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Citadels in Brittany

4 citadels in Brittany

Citadels in Concarneau
Ville close
The ancient walled town of Concarneau hails from the tenth century in which the rocky island was defended by fences covered by moats. Already by the fourteenth century the city was walled and small, predetermined became part of Brittany in 1373 after thirty years of British occupation. Its walls were built in 1491 and the union of the King of France with Princess Anne of Britain became one Plaza Real. The walls are still the originals, with the exception of the front door or Passenger, expanded in 1785. Concarneau always been famous for its canned food, because until the French revolution it was a population of fishermen who pressed and dried the fish to send to the cities within France, particularly known for the sardines. A short walk through their little streets brings you to traditional houses, sites such as Puerta del Vino XV century where the wine was transported from Bordeaux or the Chapel of the Hospital that housed ten male patients and as many female whom could attend religious celebrations from their beds. A must visit in Britain.
Citadels in Dinan
A dreamy medieval citadel hidden in this villa. With almost 2 miles of ramparts, Dinan and XIV century castle stand proudly on the river Rance. Marina, situated in the lower part of the city, constantly has sail boats up the estuary. A lovely landscape walk to and fall in love with ... or with whoever you want, of course. At the top, the houses of wooden structures complete your visit to this medieval town of character and flavor ancient history. The rugged Jerzual street seems to lead to the Middle Ages. You can catch some of your breath when you look out to the ocean.
Citadels in Port-Louis
Port-Louis Citadel
They say it is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in France, it was founded by the Spanish during the wars of religion, and rebuilt under the reign of Louis XIII in the seventeenth century. Linked to trade with the Indies, it now houses the National Maritime Museum. Go here before or during your trip along the route of the megaliths in Morbihan. It is a good full day trip.
Citadels in Tréouergat