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Things to do in Quimper

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The top 24 attractions in Quimper

Villages in Quimper
This year in February, I took a trip with my class to Quimper, with the intention of doing an exchange with some students from other schools. We were there for seven days, in which we went on various trips and outings to nearby areas that made our stay unforgettable.
Cathedrals in Quimper
Quimper Cathedral
In the free time we had to sight-see on our own, we visited the cathedral every morning because it's situated along a convenient path for us - it was very close to the lycée where we were studying. We only had to walk down a street and we would be at the cathedral. When you're inside, the most interesting part is the ceiling. The nave's ceiling has a strange shape, it runs straight until the altar, then from there until the back, it's twisted to one side because the cathedral has been restored several times. In times of war, the same part of the cathedral is always burned, and after having been restored so many times, it has finally lost its original shape. It has a very interesting shape now.
Wineries in Quimper
Distillery Quimper
On one of our day trips visiting villages around Quimper, on the way to Locronan we went to a cider distillery, although unfortunately I can´t remember the name or the area where it was. It had all different kinds of old gadgets on display, to show how they used to make the cider, and there is a factory that goes through all the processes, in French. As I am not very good with the language, I was unable to learn a great deal, but at least at the end of the visit my companions gave me a brief summary and we went to the factory shop where we were offered a tasting of different types of cider that were made there.
Museums in Quimper
Musée Des Beaux Arts Quimper
This place is situated in the Place Saint-Corentin. It has been completely renovated, and it is one of the most important places outside of Paris, thanks to the quality and quantity of their work. Inside you can find Breton paintings, in addition to Dutch, Flemish and Italian paintings. There are several floors and during our stay in Quimper we spent a morning exploring the different rooms and works of art.
Museums in Quimper
Museum HB Henriot
One of the excursions during our tour of Quimper was to see the largest ceramic factory in Brittany. The name "HB-Henriot" is famous in the world of ceramics. Each ceramic piece is totally made and decorated by hand, and I can confirm because we saw the whole process, from molding to firing and design, and it was all by hand, amazing. Today, factories continue making more than 30 designs, 26 of them are represented in the brochure. After the visit we visited the shop in a corner of the museum, where they have on sale a lot of material actually made in the factory, even things as unusual as braces made of ceramic, a real gem.
Festivals in Quimper
Cornouaille Festival
In 1923 Celtic sounds were almost unknown. The Cornwall Festival took a firm decision to extol Breton culture and diversity. Although it has been more than eight decades, it still stands. In the 20s things were a little different. Britons were considered rednecks, it was kitsch to see the queen of Filets Bleus, Concarneau parade, "seedy" to take part in the Pont d'Or Ajons Aven and outdated to admire the embroidery on the Pont l'Abbé. Nontheless, they all paraded through the streets of Quimper. This kicked off a long history of this octogenarian festival that gives so much satisfaction to its nearly 250,000 visitors: concerts, shows, bagads, and musicians and dancers parading in their traditional costumes. It is held in the heart of Quimper and on one occasion even Simple Minds, Joan Baez or Cesaria Evora came to perform. What about the rain? Just another guest.
Streets in Quimper
The City of the Bishop (neighborhood in Quimper)
Quimper is historically divided into three cities: the ancient Quimper, the Duke City and the city of Bishop. I decided on this place because it's my third favorite of the three which occupy the walls and most of the wooden houses. Most of them have their own name which symbolizes the profession of the person who was the original owner of the house.
Markets in Quimper
Halles St François
We found this market while we were doing a test around Quimper, that taught us a little bit of the history. It's a typical place, lots of businesses with great opportunities for trade. There a lot of Breton products here, we can find things to satisfy the cravings of a diet with vegetables, such as cauliflower, which is Breton (I think), as well as our sweet tooth with savory sweets in the area. It's normal to eat crepes for lunch, we went to the market to a crepe shop, the only one open at the times we wanted to eat, and it was interesting as it was a mixture, and above all, the taste was interesting. They were amazing!
Theaters in Quimper
Theatre Quimper
Also known as Max Jacob theater, this place is located to the north, across the river that runs through Quimper, if I remember correctly. We found it on the way to the Quimper train station, which is a bit outside of the city center. Hours are: Monday to Friday 13h30> 19h00 on days when there's a show: 13:30> 20:30 Saturdays with a show: 17:30>20:30 Saturdays in September: 14:00> 19:00
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Museums in Quimper
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Streets in Quimper
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Shops in Quimper