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Things to do in Carnac

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The top 12 attractions in Carnac

Historical Monuments in Carnac
Carnac Stones
The legend saint of Cornély was pursued by soldiers of the Roman emperor, and then he turned around with the Cross of Christ and made each of this in a menhir. Actually we were dealing with more than four thousand rocks between menhirs and dolmens erected in the Neolithic period between 5,000 and 2,000 BC. For sedentary communities inhabiting the region dedicated to livestock and agriculture. The entire assembly is divided into three different alignments in close proximity between them. The first of these was in front and is now known as some alignments. The second is called Kermario alignment and it is possibly the best one to visit and to finish aligning the farthest Kerlescan. Each and every one of them are in fenced enclosures, this is done to ensure that more damage due to the passage of time doesn't occur. The day wasn't great for us because it was so hot and there was a steady drizzle that barely let me get some photographs with mediocre quality. But certainly better than nothing and that next year we will have the chance to visit again.
Of Cultural Interest in Carnac
Here is where you'll find the largest concentration of menhirs in Europe. Ménec 1,100 houses, 1,029 Kermario other, but we can also find some solo in the middle of a meadow that are considered to be higher, around 20 meters. You can see it on the ground in big chunks. Is the Grand Menhir Brise. Dolmens and Tumuli complete the megalithic mystery of this area.
Churches in Carnac
Saint Cornely Church
This 17th Century Renaissance style building was constructed in honour of Saint Cornely, the patron saint of animals with horns. According to legend, the saint was pursued by Roman soldiers and he hid in the ear of an ox. The image of the saint is blessed by the faithful and surrounded by the figure of two oxen. Inside you can see the murals of stuccoed vaults, the marble altar of the eighteenth century altar of St. John the Baptist with table 1730, altar of the Rosary with a table from the year 1715, altar of the Blessed Sacrament, the shrine of Sain Cornely and the 12 windows of which 8 are devoted to the saint and the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and the organ from 1775.
Villages in Carnac
Village of Saint-Colomban
Once we finished eating at the Kreiz an Avel restaurant on Carnac beach and taking a break from the rain that plagued us that day, we took the opportunity to take a short visit to this tiny and beautiful village. What surprised us all the most, apart from the magnificent stone houses and Breton-style slate roofs, was the silence and loneliness that was there with us all the time. Upon leaving, we observed a beautiful little spot that was totally green and had a beautiful spring gothic-style background that was quite flamboyant from the XVI century. Awesome place if you want and can spend a small season total relax.
Churches in Carnac
Saint-Colomban Church
Small, typical little Breton church that dates back to 1575. It has a rectangular tower that's flanked by four small pinnacles. From inside the wall you can see the chapel that's dedicated to the Virgin, a sixteenth century wall paintings like other that evokes the forgiveness of Saint Cornely. The church is open only during the months of July and August.
Beaches in Carnac
Port of Carnac
The Port of Carnac is the port of La Trinité sur Mer. La Trinité sur Mer was a district of the city of Carnac until the years 1864-1865, when it got its independence as its own municipality. Today it's a beautiful harbor that's considered to be one of the largest ports in France with a capacity of more than 1,200 vessels afloat.
Nightclubs in Carnac
Le Stirwen
The Stirwen nightclub is the best known in Carnac and its surrounding areas, especially during the summer season. The clientele are "regulars" every season, a lot of them are Parisians, but the music is varied and fun, and the "White Nights" with the release of giant confetti are very funny ... The owner is Alain Barrière, known in the song world and in 2003, he received a trophy for the club night "Stirwen" for entertaining Breton in the evenings for 28 years. In September, he bid his farewell.
Museums in Carnac
Nightclubs in Carnac
Beaches in Carnac
Beaches in Carnac
Resort Towns in Carnac