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Cities in Italy

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352 cities in Italy

Cities in Assisi
Cities in Polignano a Mare
Polignano a mare
Polignano is a charming small town in southern Italy, in Puglia, just 10 minutes by train from the center of Bari. It has a beach and it is situated on the Adriatic coast. It has stunning views that can be seen and enjoyed from any of the viewpoints. La città vecchia of Polignano is a perfect place to get away for a few days and enjoy some tranquility.
Cities in Ostuni
Ostuni Historic District
From the moment you slip into the historic center of Ostuni, the white city, you´ll have the sensation of being in Africa, in a small village on the coast of Tunisia. Definitely do not miss walking through the maze of streets. You´ll find clothes hanging everywhere which gives a soothing aroma mixed with sea and the flowers that are in pots at every door and on every balcony.
Cities in Ferrara
Situated a few kilometers from Bologna, this is a city with a lot of tourist attractions. It was an important center of the medieval and Renaissance and had one of the most sumptuous cuts. It features medieval quarters, and at the other end of the city, many Renaissance palaces, between the two: churches, gardens, squares and museums that make it a delight to walk through. The Palazzo dei Diamanti hosts prestigious exhibitions and is an art center of the first magnitude. UNESCO also named it a World Heritage Site.
Cities in Siracusa
Where to start ... Sicily is wonderful but Syracuse .. is a world apart. I don´t know if any of you have gone, the amount of beauty is very moving. The best way to describe this beautiful city is that it's marvelous and you cannot miss it. Its streets, its people, every corner, every facade. Really, it makes you fall in love!
Cities in Gallipoli
Undoubtedly the best thing about this city is its location, a kind of island in the Ionian that never leaves the ground. Castle taken by the military, coastal views and a short walk from the center with no surprises, not the most beautiful city in Puglia... but when are you going to have another opportunity to see the Ionian Sea?
Cities in Agrigento
Agrigento is a special city in Sicily, on the southern coast of the island. It surprised me with its spectacular 'Valley of the Temples," which is made up of seven monumental Greek temples, built between the VI and V centuries BC. I have to tell you that only a few of the ruins remain. Still, it's definitely worth a visit and there are some ruins that are really well preserved, such as the Temple of Concordia. Despite the earthquakes that have taken place here throughout history. For people who visit Agrigento in February, you'll be able to enjoy a festival called the flowering almond, which is held in this valley. It's truly a magnificent display of Sicilian folklore and its held to celebrate the start of early Sicilian spring when the almond of the Temples, that crown the ancient ruins bloom. Apart from the Temples, Agrigento has a number of medieval and Baroque buildings, including the cathedral include the fourteenth century and the church of Santa Maria dei Greci.
Cities in Perugia
One of the things you can't miss in Perugia is the climb to the top of one of the lookout points and wait for the sun to set. The view is spectacular and very romantic, it's the perfect time to sip a good local wine accompanied by a slice of delicious pizza from any of the numerous pizzerias in the city. The photos, the light and the sights are indelible. Don't miss it! Although you may feel a little lazy when you think about the climb to the top of the city, it's more than worth the trouble.
Cities in Lucca
Lucca City Walls
There are few walls as well-preserved as those in Lucca, which are about 5 miles long. They walls remain intact because, even though they were designed to defend against enemies, they were never used in battle. They encircle and mark off the historic center of the city and have been transformed into a public promenade that can be traveled in its entirety either by foot or on bike. It is a very pleasant walk, especially at sunset.
Cities in Messina
On a Mediterranean cruise we made a stop in Messina. This is a city where excursions depart to Taormina. This last city retains its medieval roots and especially its Greek theater, which is currently undergoing restoration. The city is pedestrian only and the walk from the car park to the theater worth it if only for the views of the volcano Etna
Cities in Ravenna
Nice city as many in Italy, and the atmosphere is great.
Cities in Bolzano
The region offers also culinary differences with others areas in Italy
Cities in Ravello
The southern part of Italy lets you visit the real Mediterranean Region and you think "this is Italy!" Ravello is popular with its villas named Cimbrone and Rufolo, but in that region you can also visit Amalfi, Salerno, Positano and also viewpoints like in my photo.. I strongly recommend these places to you.
Cities in Naples
Downtown Naples is anything but organised, but the chaos is its greatest charm. You'll find all kinds of vehicles racing through the narrow alleys, many walkways, street markets and generally a lot of outdoor life, full of nooks, intimate little corners and shops, and street stalls. You're sure to find some surprises.
Cities in La Spezia
Cities in Bologna
Bologna Old Town
The center of Bologna is a magical place where you can spend hours strolling around enjoying the sights. The towers and churches of this Italian city are magnificent, but certainly the most beautiful and striking are the streets of Bologna and its unique charm. The facades of the houses have a special color that remind me of houses in Rome, the difference is that while the predominant color of Roman buildings is yellow, here the predominant color is red, hence why it is also known as the red city. I loved walking around the streets because they are full of people and noise. In addition, there are hundreds of arcades everywhere, so if you are unlucky enough to go out when it's raining (as in my case) you will have no problem walking around without getting wet and without having to use an umbrella. There are a lot of young people living in Bologna due to its university. Bologna has the oldest university in the entire West. It was founded in 1088 and thousands of Italians come to live here each year to attend the university.
Cities in Pizzo
Cities in Vieste
Vieste is an ancient Italian town with a very authentic Italian way of life, beautiful buildings and a lovely natural setting at the Apulian coast
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