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Bays in United States

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18 Bays in United States

Bays in San Francisco
San Francisco Bay
In Sausalito, there's always good weather undefined
Bays in San Diego
San Diego Bay
You can take a round-trip to Coronado or choose between traveling north or south on a boat that has it all. Tickets costs 22$/adult and the tour lasts 1 hour. I did it over and over again because of the incredible sights you can see, really postcard-worthy pictures. Here's a sample so you can see what I mean. Thanks!
Bays in San Diego
La Jolla Bay
In January I went on a trip to San Diego with my sisters, the first day we went to La Jolla to a pretty place although it was very cold and I remember that we were anxious. We went walking and we found a place full of sealions of all sizes. It was a spectacular sight.
Bays in San Diego
Seaport Village
Seaport village is in a beautiful spot in a gorgeous City, and it has its quirks but overall this place feels a little on the cheesy side. The shops are cute, but everything comes with a price of course.
Bays in Provincetown
Cape Cod is home to wonderful beaches and people. It offers unique sunsets with an incredible gamut of colour. Besides its low-tides, it offers incredible views to just enjoy the wonderful landscapes filled with colour while sitting on the shore with a bottle of wine.
Bays in Homer
Homer Spit
The Homer Spit is a spit of land that is in the Kachemak Bay in Homer Alaska. During the summer months, the place is swarming with people that come for fishing, boating, or just wandering around enjoying the shops, restaurants, and bars that are open only in the summer. The port is located on the Homer Spit and there you can find the best hotel in Homer, the Land's End. The beach is also on the Homer Spit. There is a street that runs along the Spit and both sides of the street feature lovely boats and old buildings.
Bays in Monterey
Fisherman's Wharf
I just happened to bump into this place. From San Francisco to San Diego driving down the coast we stopped off in Monterey, a rather unique and lively town, especially downtown. I bought a shirt in the Bubba Gump Restaurant, the first restaurant opened since Forrest Gump was filmed. Now there are heeeeaaaps more throughout the United States.
Bays in Morro Bay
Morro Bay Beach
I was driving all day from Los Angeles along the coastal road towards San Francisco and I kept looking out the window at the suburbs of Los Angeles. It's a bit of a monotonous landscape but maybe interesting if you're not used to it. I had wanted to discover beautiful places to photograph but my hope was lost by the end of the day. I stumbled through the dark of the night long before reaching my destination and without having encountered any spectacular setting. I saw a sign that said "Morro Bay" and decided to find a motel and rest. The darkness had invaded everything and I could barely catch a glimpse of the ocean. The smell of the sea and the song of the sea lions were the only signs of its existence. Very tired and a bit sad, I went to bed. I had no idea what I would find the next day. I woke up very early before the sun rose, made coffee in the room and prepared my bag to continue to San Francisco. I walked through the door and the morning was still chilly, even in May. The sky was leaden, the first rays of light filtered through the clouds timidly and only then did I see the beauty of the place where I was. The town had a magical enchanting feel. It was located on a slope with the Pacific Ocean at the bottom and there was a giant rock on water on which you could see the beautiful beaches that were vast and deserted. These were accompanied by sea lions and seagulls and fishermen who were preparing to climb into their small boats. I walked towards the great monolith of stone and the sun broke through the clouds and its light shone on the big rock. The first surfers arrived early to the icy water of the Pacific. I took out my camera and captured that moment and I knew then that I was in one of the most beautiful places in America.
Bays in Seward
Resurrection Bay
Resurrection Bay is a bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. It is reputed to be the place where you always see whales and puffins (a bird that looks like a small Penguin). The movie The Hunt for Red October was filmed here. It is also the ideal place to fish halibut, salmon, shrimp and crab, among other sea animals. When you leave on the boat be ready with your camera, because you never know what you will see and when whales will suddenly appear.
Bays in Kailua-Kona
Kona Bay
Kailua-Kona is the second largest city in Big Island. It is a very calm and peaceful place. There is a stunning bay that annually hosts the famous Ironman competition. The street running along the bay is full of shops and terraces, where you can enjoy a mean for a decent price, while watching the sunset.
Bays in Unalaska
Summer's Bay
Summer's Bay is a bay on the island of Unalaska, Alaska and it is a gorgeous place. Even in the summer there is a group of very brave boys who surf there, but of course they have to do it whilst wearing wet suits. The bay boasts a beautiful beach, but usually there is wind so strong that it is almost impossible to walk through the sand without the waves getting you all wet. Across the bay there is a field where a group of wild horses lives. If you take a pocketful of nuts and sweets, the horses will eat out of your hand. There are many squirrels that live underground but who come above ground to forage for food.
Bays in Whittier
Passage Canal
Passage Canal is a channel of water in the town of Whittier, Alaska. In order to reach Whittier, either by car or by train, you have to go through the Anton Anderson Tunnel. The tunnel is over 4 miles long - the longest in North America. Whittier has a deep harbour and many boats and cruisers frequent it. From the Passage Canal you pass to Prince William Sound, where you can see glaciers, whales and all sorts of animals.
Bays in Kodiak
Kalsin Bay
Kalsin Bay is situated in the southeast part of the island of Kodiak. There is a small hotel with a bar and restaurant called the Kalsin Bay Inn. The views from this place are very beautiful and unique. There is a beach (you cannot swim from here) where you can stroll and fish. The trip from the city of Kodiak takes about half an hour or so but the trip is well worth it for the views.
Bays in Monterey
Old Fisherman's Wharf
Nice place to walk and eat some fresh fish. The sea lions resting over the rocks
Bays in Pensacola
Palafox Pier & Yacht Harbor
There aren't too many better places in Florida to watch both sunrises and sunsets than the Pensacola, Florida area. Have dinner at Jaco's Restaurant on the Palafox Pier and watch a stunning sunset as sailboats and yachts glide in and out of their births. Then cross the bridge to Santa Rosa Island where you can walk the pure white sand beaches and head out to the sand bars in Fort Pickens Park in the Gulf Islands National Seashore and visit history and wildlife as it was in civil war times. There are wonderful things to see and do in Pensacola and it should be on your list of favorite places to visit.
Bays in Kodiak
Women's Bay
Women's Bay is a beautiful bay located south of the city of Kodiak, Alaska. Driving here is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the summer. You can take a sightseeing boat here in the bay, too. It truly is one of the most beautiful places on the island!
Bays in Newport
Cliff Walk
The cliff walk in Newport is a cool place to go for a walk and get out of the crowds that are often found in Newport,Rhode Island during the summer months. The cliff walk is a locally famous public walk that takes you 3.5 miles along the rocky Newport shoreline. At the cliff walk, you’ll see rocky shoreline and choppy waters. You certainly don’t want to swim here. You can; however, walk along the rocks and check out marine animals and plants that live in this tidal region. Just remember to take only photos and leave only foot prints! There is ample parking in designated areas across the street from several locations. Check the website for further details.
Bays in San Diego
Point Loma
A few kilometers from San Diego is a great site: Point Loma. This is actually the end of the peninsula leading into San Diego Bay, and here you can enjoy a 360° view: the Naval Base, San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, and the neighborhood of La Jolla north of the city. It's best to go in the late afternoon to see the sunset, but check the closing time before you visit.