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Things to do in Concarneau

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The top 38 attractions in Concarneau

Citadels in Concarneau
Ville close
The ancient walled town of Concarneau hails from the tenth century in which the rocky island was defended by fences covered by moats. Already by the fourteenth century the city was walled and small, predetermined became part of Brittany in 1373 after thirty years of British occupation. Its walls were built in 1491 and the union of the King of France with Princess Anne of Britain became one Plaza Real. The walls are still the originals, with the exception of the front door or Passenger, expanded in 1785. Concarneau always been famous for its canned food, because until the French revolution it was a population of fishermen who pressed and dried the fish to send to the cities within France, particularly known for the sardines. A short walk through their little streets brings you to traditional houses, sites such as Puerta del Vino XV century where the wine was transported from Bordeaux or the Chapel of the Hospital that housed ten male patients and as many female whom could attend religious celebrations from their beds. A must visit in Britain.
Villages in Concarneau
Britain is linked to the sea, and in towns like Concarneau this really shows. It is a fishing village with boats, seagulls, beach bars and a small little fish village, called the "ville close". It is a walled peninsula of fishermen's cottages, and a small fort. Although it sounds cheesy it´s actually really cute.
Harbors in Concarneau
Concarneau Port
On this particular day the truth is that we had the idea of ​​visiting Concarneau but we got confused when listening to the GPS instructions and we ended up in Quimper. I had just parked the car and I could not help but take the camera and take a couple of pictures. Great black and white clusters in the blue sky and the mixture of colors that gave the ships on the sea were the delight of any lover of photography and if we add that we were facing the third largest fishing port in France, then the view is stunning.
Islands in Concarneau
Glénan Islands
Seven islets appear like seven pearls around an inland in the sea surrounded by crystal clear waters. White sandy beaches and ... no, we're not in the Seychelles. To your great surprise, we are actually in Britain! This archipelago situated off Concarneau, offers paradise landscapes reminiscent of tropical countries. It feels like you are daydreaming. If you go here, be sure to visit the Glénan. From June to September, cruises depart from Benodet, Concarneau, Loctudy, Pors-la-Forêt and Beg Meil ​​to Saint-Nicolas, the main island. One wonderful day trip that you can arrange visits one of the most hidden charms in the region of Brittany. Surprisingly enough, in the archipelago there are no hotels and camping is forbidden. However, during the summer, the Glénan comes alive with its restaurants, a diving center and famous sailing school. If you want, you can take a guided tour of the island or visit the underwater environment display via a glass-bottomed boat. I tell you - this place is truly amazing!
Churches in Concarneau
Ville close Church
Inside the citadel there are a couple of churches and one of them is this one, which I don´t know the name of. It lies at the end of the village, and has a beautiful garden behind it, just at the entrance of the port. At first it was a conservatory but this would not have much sense within this citadel.
Of Touristic Interest in Concarneau
Le Bac du Passage
At the end of the Village of Concorneau one can find a type of port where there is a boat that takes you to the shore.Since the Middle Ages, a smuggler extends between the city and close to Lanriec on the opposite bank of the canal. The oldest written records that describe their activities date back to the year 1678. This service has been private for many centuries,and has governed in the city since the year 1976, under the responsibility of the marina. The ferry is a tiny boat that takes you through the harbor, step Lanriec (Duquesne) close to the city, and try to avoid coming back over the bridge to the Moors if you go by the fishing port. It is interesting to get to the city fast and fun for tourists. This crossing of 200 meters is the "WORLD'S SMALLEST CRUISE" with a trip lasting only 5 min. The ferry can carry 30 passengers and works 10 hours a day.Operation hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Rates 2011: Airline Ticket 10 € 0.80 € 5.70 € 17.10 monthly Coupon
Festivals in Concarneau
Blue Nets Festival
The dancers come on stage. A nice parade of hats and elegant suits appear. The sound of the bagpipes, the sound of the drums roll and the bombards us cringe: Fillets Bleus are back! This is one of the oldest festivals and with more character in the region of Brittany. Certainly, the traditional festival of Concarneau has changed little since its creation, but it always retains the openness to other Celt cultures. Breton cultural and traditional activities, cooking demonstrations and sports. Introduction to dance Breton and Celtic artists free concerts complete the program of this festival. The closing fireworks have all the soul of Breton.
Canyons in Concarneau
The Canyons of Venus
As you came to the citadel you find these guns frigate belonging to Saint-Malo in 1780 consisting of 300 sailors and soldiers, armed with 30 guns. Less than two years after departure, it ran aground on a rock near the islands Glenan of Concarneau. In an attempt to save the ship and the goods and firearms was unsuccessful. It was not until nearly 200 years later, in 1978 when a diver discovered the forgotten weapons under the sea, and after retreiving them , they were fully restored.
Historical Monuments in Concarneau
Tour of Wine
Also called The Wine Gate. It is a circular tower on the front. It was crossed by 3 doors to shoot guns. Around the year 1785, a stone platform of 6m in diameter was fitted. There are granite slabs of the deck that are still there today. It is taller than 180m. It is definitely one of the structures that have experienced the least amount of external changes, apart from its parapet, and has kept its medieval look.
Harbors in Concarneau
L'Arriere Port
This beautiful harbor shares the beauty of the coastline, because it is around the citadel. Since the thirties, the fisheries development resulted in major changes in the Port expansion of existing fishing harbor, wharf construction and Carnot bite. A great auction was built in 1937, replacing the cross. After the occupation, the fishing port modernized really took off, local tuna, which is also trying to trawl among other things.
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Harbors in Concarneau
Historical Monuments in Concarneau
Historical Monuments in Concarneau
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