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Things to do in Quimperlé

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The top 11 attractions in Quimperlé

Ruins in Quimperlé
Ruins of the Church of Saint-Colomban
Studies have thought there was a monastery of Celtic-Irish origin here that was destroyed by the Vikings in 878. There are historians who argue that was rebuilt around the eleventh century due to the Romanesque architecture that you can see today. Around the thirteenth century they built a Gothic church and it was rebuilt in the fifteenth century. From then until its collapse it was called the church of the rich in the lower town. Currently the site is used for parking and is built on the back of a cinema.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Maison Des Arches (the House of the Archers)
This sixteenth century building has been a historical monument since 1931. It gets its name not because archers lived there. It was named for its proximity to an ancient chapel dedicated to San Sebastian which was destroyed by arrows. Three stories high, the facade with wooden beams striking to anyone passing through this narrow street in the historic center of Quimperlé. This is a remarkable residence for families and in the early twentieth century it was a private school for girls. Now it is used to house temporary exhibitions and the occasional show.
Villages in Quimperlé
A this is a definition of a sweet and quiet village. There is so much culture in this Breton city. A cradle of the bombard and stage of their various festivals. It is also the birthplace of Dom Morice, the Father of Breton literature. This is a good place for cultural activities and to let your mind fly. The parish church is a good example of a Breton religious building. The stone this area is yellow, red or brown depending on the time of day. It's perfect for pictures! Within a few square kilometers there is an incredible architectural legacy. In few steps go over the different stages of the history of Britain. A magical place.
Cities in Quimperlé
Saint-Michel Neighborhood
We were many kilometres from Arcachon on our way to the Ty-Nadan campsite, and I was sick and tired of the windshield wipers. We knew almost all of France, except Brittany. We wanted to explore this region because it's so different from the rest of France, and so wonderful that I have fallen in love with the atmosphere, the people, the small towns, the churches, and the prehistory. The GPS brought us to a beautiful city and the site mentioned. It was Quimperlé, which I had never heard of in my life, but which is incredibly beautiful despite being so small. When you cross the bridge over the Ellé river for the first time, I was so surprised to perceive images that I'll never forget, it was like a fairy tale. The whole neighbourhood of Saint Michel on the banks of the river is unforgettable.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
The Presidial (the Presidio)
This building was constructed in 1683 and was designed for the trials that were celebrated in a street with the ensuing melee. On the floor level there was an old market approximately forty feet deep, and at the top which is accessed through the beautiful staircase, there is the hearing room and in the end a small deliberation room. Inmates were held in the adjacent house, which was a prison from 1710-1934. The top of the building disappeared in 1854 and became a low church from 1862-1868 during the restoration of the neighboring church of the Holy Cross. Now there are exhibitions organized by Quimperlé there.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Old Quarter of Quimperlé
Wihin the old quarter of Quimperlé, there is a circle a little larger than 300 meters in radius where you can find yourself with wonderful houses built between the XVI and XVII centuries. These houses represent perfection had Breton style homes. These are true wonders for lovers of architecture. Within this circle you can also see classic French buildings that houses the Gendarmerie or meet with the municipal market called Las Halles which was designed in 1886 by the Moreau brothers. Then they began to occupy a series of quite humble and unhealthy housing that became known as Litlle Neighborhood. During the XX century this building was deteriorated until 1998 and after a thorough study, the interior was completely rebuilt and was opened in September 2002, constituting an example of nineteenth century industrial architecture.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Quimperlé Medieval Bridge
This bridge is named LE POINT FLEURI and was established for the city of Quimperlé. The only way to use it is from the east. It may be a XIII century building defended by two towers that formed part of the ancient walls surrounding the city and built between 1250 and 1250. It was partially destroyed during the Hundred Years War and finally disappeared in 1680. Now it is fully restored and you can see the same wonderful views of both the river and the Tower Ellé exempt from the church of the Holy Cross.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Abbey of the Holy Cross
Located adjacent to the building of the Gendarmerie of the city, this cross is something you won't even notice if you aren't paying attention. It was founded by the Earl of Cornwall ALAIN CANHIART in the eleventh century following the miraculous recovery from a disease he had. It finds itself coupled with the Abbey church Lanieff which is the only inspired circular floor apart from the one in Jerusalem at the Holy Sepulchre. Besides being circular, the plant features a clover whose stem forms the bottom of the crypt and the altar and the apse at the top, and the leaves are the chapels around it. When the bell tower collapsed in 1862, a lot of it had to rebuilt but the crypt and the apse remain in the original Romanesque style. In the crypt you can see two recumbent figures of the fifteenth century, one of them corresponds to the first abbot of the church SAN Gurloes, and here people typically called to migraines. The choir monks are worth checking out, as they are one of the most important examples of Romanesque art, like the magnificent tower exempt. The faculty can not be visited to be used by the building of the gendarmerie.
Historical Monuments in Quimperlé
Shopping Centres in Quimperlé
Clouds in Britain
Making the most of our stay in the business area of Quimperlé under an incomparable deep cloud blue sky, I wanted to use the photos to fly off to the Land of Peter Pan. The silence, peace and immense space gave rise to it, it is only missing Tinkerbell and Captain Hook because obviously I was Peter Pan.
Hiking in Quimperlé
Les Roches du Diable
A gorge of granite cut like a knife gives way to a canyon full of nature and wildlife. Its narrowness and how difficult your journey has made it a popular destination for sport lovers. Rafting, climbing and canoeing are some of the sports that are most practiced in this place. Appealing for young and old. The contact between nature and sport at full blast in this narrow valley gray. Place of Eurolimpiadas for their sections of great difficulty and intensity. Worth knowing. For those who know the Cantabrian coast will bring pleasant memories.