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Historical Monuments in Brittany


81 historical monuments in Brittany

Historical Monuments in Saint-Malo
The Walls of Saint-Malo
The city is situated on the inside walls of Saint Malo called "Intramuros" since it is within two miles of the wall that is still
Historical Monuments in Carnac
Carnac Stones
The legend saint of Cornély was pursued by soldiers of the Roman emperor, and then he turned around with the Cross of Christ and m
Historical Monuments in Saint-Malo
Fort National
Classified as a historic monument, this seventeenth century fort is located opposite the beach of Saint Malo. It was built by the
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Historical Monuments in Penmarch
Phare d'Eckmühl
There is a great mass of white stone that stands on a cliff over 65 meters high. The waves seem to want to reach it, but it's futi
Historical Monuments in Dinan
Dinan City Walls
A really nice little town but if you visit on a rainy day try not to wear flip flops or go down the slopes, because all the ground
Historical Monuments in Rennes
Rennes old town
Rennes is the capital of Ille-et-Vilaine, which is one of the main cities of Brittany. I recommend focusing on the northern part,
Historical Monuments in Tréguier
Cathedral of Treguier
Who would think about finding themselves in a cathedral in a small town like Treguier? It forms part of northern Britain surprises
Historical Monuments in Saint-Malo
Castle Keep
Saint Malo has long been one of the most desirable locations for its neighboring regions. While in the Middle Ages it was an impor
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Maison Des Arches (the House of the Archers)
This sixteenth century building has been a historical monument since 1931. It gets its name not because archers lived there. It wa
Historical Monuments in Dinan
Porte du Jerzual
This was one of the places I liked most when I was in Dinan Brittany. Despite the buzz that permeates throughout the day, at night
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
The Presidial (the Presidio)
This building was constructed in 1683 and was designed for the trials that were celebrated in a street with the ensuing melee. On
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Old Quarter of Quimperlé
Wihin the old quarter of Quimperlé, there is a circle a little larger than 300 meters in radius where you can find yourself with w
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Quimperlé Medieval Bridge
This bridge is named LE POINT FLEURI and was established for the city of Quimperlé. The only way to use it is from the east. It m
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Abbey of the Holy Cross
Located adjacent to the building of the Gendarmerie of the city, this cross is something you won't even notice if you aren't payin
Historical Monuments in Paimpont
Abbey of Our Lady of Paimpont
During our trip through the forest of Brocéliande, we came across PAIMPONT, and the first thing we saw was its beautiful Abbey. It
Historical Monuments in Plévenon
The views are great and I can relax
Historical Monuments in Saint-Malo
Historical Monuments in Plouescat
Hall of Wood in the Plouescat
A unique monument in Finisterre, Las Halles wooden plouescat reflects the ancient origin of commercial vitality. It was built in t