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Hiking in Spain

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1.435 hiking in Spain

Hiking in Cabrales
Hiking in El Chorro
Hiking in Antequera
Torcal de Antequera
If you are in Antequera or close to the route I recommend hiring a tour to visit the Torcal. We hired a guide from the local company torcal & Boissier and he treated us great and made the route a very rewarding experience, not only giving us a guide but also telling us many interesting things.
Hiking in Buendía
Hiking in El Casarito
Peña France
La peña de Francia is one of the most visited places in the province of Salamanca. It's a 1723m mountain vantage point where you can see from its gazebo, a stunning landscape like that of the Sierra de Bejar with the ski resort of La Covatilla, the Sierra de Gata, the campo charro... This is a good starting point to tour this area of the mountains and enjoy the charming towns around it. The best known is La Alberca, and another area of interest is Las Batuecas, where you can admire rupestrian paintings
Hiking in Hondarribia
Mount Jaizkibel
Since I live in San Sebastián, I go there as a place of escape; while I walk trough the mountain, that has more than ten hiking routes, I enjoy the views of the mount. On a clear day you can see on the northern side a big part of the French coast while enjoying the views of the sea. I personally find very relaxing just staring at the sea, leaving my mind blank without allowing any thoughts of the outside to disturb me. On the south side you will see a great quantity of mountains and landscapes that let you see cities and towns such as Irún, Endaya and some other.
Hiking in San Sebastián
Monte Urgull
I went up to this place on the bridge of the constitution for the first time; I had already been to San Sebastian several times, so it was time to visit here. I was not disappointed, it's a totally different view than the Igueldo, because here it feels like you're flying above the city and the old town. The museum there has different stories of San Sebastian - it is very good and it's free. It's worth making an effort and go.
Hiking in La Galga
Cubo de la Galga Route
One of the best paths on La Palma is the Cubo de La Galga route, even for kids. It´s just 19 km to the north of Santa Cruz along the Barlovento highway. We took the LP-1 that crosses through the La Galga ravine, after the first tunnel. To the left, there´s a paved forest road (1 km), and, from that point on, the environment starts to change. The vegetation becomes denser, the views are flooded with the lush laurel forest and ferns. It´s a truly marvelous area.
Hiking in Capileira
Hiking in Llanes
Asturian Coast
Asturias is covered by bright green that seems impossible to erase. You ask for mountains and there you can find them, and if you want beached, there they are as well. This is the hometown of Alonso and Melendi. The water is cold and there are clouds in the sky. So the best option is hiking with the clean air and surrounded by the sound of waves and views of the cliffs.
Hiking in Cercedilla
Siete Picos
I think as I already said once at the time in the corner Seven Peaks, it's certainly my favorite mountain, with its slopes in the village of Cercedilla and even though I was not born there I feel like I was. I grow up there, I spent my youth and I met my first love, yes that same one you never forget even though you are very happy now and in this environment it is my desire that my ashes are spread around here in my last trip. This time, we left the car in the parking lot of the station and we took the funicular from Cercedilla to the Navacerrada port. Starting the ascent from where the funicular leaves you to the spot in Arias is a bit tiring. Once we were above the harbor, our intention was to take the chairlift that skips the Telegraph track, but just our luck, that day it did not work so we had to go walking and in spite of this I give thanks because I got pictures of Peñalara massif that if it had not been given this circumstance I would not have gotten. The climb to the first peak was difficult and tedious because we found very soft snow, and with every step it became harder and harder. It took over an hour to get there. The views were still spectacular, Peñalara, Malaciosa, Stack of Wheat, The Peñota etc. Once there, depending on our skills as mountaineers, things could be made the easy or the difficult way. We chose the first one and continue up the gully between the third and fourth peak, so from there through open field and with snow up to our knees we went down to the Schmit to continue to the port of Fuenfria, the Roman road, meadows and Cercedilla again.
Hiking in Buenavista del Norte
Masca Valley
It's all down hill and many rocks to hop but the views of the gorge are lovely. There are even some small fresh water ponds for a refreshing dip along the way.
Hiking in Santiago de Compostela
Hiking in Yaiza
Ride Camel at Timanfaya
Without a doubt, the place shows you that you are in one of those unique places of the planet, and if on top of everything you are riding a camel, then everything becomes very special. The experience, photo included, is about 12 Euros, but it is worth it. I remember the camel ride and the terrifying views of the sleeping volcanoes, with its black and reddish tones. It is, without a doubt, a corner that I really recommend.
Hiking in Valverde de los Arroyos
The Ocejón
Thanks to some friends who were looking for an easy route for non-professional people and that was close to Madrid, we discovered this town and this route, the route to the waterfall is easily accessible, and there is a nice view of it from the village. It is worth going to spend the day and have lunch there as the short route will let you. You can eat well in the restaurants in the village. It´s a lovely spot, quiet, with magnificent views and where you can eat really well.
Hiking in Llanes
El Camin Encantau
It is a very quiet, with an elegant setting and a 9km route with which we found has wooden mythological figures which greatly attracts the attention such as the bogeyman, the chestnut, etc. Where if you are fond of hiking, you'll love this place. This Ardisana in the valley, and the last time I went I loved it. We also have the mountains Benzua our feet if we want to make a route. For people who like the mountain this is a perfect place to visit, I certainly recommend it!
Hiking in Ansó
Hiking in Torla
Soaso Waterfall or Horsetail
We continue walking through the Ordesa Valley to visit the waterfall of steps of SOAS; Arazas River falls down on rocks that have been carved over thousands of years to accommodate these giant steps that spit water in deep pools of a deeper blue. To get here we continue up through the beech forest, under the magic of the few rays passing through the thickness of these beautiful specimens (some ancient) until the road slowly emerged from the darkness, along the river, and the valley suddenly opens up before our eyes, a Pine Valley of grasslands and black. Continue up the valley, the Cascade of steps of SOAS, the road becomes narrower, but still OK; climb 1480m to Strait Cascades and the Cave, 1778m in the steps of SOAS. This brings us almost one hour from this point (http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/cascadas-del-estrecho-y-la-cueva-excursion-15h-ida-a84470), or 3 hours from the Prairie where we left the bus. From here I can see the sharp edges of the rugged mountains under which the colorful valley opens. An excursion to this view would have been worth making, however, the valley continues up to the promise of "something more", so after a brief pause to enjoy the view, continue to the famous Cola de Caballo.
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