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Things to do in Finisterre

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The top 331 attractions in Finisterre

Cliffs in Plogoff
Pointe du Raz
Finding ourselves in one of the most spectacular points of the French coast, specifically in Finistère at the western end of the Cornuaille peninsula. It's the most Western point in France, also one of the most visited. Located opposite the island of Sein, this place was chosen by many famous writers in the 19th Century, which converted it into a great tourist attraction, causing a lot of damage to the environment. Thanks to the French government's and its recovery plan for the area, some existing buildings were demolished and in turn, the damage they did to the surrounding area demolished with them. It's now a specially protected area, with lots of rules in place in order to preserve the surrounding environment. A large car park and a number of shops and restaurants wait your arrival here, although at the time of year we visited they were basically empty. Following the directions along the way, 20 minutes later we reached the pier. Waves crashing against the cliffs, and a huge lighthouse and monument to Notre Dame de Naufragés invite you to sit on the rocks and look over the majesty of the area.
Villages in Locronan
Brittany is one of the most beautiful regions of France. Its people (yes, even if they are French!), its coastline and its lovely little towns. Towns such as Locronan, which could serve as decoration for a nativity scene. They are characterized by stone houses, slate roofs, cobblestone streets and the right size to dramatize a story. In fact, it is part of the French association "Les plus beaux villages de la France" (the most beautiful villages in France). In one hour you will have seen the whole town, but it's worth spending some time here.
Villages in Quimper
This year in February, I took a trip with my class to Quimper, with the intention of doing an exchange with some students from other schools. We were there for seven days, in which we went on various trips and outings to nearby areas that made our stay unforgettable.
Cathedrals in Quimper
Quimper Cathedral
In the free time we had to sight-see on our own, we visited the cathedral every morning because it's situated along a convenient path for us - it was very close to the lycée where we were studying. We only had to walk down a street and we would be at the cathedral. When you're inside, the most interesting part is the ceiling. The nave's ceiling has a strange shape, it runs straight until the altar, then from there until the back, it's twisted to one side because the cathedral has been restored several times. In times of war, the same part of the cathedral is always burned, and after having been restored so many times, it has finally lost its original shape. It has a very interesting shape now.
Beaches in Plomeur
Punta de la Torche
It's currently considered one of the greatest surf spots in France. Le Pointe de la Torche offers many opportunities for surfers: kite surfing, surfing and many others. Come to this little area of paradise, away from pollution, the world and the daily stress!
Islands in Ouessant
The island of Ouessant is, for the pleasure of tourists, almost uninhabited and is impossible to get to by car. The locals live in harmony with nature. The sheep roam free and can easily cross the paths. You can also spend the night there in either a campsite, an inn or a hotel for a very affordable price.
Cliffs in Cléden-Cap-Sizun
Pointe du Van
Pointe du Van is a great place to wander and get lost. There are several routes with vast landscapes. You can see some spectacular sunsets from any point here. It has free parking for your car or truck if we stop for the night, plus there's a small bar next to the parking lot. It's a jewel in Brittany!
Citadels in Concarneau
Ville close
The ancient walled town of Concarneau hails from the tenth century in which the rocky island was defended by fences covered by moats. Already by the fourteenth century the city was walled and small, predetermined became part of Brittany in 1373 after thirty years of British occupation. Its walls were built in 1491 and the union of the King of France with Princess Anne of Britain became one Plaza Real. The walls are still the originals, with the exception of the front door or Passenger, expanded in 1785. Concarneau always been famous for its canned food, because until the French revolution it was a population of fishermen who pressed and dried the fish to send to the cities within France, particularly known for the sardines. A short walk through their little streets brings you to traditional houses, sites such as Puerta del Vino XV century where the wine was transported from Bordeaux or the Chapel of the Hospital that housed ten male patients and as many female whom could attend religious celebrations from their beds. A must visit in Britain.
Historical Monuments in Penmarch
Phare d'Eckmühl
There is a great mass of white stone that stands on a cliff over 65 meters high. The waves seem to want to reach it, but it's futile. Reaching Eckhmül lighthouse is basically impossible. The islands of Sein and Glénan, ve are at your feet, endure having it so close, as if they are its prisoners for life. Its stony gaze has been around for more than a century. A sentry stone undaunted in the westernmost tip of Cornwall. As if to get his light to the New World. So tall and strong, that only the wind force will scratch the surface of this giant ocean lookout. This lighthouse has ruled this cape since the late 19th century and appears brave and defiant against the Atlantic Ocean.
Cities in Pont-Aven
Pont-Aven is a French community, in the region of Brittany, Finistere department. It is most famous for its art. You can't even imagine the amount of art shops that were in the city, every two steps you were next to a store. There were also many biscuiteries that made you want to buy everything. Things to see and do: Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Trémalo Chapel, the contemporary art center. Take a tour. The Tuesday morning's weekly markets handicrafts and Saturday morning food.
