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Churches in Alicante

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18 Churches in Alicante

Churches in Alicante
Basilica of Santa Maria
This is an unknown treasure, even among us from Alicante. It’s full of interesting nooks and crannies, like the prison inside the medieval tower and the tombs which lie below the Renaissance chapel (possibly of victims of the bombardment in 1691 at the hands of the French forces). A third restoration was done on the part near Jorge Juan street, where you can find a small museum which explains the church-fort’s history.
Churches in Novelda
Sanctuary of St. Mary Magdalene
The jewel of Novelda. It was constructed by D. José Sala Sala, a resident of Novelda and disciple of the great Antonio Gaudí. Gaudí’s influence in clearly visible in every detail of this sanctuary. Because of that, it’s listed on the European Modernist tourist route. Its shape and the materials used to construct it (all coming from the area) stand out the most. I visited when they were constructing and laying the "marble organ” (made from 100% marble). It’s the biggest of its kind in the world, so in less than a year we’ll have another mandatory visit to the sanctuary to see something totally unique n the world.
Churches in Altea
Russian Orthodox Church
The truth is that the church is quite beautiful and striking. The fact that it is made of wood and is Orthodox earns several points of interest. But honestly inside, apart from small, it is no big deal. In summary, a curious look to take some photos of its facade, but only if you are passing. Never make a specific trip to see it.
Churches in Elche
Basilica of Santa María
This impressive church was built on the ruins where an old mosque once stood. Construction began in 1265 and was not completed until 1783. It underwent many reforms and adjustments at the hands of various architects, with different styles and decorative motifs being added until final basilica was created. Looking back, it's a compendium of all architectural styles that existed until the late 17th century. The result is magnificent. Also, if you are here in mid-August you can see the "Misteri D'Elx" which was declared by UNESCO to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2001. You can't miss the two facades: the Assumption and San Agatángelo, both by French sculptor Nicolas de Bussy and completed between 1680 and 1682.
Churches in Altea
Nuestra Señora del Consuelo Church
This is the main church of Altea and it is best known for its two domes of glazed ceramic blue tiles. The domes are the emblem of Altea and are known throughout the Costa Blanca as "The Dome of the Mediterranean". The Plaza is located in what is also one of the busiest areas of the Old Town.
Churches in Orihuela
Santo Domingo Church
This Dominican church dates back to the Reconquest of Murcia, and has maintained the canvas representation of the Battle of Lepanto. In the year 1270 King James I granted the Dominicans some land and built the Convent of Santo Domingo, Real Foundation, and its primitive church. The convent school was dedicated to Dominican students, and here they studied theology among other subjects. With the seizure it was demolished in the convent, and only the church was left standing. In the year 1886 the Confraternity of the Rosary yielded to the Jesuits, in order to rebuild the present church of Santo Domingo, the Society of Jesus taking care of his cult since., 522, m, r = 162 & APEC-4440-R_260_DETALLE_REPORTAJES
Churches in Denia
Iglesia del Loreto (Convento de Las Agustinas)
The main entrance is on Calle San Narciso, and the side entrance in Loreto, with slender arches flanked by Doric columns. It is an ensemble composed of the church, the cloister, and the southern wing of the cloister. You can only access the small church, built later, within the liturgical activities schedule. The other parts are inhabited by Augustinian nuns. The church was raised to where the old chapel of the "Virgin of Loreto" was.
Churches in Callosa d'en Sarrià
Church of San Juan Bautista
The church dates from 1578. The cruise was built between 1765 and 1786. This reform was carried out at the hands of the famous architect Antonio Gilabert Fornes in neoclassical style of Valencia. This church is an example of the transitional period from Baroque to neoclassical, which highlights its imposing neoclassical facade and blue tiled Valencian dome. Special mention must be made of the 1754 Baroque organ that is housed inside. The work of Don Bartolomé Sánchez, it was placed in 1845, from a convent Cocentaina. The exterior features a natural wooden neoclassical facade in accordance with the rest of the church. The organ is in good condition and is still used at concerts and special events.
Churches in Isla de Tabarca
St. Peter and St. Paul's Church
This is the only church on the island and is closed for visits because it is being renovated, but if you know someone who is from the island, you can ask if they know who has the key and if you are lucky, they can open it for you to enter. I had the chance to go and although it is being renovated, is a lovely church, with lots of history. It was constructed in the year 1770. Inside the church is the Virgin Slave, even though the city´s patron is the Virgin of Carmen.
Churches in Agres
Churches in Orihuela
Churches in Alcoy
San Mateo Church and Market
The church of San Mateo with its high tower seems to be on the lookout for everything that happens in the city center, like a lighthouse or a watchtower. On its side is the "Mercat de Sant Mateu" and the day I took the photos it was almost empty because it was August 17th (when everyone is on vacation). Usually when I visit I see and enjoy the fuss of the markets, with fishmongers and greengrocers selling to older women who mostly populate the center of Alcoy. The market smell, the life and color is something I look for wherever I am, in any city or country and here thank God I have it every time I come. Because of the Spanish "food markets" I like to go to markets in other countries, because they have hearth and a grace. Very, very special.
Churches in Crevillent
Our Lady of Bethlehem Parish
I was just finishing my stroll around Crevillente when, while taking my last pictures, a lady excited to see a tourist taking pictures, asked if I had entered the church. I said no, and immediately afterwards she began looking for Pepe, an older man who had keys to the church and (along with another lady) was in charge of taking care of it. He carefully opened the door and turned on the lights. He told me to take as many pictures as I wanted, while he explained the secrets about some of the many altars, floats and tables in church. I was accustomed to the austerity and bans photography and video in many other churches in the region, so I took advantage of the situation. Here are some beautiful photos from inside this large church and an unforgettable time with this friendly man, Pepe.
Churches in Orihuela
Sanctuary and Square of Montserrate
This shrine is in keeping with almost all Oriol monuments. It dates from the 13th century, but has undergone renovations, and which accounts for the 18th and 19th century items. The highlight is its coloured marble facade and the interior cave, where supposedly the Virgin of Montserrat, the city's patron, once appeared. Anyway, it's pretty amazing, and you can see it form the square, surrounded by the mountain in the background and the city's castle, which offers the best part of the visit to the shrine. It's in the southern part of the city, in what is known as the ancient walled city. It's a place of monumental and historical value.
Churches in Orihuela
Monserrate Church
The image of the Virgin was hidden during the occupation by Muslims and once conquered, Christians decided to find the image of the Virgin. A manuscript of 1310 reports that the underground sound of a bell was heard for three consecutive nights at the foot of the castle on the west, facing the river Segura. Boring the rock, they found the image of the Virgin, 42 cm high and sitting in a chair. The new church is a Latin cross, preserving remains of the original temple. On the site of discovery of the image of the Virgin and Child, a temple was erected. During the seventeenth century, a new and larger temple was built.
Churches in El Campello
Churches in Banyeres de Mariola
Churches in Alcalalí
Hermitage of San Juan
At the top of the village is the chapel Alcalalí San Juan. You go past the traffic signals that indicate the steep climb. Then you have to look at the wooden posts that mark the route. You have to be watchful as there are many paths and trails that may confuse you. There are other marked routes if you have the time and inclination, that will put you squarely in the midst of the many lemon and orange groves in the area. On the way to the chapel there are many viewpoints among the orchards. It takes half an hour walking as the slopes are steep, if you go by car, it just takes five minutes ...