hôtel du Phare Ploumanac'h in view of the pink granite coast . Here is a link on the Pink Granite Coast with abundant information: Deputy http://www.cotedegranitrose.fr/ dogs guirec link in case it might be of use: http://www.perros-guirec.fr/ Personal experience: A personal experience is by nature somewhat incommunicable as it pertains to our subjectivity and private preferences. I recommend it as a man of letters ve was more interested in the beauty of the landscapes and the Arthurian cycle, Tristan and Isolde, than the composition of the famous rocks. Thank you.
Viewpoints in Ploumanach
Ploumanac'h is one of the most famous coastal towns of the Côtes d'Armor thanks to its pink granite formations. It boasts masses of stone which has been carved by the sea and wind over time, offering visitors an almost surreal landscape. It is certainly a place of exceptional natural beauty. Among Trestraou and Saint-Guirec beachers, the pink towering cliffs create an almost unreal image. They are more than 300 million years old and are spread over more than 25 hectares. They have been classified as a national heritage site in France. The cliffs receive more than one million visitors every year and is an unmissable feature of Brittany. Many tourists come here attracted by the mysterious shapes of the rocks. Napolean's flat, the lovers lairs, or mushrooms are just some of the figures that the imagination conjures up in the chaotic granite. With the sunset, the pink granite takes on a colourful orange colour which is truly fascinating. In addition, the beacon of decoration on this stunning coastline is very apt for water sports.
Viewpoints in Plougonvelin
Viewpoints in Saint-Malo
Corniche d'Aleth
If you are in Saint-Servan-sur-Mer, you should take the path around the peninsula of the city of Aleth, where the fortress stands. This is a quiet pedestrian walkway under the cedars. There were German fortresses around, and were transformed into "modern sculptures" or climbing walls. The views are beautiful, in the estuario del Rance, the Solidor Tower in Saint Malo, and its port.
Viewpoints in Plérin
The Punta del Rosal
The Punta del Rosal is a wonderful place to change ideas, reflect and admire the beautiful bay of St. Brieuc. I had a magnificent view of the stunning beach. It's a memorable place, and incites a bit of rememberance for the memory of those who died at sea.
Viewpoints in Le Conquet
Viewpoints in Saint-Brieuc
Côtes d'Armor
Viewpoints in Plouzané
Viewpoints in La Roche-Bernard
Viewpoints in Belz
Viewpoints in Beg Meil
Viewpoints in Douarnenez
Viewpoints in Trébeurden
Viewpoints in Brest
Viewpoints in Plougastel-Daoulas
Viewpoints in Perros-Guirec
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