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Cathedrals in United States

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21 cathedrals in United States

Cathedrals in New York
St. Patrick's Cathedral
The old St. Patrick's Cathedral, completed in 1815, served the spiritual needs of the Irish Catholic population ve lived here before the area was slowly transformed into Little Italy. Built in the Gothic style, it is overshadowed by the newer, much larger cathedral of the same name built in Midtown Manhattan in 1879. It's nothing special, but the intimate interior gives you a few minutes of rest from the frenzy of the city. The grounds of the cemetery are worth a fortune.
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Cathedrals in New York
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
This is one of the most frequented churches in New York and is also considered to be the largest neo-Gothic cathedral in the world. When the architects began construction on Heins and La Farge in 1892, they gave it a a Byzantine Romanesque style, but it was finished in the French Gothic influence. It houses the see of the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in New York. Today, it is still unfinished, and you can spy traditional craftsmen working on it.
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Cathedrals in Sedona
Cathedral Rock
Sedona is located 1 hour or so of Flagstaff, where perhaps you will be visiting the Grand Canyon. The city (or town) itself is very touristy: the main street is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, offices to rent jeep tours or helicopter tours to see the grand canyon. Another feature is the attention given to meditation, the chacras, and the vortex: apparently, there are five vortices of cosmic energy, which favors the spiritual activity of humans ... Hence, there are many stores selling stones chacras reading or giving relaxing massages. But besides this picturesque appearance, which adds beauty to the surrounding city, there are the red rock canyons, including the route called the "cathedral". It is impressive, and there many more routes to explore between these magnificent landscapes! You can pick up information and maps for any of these walks at the tourist information center, which is located in the same street.
Cathedrals in New Orleans
St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral has an amazing architecture. The art and work put into it, it's just incredible amazing.
Cathedrals in San Francisco
Grace Cathedral
This church reminds me of Notre Dame, but it is made of cement. However, it is still impressive for its location and its windows. The small chapel at the entrance to the right, dedicated in memory those who have died from AIDS, is worth a visit. There is a very impressive bronze sculpture, showing the angels ascending to heaven. This is the last piece of work by the artist, which makes it even more symbolic.
Cathedrals in Sacramento
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
This cathedral is a nice place, in the center of the city. A city like Sacramento had to have a cathedral called Blessed Sacrement! the cleanliness of the building is what I can highlight, and it is in a modern neighborhood, and statues that adorn it give off peace and seclusion. I have not had chance to go in yet but it´s worth it!
Cathedrals in Cincinnati
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Cincinnati and the headquarters of its archdiocese. It is an imposing building hellenizing style dates from the mid 19th century. The same characteristics are seen in the interior. I have to note that the crucifix is by the master Benvenutto Cellini. It is a beautiful church with a rather strange appearance in the USA, where most churches tend to imitate the Gothic art.
Cathedrals in Tucson
St. Augustine Cathedral
Saint Augustine Cathedral was built as part of the Spanish fort of Tucson in 1776. In the city center near the mountain that they call "A". (There's a mountain in the background of Tucson with a giant "A" painted on it.) At first it was only a small chapel but by 1800 it began adding rooms. In 1966 it was decided that it was not very safe and they began to rebuild the church. The rebuilt church is very beautiful, with a clean white facade and bright inside.
Cathedrals in Indianapolis
The Scottish Rite Cathedral
During my trip to Indianapolis, I had some free time, so I wandered down to see the Capitol and the Scottish Rite Cathedral. I was expecting it to be an Anglican or Methodist church, but in reality it is a Masonic temple. In the US, this order is well-established, and has counted various presidents among its members. The cathedral is in a very central location, next to Memorial Square. It's built in the Gothic style, and has a very high bell-tower. The guided tour takes less than half an hour. The interior is full of ornaments, in stark contrast with the more sober exterior. The rooms within are full of esoteric and astrological symbols, all relating to the Masonic order. It's very nice, but completely different from what I'm used to in terms of religious buildings.
Cathedrals in Denver
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Denver Cathedral, although modest, is still appreciable, reaching the center and its skyscrapers and shopping. Before arriving at the Capitol, you can enjoy the building. Hopefully you can enter and enjoy the calm, silence and architecture. One of the little buildings of history in the city!
Cathedrals in Saint Paul
Cathedral of Saint Paul
It was the first time I went to this cathedral, and the first time I left my country, Costa Rica. I had never seen anything so beautiful and impressive in my life. The light and atmosphere were almost magical.
Cathedrals in Newark
Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Photographs taken on my holiday trip to the USA in 2013
Cathedrals in San Antonio
San Fernando Cathedral
The San Fernando Cathedral is located in the Main Plaza and is the oldest church in Texas. It was built in 1731 in the center of the city by a group of settlers from the Canary Islands and has remained in active use ever since. It's interesting for both its historical and its cultural value.
Cathedrals in Savannah
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
The cathedral in Savannah, Georgia, on the east coast of the U.S.A., is Gothic surrounded by colonial. There are large gardens, bridges and a river with old steam ferries. It's a colonial atmosphere and 20 minutes from Tyber island.
Cathedrals in San Francisco
Saint Mary's Cathedral
Just a short distance from the entrance of Japantown, St Mary's Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption is a cultural and architectural landmark of the city. Built in 1971, it is worth visiting because of its architecture, which is quite different from anything else in San Francisco, and should be seen both inside and outside!
Cathedrals in Laredo
Cathedral of San Agustin
The city was founded in 1755 by the Spanish captain Tomás Sánchez, in the province of Nuevo Santander. Jose de Escandon was the first Count of Sierra Gorda and one of the richest and most powerful men in the region.
Cathedrals in Los Angeles
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
We stopped in a less touristy area of ​​LA to see the cathedral. The architecture is very modern, not what you'd expect from a European cathedral, for example, and inside some people were playing the piano. There are large paintings on the walls, and the guide told us that most of the objects here were donated by stars.
Cathedrals in New York
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