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Things to do in Hendaye

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The top 25 attractions in Hendaye

Nature Reserves in Hendaye
Domaine d'Abbadia
An absolutely spectacular journey where you can lose yourself all afternoon. There are lots of ways to go alone or with a guide. Shortly after starting the course you become the magnificent "Château" (palace) of Antoine d'Abbadie. A site well worth visiting, for less than 7 €. It's located along the coast, on the road between Hendaye with Ziburu. On our tour, we saw it from the bottom end of the well maintained grounds. We made our way by choosing one of the paths. All the sites were magnificent. I particularly liked sitting down in one of the old bunkers facing the sea. One of them had a wind rose on top. It is wonderful to the two stones on the cliff up close. From the beach of Hendaye you can see the undaunted majestic passing of time. Also seen from a privileged perspective are Hondarribia, Mount Jaizkibel, and the lighthouse of Cape Higuer.
Beaches in Hendaye
Hendaye Beach
Up early while on vacation isn't highly recommended ...... except perhaps to get up to see the sunrise on Hendaye Beach. It's definitely worth seeing as the sun comes out slowly from behind the Domaine Abbadie. This is just one of the many attractions that I have found in this beautiful city.
Cities in Hendaye
Facing Irun and in front of Hondarribia you'll find the French Hendaye, a beach 3.5 kilometers long. If you seek peace and nature the Abbadie Castle is fantastic. A PR that runs along the coast comes out of this point.
Beaches in Hendaye
2 Jumeaux
On the border between Spain and France lies Hendaye, a small French Basque village that has one of the best beaches in the Atlantic: Ondarraitz. This is a great beach that is made up of about 3 km of fine sand that gives you the chance to have some incredible days off and allows the practice of water sports (surfing, kayaking, longboarding, etc.) and is one of the safest beaches to learn. But what really stands out in Ondarraitz are the 2 rocks that preside over the end of the beach: The Twins. The legends that goes along with this Basajaun landscape that was in the Peñas de Aia he threw a rock to destroy Baiona, but tripped and fell into the boulder splitting in 2. The scientific explanation states that due to the difference in the composition of the rocks and layers of alternating soft and hard geography , it makes it fragile. The Twin Rocks are harder than their environment and have withstood assaults from wind and water but the they are also succumbing to the forces of nature and in early photos of a century ago one can appreciate that one of the rocks was considerably bigger than it is now. One of the things I like is to take photos but when there are few people present and the Twins can stand with all their beautiful splendor. I love the landscapes in this lovely place.
Churches in Hendaye
Notre Dame de la Bidassoa
Located in the heart of the city, this typical Basque church was destroyed and rebuilt between the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The white exterior clashes with the red altar and ceiling inside. The interior is beautiful with its stained glass windows, wooden gallery traditional of Basque churches, wooden statues and a crucifix dating back to the thirteenth century. Concerts are often organized here. The Cyclic Cross on the outside is also quite mysterious. It's declared a National Monument, with 4 different images on its pedestal: Http :/ / www.Noticiasdegipuzkoa.Com/ediciones/2007/02/11/sociedad/gipuzkoa / hendaia.Php It's interesting that this same kind of pedestal is found in the village of Sare (Sarah), however it's not as nicely preserved.
Streets in Hendaye
Corniche Basque
This is a beautiful road that skirts the cliffs and connects the city of Hendaye (Hendaye) to Ciboure / Ziburu to San Juan de Luz (Donibane Lohizune). The views are beautiful, and driving down it you feel like you're starring in a commercial. In fact, a few movies have been filmed here. There are a couple of roadside viewpoints. You can walk a beautiful hiking trail, called the Coastal Path ("le sentier du littoral"), extending from the Domaine d 'Abbadia (next to the castle d' Abbadia) to Bidart. 25 miles of trail conditioning that goes along the coast. A nice walk with a pirate island included.
Hiking in Hendaye
Coastal Path (Le Chemin de la Baie)
This recently inaugurated 14 kilometer route runs through the three cities of the Bay of Txingudi: Hendaye-Irun and Hondarribia. The website above is very insightful because it offers a virtual tour of the most interesting points of this journey, from the spectacular Château d 'Abbadie (Hendaye) up to the Higuer Lighthouse (Hondarribia) through the marshes, and also captures the Roman town of Irun and the marvellous old town of Hondarribia. Http :/ / www.Irun.Org/cod/noticias/ficha.Aspx?Tipo=banner&idioma=1&clave=1171
Harbors in Hendaye
Hendaye Marina
It's so relaxing to take a walk by the sea through the Hendaye port, overlooking the neighboring Hondarribia separated just by the water. At the port you can take a boat that takes you to Hondarribia in minutes. Available all year round, it's the fastest means of transport to get from one city to another. From the port of Hendaye, another nice walk is going down the entire beach from end to end, or go towards the border for a bike path, a path that goes along the sea, which is part of the Bay Trail.
Harbors in Hendaye
Port Sokoburu
Located in the district of the same name, port Sokoburu is, they say, the most beautiful marina in the Basque coast. And when you walk around its vicinity one can understand why. The boats are truly wonderful, even tall ships can be seen. The port is in the extended neighborhood Sokoburu market, and if you make a visit to the market, the walk through the port is bound. The port is located in a truly charming between Txinguidi Bay and the estuary of Bidasoa Hondarribia. The uniqueness of this port, which gives it real charm is its proximity to Spain. With regular ferries it takes 7 mins to crosses the harbor and the bay of Hondarribia, to the nearest Spanish city. Enjoy the view for a few minutes ... A walk along the harbor and a small trip to Spain is highly recommended!
Historical Monuments in Hendaye
Monument aux Morts
This monument, dedicated to the victims of the World Wars, is situated in a beautiful spot. With your back to the monument you can see Txingudi Bay, which links the three border cities: Irun, Hondarribia and Hendaye. From the bottom of the monument, there is a road along the sea, taking you can to the beach. It is a very pleasant walk.
City Halls in Hendaye
Town Hall (Maire d'Hendaye)
The city hall (hotel de ville) is black and red with a whale on his shield. The whalers hendayeses were good at what they did and made a fortune. At the top of the city hall, you can see the shield with the whale and the 1st and last initials of Hendaye: H E. The royal crown shows the recognition of Hendaye by King Louis XIV in 1654. He gave the nod to allow Hendaye to be an independent community (until that moment it was a district of Urruña-Urrugne). The city hall is located in the heart of the city, where every Wednesday they hold a market. It's just next to the St Vincent Church, which although its exterior is very simple, it's definitely worth entering. The red walls, the wooden gallery typical of French Basque churches, and wooden statues are all amazing.
Gardens in Hendaye
Parc Belcenia
The place is great, not only for the view, but for the wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed within 500m: - skate zone - bike ramps - playground full of tubes - picnic - bike lane - balconies to enjoy the views over the bay of Txingudi (made up of Hondarribia, Irun and Hendaye), the ever present Peñas de Aia and Jaizkibel. Do not forget that this area is part of the Bay Trail, which travels along the 3 cities. With it being fitted, it is always full of people going to walk, run or roller blade. It is intended for all ages. If you continue along the road to the port, you can catch a small boat that in a few minutes leaves you in Hondarribia, one of the nicest "towns" in Guipúzcoa.
Churches in Hendaye
Eglise Sainte Anne
Located next to the beach, this church is in the centre of a roundabout. The interior is very spacious, made from wood, though not as showy as other Basque-French churches. I liked the image of Christ painted on the altar. All the writing is in French and the Basque language, the two languages used in the city.
Hiking in Hendaye
Rose des Vents
Along the cliffs of the Abaddia reservation are some bunker ruins. On one of them, we find a compass rose. It was made in 1997 by a group of 15 year olds, at the beginning of the third millennium. The Domaine d 'Abbadia (Abbadia reserve), is part of the coastal trail, 25 km of routes linking Hendaye Bidart, along the cliffs. Being cautious, it is a great place to walk with children. You can do a route which will take approximately 2 hours between cliffs and bunkers from World War II, the famous castle and even a "pirate" island.
Islands in Hendaye
Pirate Island
There is nothing better than taking the kids down to the pirate island in the area of Abbadia Hendaye and playing treasure hunt with them. Just pay attention to the tides.
Markets in Hendaye
Market Sokoburu
I love Sokoburu market!. In the heart of the district of the same name, opposite the beach and walking distance of the city center, is all the typical products of the region ... This market is ideal if you want to buy good products, for example, have a picnic in the Abbadia. Traders in the market will be happy to give you a taste local specialties, that have made Basque cuisine famous ... Do not leave without a jar of foie gras Espelette pepper, a real treat! Following on from the pleasant market is the marina of the city, just wonderful, you can get to Spain in a few minutes. It's in a good location and with very friendly traders, I recommend strolling through this market.
Cliffs in Hendaye
Pointe Sainte Anne
Here you can find old bunkers built during World War II, one of them crowned by a wind rose. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the two huge rocks called the Twins, and the 25 kilometres of the coastal path, which runs along the cliffs. It's an area rich with local legends.
Streets in Hendaye
Sokoburu Neighborhood
This neighbourhood is located east of the main beach of Hendaye. The area is well worth a visit, not only for its interesting Basque architecture, but also for its ports, which will allow you to travel to Spain in just seven minutes, as well as its' Saturday market, where you can try a number of Basque specialties. A great place to go for a little walk.
Activities in Hendaye

