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Hiking in Alicante

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45 hiking in Alicante

Hiking in Calpe
Climb the Rock of Ifach
I uploaded photos before, exactly one year ago, but the experience is different each time. ... It really is a thing that we can all do in Alicante, and we should, because the experience is rewarding and the views are wonderful ... I advise taking water and food, to eat in the middle of this wonderful nature is priceless ...
Hiking in Orihuela
La Muela Cross
There is no doubt that this is high place that posses both love and admiration. It stopped being a religious symbol and instead become a benchmark for the entire district of Vega Baja del Segura, located in the mountains of the wheel, the cross, and it has a great history and tradition. Currently there are hundreds of people that go there for sport or tourism by visiting this cross.
Hiking in Alcoy
Hiking in the Font Rotja
At the top of the “front-rotja” there are various viewpoints that can’t be missed. Some of them next to the same parking area, other a bit higher which you’ll need to follow a sometimes steep path in order to get to. The paths by the museum can give a feeling of vertigo, especially the building’s balcony. It’s a balcony with a see through floor. It’s not at an extreme height, but it’s high enough that the view could frighten you at first. During sunny days, which was the case when I was there, the views from each lookout point is amazing. The field of vision is enormous. The views fully justify the journey to the top. There are at least 4 viewpoints in the area. Enjoy the walk and ask anyone you see for directions to avoid a wild goose chase. Make sure to drink some fresh water from the fountain and… enjoy the trip!
Hiking in Denia
Cova del Camell
El Montgó offers various options for hiking and for different abilities. One of the simplest routes is the one that takes you to “Cova del Camell” which takes about an hour and a half, more or less. The distance is 5.2km and it’s rated as a low-difficulty route that sees an altitude change of 190m. By doing this route, you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views which only get more spectacular the higher you go. Finally, you arrive at a small cave which in and of itself isn’t anything special. The trail is the same one that goes in the direction of “Cova de l'Aigua," but you’ll see the detour heading to “Cova del Camell.” Once you arrive at the cave, you can continue on the route by following the directions toward “La Creuta” and arrive at the peak of Montgó, which took us another hour and a half. It’s a total ascent of 2.2km.
Hiking in Cocentaina
This is is the highest peak of the Sierra Mariola, 1389 meters above sea level. It is also the third highest in the province of Alicante. This is certainly a beautiful place and an excellent viewpoint. There are several ways to ascend to Montcabrer from Agres or from Cocentaina, taking routes from San Cristofol.
Hiking in Orihuela
Route to Pico Del Águila
My experience on Puig Campana (Bell Hill): After hiking to the top and seeing the beautiful landscape I was really moved. I was about 1,400 meters above sea level. We followed the rock gully to the top and came down via an alternate path (following the signs), enjoying the views all along the way. From the top you can see the Aitana Sierra. If you visit Torrevieja, Puig Campana is a place in the Province of Alicante (in Valencia) that you can´t miss out on if you´re a nature lover like us! The landscapes are made up of the interior region of Alicante, which is a must-see because there are some very interesting little towns… We can see the contrasts between the towns, the people and the costal landscapes. It´s a mix I definitely recommend discovering during your free time. There´s always traveler lodges to rest at in Torrevieja, right next to the Mediterranean Coast.
Hiking in Orihuela
Orihuela Mountains
This is the highest part of the Sierra de Orihuela. It's a medium-low difficulty and the landscape is mainly pine, like most of the landscapes in this area. At the top, about 650 meters in altitude, in the middle of a great plain filled with houses, it takes way from being a big city. You can escape for a while and only hear the birds and the wind.
Hiking in Callosa d'en Sarrià
Bernia Fort
Castle or Fort Bernia is located in the municipality of Callosa Ensarriá. It is easily accesed through a path somewhat narrow in places but with stunning views. It is a military construction, Italian Renaissance in style and built in 1562 to defend the coasts from Ottoman attacks. In 1612, King Philip III ordered its demolition to prevent its use by the Moorish rebels. What we see today are the ruins left at that time: remains of the plant, the pit and the access system and structures of room. I totally recommend a visit if you visit the area.
