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Cathedrals in Italy

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116 cathedrals in Italy

Cathedrals in Milan
Milan Cathedral (Duomo de Milan)
The Duomo of Milan is a famous Gothic cathedral that's a true symbol of this city. This impressively large temple, among the large
34 activities
Cathedrals in Florence
Florence Cathedral
There was this guy playing the violin in front of the Cathedral and my friend literally just started crying saying that she could
17 activities
Cathedrals in Sienna
Siena Cathedral
Go there early in the morning around 7 am. There are no tourists, sometimes you can see locals ve go to work!
1 activity
Cathedrals in Palermo
Palermo Cathedral
Located in the southern part of the city, this large, beautiful square is one of the most visited parts of Palermo, as here you'll
Cathedrals in Rome
Archbasilica of St. John Lateran
This is the mother and head of all the churches of not just the city of Rome, but also the entire world. That's the honorific titl
Cathedrals in Milan
Terraces of the Duomo
Forse un po’ di gradini per salire, ma spettacolare! merita! soprattutto se vi piace lo stile gotico.
Cathedrals in Pisa
Pisa Cathedral
The interior has nothing to do with the French or Spanish Romanesque. At the time, Italy had a very different architecture and Rom
7 activities
Cathedrals in Cagliari
Cagliari Cathedral
Cagliari Cathedral is located in the upper part of the city, in the old quarter known as Castello. The Baroque-era facade was rest
Cathedrals in Modena
Modena Cathedral
This is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in Europe and a World Heritage Site. Construction started in 1099 under the
Cathedrals in Siracusa
Duomo di Siracusa
Its pretty, the piazza is beautiful
Cathedrals in Ferrara
Ferrara Cathedral
Actually is under restoration but it will be ready very soon. Just walk on its side and you can have the merchants lodge where you
Cathedrals in Amalfi
Amalfi Cathedral
The Duomo of Amalfi, is found in the Piazza del Duomo and dedicated to St. Andrew. Its construction began in 987 and its a mix of
4 activities
Cathedrals in Messina
Cathedral of Messina
Messina is in the northeast of Sicily. As soon as you cross over to Sicily from Reggio Calabria, on a ferry if you come by land, y
Cathedrals in Verona
Verona Cathedral
The Duomo of Verona is located in the historic city center close to other tourist attractions such as the House of Juliet and the
Cathedrals in Como
Como Cathedral
Its dedicated to Mother Mary. All round the world people come to visit. It’s an religious place for Catholics.
1 activity
Cathedrals in Turin
Turin Cathedral
It is said that the shroud in which the body of Jesus was wrapped is stored here. The original cannot be seen, but there is a larg
1 activity
Cathedrals in Noto
Noto of Sicily
After passing Catania and its market and continuing further south towards the end of Sicily, almost approaching Tunisia, you´ll ar
Cathedrals in Sassari
St Nicolas Cathedral
The cathedral (duomo) of Sassari is really worth seeing. It’s located in the old town, not far from the Ducal Palace, and you can
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