Cliffs in Camaret-sur-Mer
Pointe de Pen-Hir
At the end of one of the arms of the cross which is drawn of the peninsula Crozon, namely the western arm just a few kilometers from the small seaside town of Camaret-sur-mer is the Punta de Penhir. This area is largely considered a nature reserve which is surrounded by spectacular cliffs. Here many dare to climb, and it offers beautiful views of the vast Atlantic Ocean and the bays, beaches and surrounding peaks, it is even possible to see the Pointe du Raz if weather conditions are favorable. Three isolated rocks called Tas de Pois extend up to this point of the ocean. We were in luck, as that evening it was lovely and the normal rainfall in November didn't fall so we were able to enjoy a perfect sunset on the Penn Ar Bedd (Finistère), to land in Breton. I'm sure that from any point of the Breton coast sunsets is incredible, but we decided on the Punta de Penhir and I think we found an ideal location, that was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever beheld.
Waterparks in Brest
There are three pavilions: tempered, polar, tropical and biodiversity. They open their doors to the public to show the best wildlife that can be found throughout the world. A window from the French Finisterre to the world's marine diversity. It is a way to learn about new species and sites without leaving Britain. It has 50 tanks, 10,000 animals, 4 million litres of seawater and an exhibition on biodiversity. A place to come with family and enjoy a good time together. Pass from tropical equatorial African to icecaps in a matter of minutes, although, most people don't do it so quickly. The reality and beauty of the ponds can attract anyone. An essential claim for this oceanographic centre.
Islands in Plogoff
Island of Sein
If an island can promise you lovely memories that is the island of Sein. This is the meeting point in the silence of a pebble beach, with nature in the moors or in the heat of the island, which welcomes you with joy when you get off at the dock. It is a unique and amazing place, regardless of time. This is entertainment and the rest is nonsense! The people are proud to live here and share this pride with visitors. The pink, yellow and blue spring Paimpolais gives a spark of joy on gray days. Some houses have signs of bars where seafood is eaten with hands. Behind the dam and the first batch of facades, houses huddle in the narrow winding streets that surround the wind. Some alleys are not larger than 85 cm: just to pass the barrels and little else.
Harbors in Plouguerneau
The Virgin Island Lighthouse
What beautiful scenery. The wind is always strong, the colors are sumptuous, the cliffs majestic and the fishing boats are most traditional. The port is unforgettable. This place is a small paradise not to be missed! You can also see the old lighthouse used to guide ships.
Beaches in Crozon
At the western end of Finistère, Crozon peninsula offers views to take your breath away. The landscapes keep changing and moving from sea blue to pure white cliffs. To fully appreciate this magical place, the best way is to visit on foot. The route follows the cliff and then becomes a coastal path that takes you through heath, heather and pines to offer a stunning view. Visiting in the morning is recommended to capture the wild side of this place.
Cities in Roscoff
This is a place where you will find flagship fishing and French seafood. And the Roscoff, is one of the world's most prized for its flavor and texture. Corsair is a city located in the Bay of Morlaix which opens dynamic modern twenty-first century history. Its historic core XVI century is right in the middle of a granite block full of plants. It has been a leading place of trade since the 16th century. First, it featured the food industry, then, spouts of tourism with tourists from British Isles and Paris, mostly. Its charm has attracted poets, painters and writers. It is a city that has been besieged thousand times and a thousand times victorious against the British. Even today, it serves as a meeting between countries. It is an international maritime center and has ferries running between France and the United Kingdom. The ferries go through the Channel.
Churches in Locronan
Saint Ronan Church
The church was built in 1420 as a cathedral by the Dukes of Brittany. The Chapel of Pénity from the 15th century is on one of its sides and is where you can find the reclining statue of Saint Ronan. The facade is inspired by one of the portals of the Cathedral of Quimper. The cemetery of Locronan is located on the back side of the church, where all the gravestones and niches are made of granite, like most architecture in the village.
Cities in Camaret-sur-Mer
One of the most beautiful ports of Brittany and holds a special charm with its ancient marine cemetery, chapel, Vauban Tower, beaches and spectacular cliffs. Camaret-sur-Mer is located on the tip of the peninsula of Crozon and well worth a visit for a day or two. The life of its docks remind the viewer that the port was an important center for sardine fishing and lobster fishing as well. In the port area, between boats, you should not miss the marine cemetery, where the silhouettes of boats and old machinery speak a glorious past. On the opposite side, the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour has a fabulous ship graveyard where you will see model ships donated in gratitude from those who were saved from a shipwreck. Take a walk to the Vauban tower, called "golden tower" for its ocher. Declared a world heritage centre it protected Camaret from the many sea threats that plagued Brittany. Nearby, you can find the alignments of Lagatjar. The most important in the area with hundreds of menhirs. Discovered in 1928, some of them are more than 3 m in height. They are characterized by an arrangement of perpendicular lines. Another mystery of Brittany.