The best things to do in Hendaye

Located in the Pyrenees, Hendaye is a frontier commune between France and Spain, close to the province of San Sebastian. But wondering what to do in
The main attractions in Hendaye revolve around its enviable natural surroundings and the varied
cultural and architectural attractions. To begin the tour, one of the first places to visit in Hendaye is the beach. With its three kilometers of fine
sand, it's considered one of the safest in the Basque coast. We can continue with a tour of the Domaine d'Abbadia Castle, a nature reserve along
25 kilometers
of paths from Hendaye to Bidart, along the coast bordered by its cliffs. The views from there are some of the most beautiful things to see in Hendaye. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the port must be on the top of your list of things to do in Hendaye today. From the harbor, you'll overlook the neighboring Hondarribia. In the center of town, the monument dedicated to the victims of the World Wars remind us of past times in recent history. Hendaye is notorious for being the city where the fascist Franco and Hitler met in 1940, during World War II. Among the religious
Hendaye attractions and
buildings, the parish church of San Vicente from the sixteenth century, or Santa Ana next to the beach are very popular places to visit. Other Hendaye activities include visiting the few bunkers in the ruins from World War II, the Compass Rose or the footbridge over the Bidasoa. There's lots of stuff to do in Hendaye and its surroundings, come and enjoy this wonderful city!