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Recommended destinations based on your style of travelling

Romantic Getaways

Destinations that'll really wow your significant other
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If you're looking for romantic getaways with your significant other, you'll find plenty of recommendations for unforgettable romantic vacations. A romantic getaway is something special and there is no shortage of tips from real travelers on where to have the best couples vacations in the world. A gondola ride through Venice, the gardens of Granada, the beaches of Santorini, or the unbeatable sunsets of San Francisco are just some of the romantic escapes suggested by the minube community of travelers. So get inspired and discover the best places for your next couples vacation.


Places to Relax

Some places to relax and forget about the daily grind
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Are you tired of the city, the routine, and the stress? There's a whole world out there so put on the relaxing music, light some candles, and start dreaming of your perfect relaxing vacation. A few tranquil days in sunny Playa del Carmen or on a quiet beach on a tropical island...let your imagination run wild. Get inspired and find places recommended by other travelers that'll make your average holiday one for the ages. So disconnect, turn off your phone, and forget the office. Take your time and ease your mind at one of these relaxing holiday destinations.


Cultural Tourism

Experience the culture and traditions of places around the world
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Another of the most popular types of tourism around the world is cultural tourism. Cultural holidays are becoming more and more popular since each destination offers new cultural experiences to discover. A cultural holiday transforms ordinary travel and tourism into a way of discovering the unique customs of peoples around the world, transporting yourself back to the era of the ancient Romans and Greeks, or discovering the latest contemporary art and food trends in the world's great capitals of culture. Cultural travel is a great way to have an in-depth experience during your trip and luckily there are thousands of travel tips and recommendations from travelers who've had amazing experiences they want to share with you.


Places to Get Away from it All

Some ideas if you want to disappear from the world for a few days
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Travel isn't just about cities, and that's why so many travelers yearn for a getaway, a chance to disappear from the hectic rhythms of daily life. Whether you prefer solo travel or a group escape, there are tons of great places recommended by minube travelers. How about a bit of rural tourism closer to home or a few days of getaway travel discovering a distant, remote destination? Or a vacation to a deserted island in the Caribbean, the lakes and mountains of New Zealand, the streets of India, or the vast landscapes of America's national parks? If these travel escapes sound up your alley, then there's a whole world of possibilities.


Adventure Travel

Some of the best adventure destinations and most exciting places
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There countless ways of seeing the world and adventure travel is one of the most popular. You can have a family adventure or adventure vacations with friends, but you'll always live experiences that'll last a lifetime! Hiking the valleys of Tibet, exploring the ruins of Mexico, and a safari expedition to the savannahs of Africa are only some of the amazing and exciting adventure trips recommended by the minube community. The possibilities, though, are endless! Get inspired, plan your trip, book a good hotel, live your adventure, and then share your experience with your fellow travelers.


City Trips

Visit the cities you've always dreamed of.
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If you're in the mood for amazing city breaks, you're in luck! There are thousands of recommendations for city holidays around the world. A few days of shopping in North American cities, museums and cuisine in European cities, or traditions and culture in Asian cities are only a few of the possibilities for unforgettable city trips around the world. Every city is a world in itself and city travel is always in style. You'll find the best hotels, most iconic skyliner, cutting-edge culture, and 3-star restaurants! Let's get started planning your next city holiday, always at the best price!


Travel with Friends

Fun with friends in some of the world's most incredible destinations
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If you're looking for unlimited fun, group travel with friends is the best option. Enjoy the party scenes in Ibiza and Mykonos, live it up in Las Vegas and Amsterdam, or travel with friends to the beaches of the Dominican Republic. They all sound like amazing small group travel plans! Sun and sand is the most popular buddy travel plan, but there is a wide variety of alternatives like hiking the Canadian Rockies or hitting the pubs in Dublin. Friends travel is memorable travel, so start having a look at all these amazing places to see and check out the accommodations, sights, and restaurants recommended by fellow travelers.


Family Vacations

The most fun destinations to visit as a family
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Family vacations are an annual favorite among travelers the world over. After all, there's nothing better than a family vacation together with your loved ones. To travel with kids means to discover fun-filled places like amusement parks, water parks, and zoos where the little (and not so little) ones can have the times of their lives. Are you looking for a beach house for family friendly vacations on the coast or a spacious apartment for a family trip to the big city? Get inspired by the recommendations of fellow travelers and make your vacation with kids one to remember.


Culinary Vacations

To savor every last drop, wherever you go
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For lovers of great cuisine, culinary vacations are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Food is a world of its own and so food travel only makes sense! Cuisine varies from city to city and region to region so its no wonder that many opt for culinary tours and culinary tourism to get an in-depth taste of local flavors. Experiencing authentic sushi in Tokyo, tasty pasta in Tuscany, tacos in Mexico, or the myriad flavors and smells of streetfood in Asia are just a few of the culinary travel tips that minube users have recommended. Whether you want a foodie vacation to the local countryside or a culinary adventure to an exotic locale, we can all agree that to travel means to treat your palate and this is your chance to enjoy the best cuisine around the world.

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  • With friends
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