Hiking in Castalla
Hiking in the
There are many hiking possibilities in the "Xorret del Cati". Both from the top of the mountain and from the slopes of the same, you can find several trails, always well marked. The routes are safe and have been previously well signposted all the way. The best place to start hiking is undoubtedly from the hotel "Xorret del Cati". The landscape is typically Mediterranean with scrub, pine forests and lush green mixed with gray and yellowish brown rock terrain. There are more than 20 marked routes but I advise "the despeñador" and the "beautiful corner" which I think are the prettiest and the easiest.
Hiking in Petrer
La Sierra del Cid
In Petrer, which is an extensive municipality, there are some paths in the Sierra del Cid (named after the adventures this famous mercenary went on) that that are worth doing. The easiest way is to start in the recreational areas in Caprala or in el Rincón or the L'Avaiol hostel. There are many different hiking trails starting there that allow you to delve into this beautiful landscape.
Hiking in Ibi
Ravine of the Mill Ibi
Part of an inland route from Alicante, where you can walk and be in touch with nature. Its fresh water spring supplies the water tank for the people here.
Hiking in El Campello
Les Puntes de Gosàlvez Hiking Trail
After many years of waiting, I finally decided to do the entire route and I loved it. I can say it’s a route with lots of unique flora and it’s a nice hike that should be done at a leisurely pace. When you arrive at the Caseta del Cazador, the view is amazing and, depending on the day, you can even see Tabarca Island, Cabo de las Huertas, and Santa Pola. At that point, you can either try another route, or head to the “Les Puntes” picnic area and start up a barbeque, although you may still have to bring a table! It’s peace and tranquility.
Hiking in Castalla
Benaoján: When the Man Dreamed to Fly
The climb to the Chorret del Cati varies in steepness. In fact it has been the end of the "Tour of Spain" on several occasions and winners have always had to tackle the varying stages in this climb. If we go to Castalla (Alicante) on the south side we find directions that will lead to the foot of this mountain peak. By car it is a nice drive, if you choose to walk it is more than two hours and by bike .., it's better not even try if you're not very prepared. Whenever I've gone for the day I have seen amateur cyclists exhausted in the gutter sections and some vomiting from the tremendous effort required to tackle this path by bike. The views are spectacular throughout the entire journey, so my advice is to stop every 10 minutes. If you come by car, stop occasionally for a look back and enjoy the panoramic views offered.
Hiking in Benitachell
Path Beach of Moraig
You reach this place through the northern part of the beach, climbing over the rocks. Here there are several places from where you can jump from a considerable height into the water, but always take care as you need to be sure it is a safe place. My friend Javier and I did not dare because there was no one to ask. You also have the option of following the path and climbing the cliff. This is a little risky though. I speak from experience, because at times I regretted climbing it.
Hiking in Agres
Hiking in Benitachell
Senda de la Falla del Moraig
You get there by going on the road towards the beach. It is, without a doubt, a spectacular excursion which should take a few hours if you linger around and savor it. The views are spectacular and the trail is great. I’d suggest relaxing and going at a leisurely pace, because if you go racing through it, it’ll be over in 25 minutes. With each step you take, the landscape and views become more incredible. The little information signs put up by the local authorities don’t serve much use and only distract you from the jaw-dropping views. If it’s rainy out or the trail is wet, make sure to be careful and not slip!
Hiking in Cocentaina
Del Baladre Fountain
Baladre fountain is perfect as a resting point or for barbecues, but it is also the starting point of various treks across the area. Here is a photo. There are also fun riding trails in the surrounding area near the fountain. It is a very quiet place. The small Agres riverbed, just a few miles away, is the perfect backdrop.
Hiking in La Vall d'Alcalà
Hiking Valley of Alcala
It’s one of the most-used areas by hikers in Alicante. There are many different paths, all with a great variety and difficulty levels. Some last a day or less, others last several days. We’ll go walking through along all ends of the valley, following the differently indicated paths. There’s thousand-year-old caves, where they’ve been able to preserve the environment and place signs to inform visitors of the cave’s history. There are Arab construction, historical nooks in the Community of Valencia, etc. Everything is very well indicated and signaled, making it very difficult to get lost. Acalá valley, is located in between two other valleys. To the north, there’s Gallinera and, to the south, there’s Laguar, which can give you an idea of how beautiful and natural the area is.