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Things to do in Anglet

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The top 26 attractions in Anglet

Beaches in Anglet
Chambre D'Amour
This is a legend which tells the story of a young boy named Laorens. He is a poor orphan and his girlfriend, Saubade is the daughter of a rich farmer. They loved each other dearly, and decided to swear undying love despite their parents being opposed to the idea. This cave was their love nest. It is facing the waves of the Atlantic and hidden away from prying eyes. But one day, a huge storm caused the waters to rise faster than expected, flooding the cave and the two lovers perished in it. Since then it has been called the "Room of Love". Today, it is one of the most visited places in Anglet.
Beaches in Anglet
Golden Sand Beach
Of the 11 beaches that you can find in the city, this is the undisputed queen of them all. It is surrounded by bars, restaurants and the tourist office. Here you can practice beach volleyball. In high season there are concerts, shows, flea markets ... A few steps away is the celebrated Grotto Chambre d 'Amour, one of the places that arouse curiosity in the city.
Beaches in Anglet
Plage de La Barre
Situated north of Anglet (Angelu) and close to the mouth of the river Adour, supposedly the tiniest and most peaceful of the 11 beaches in the city. But the day I went to visit, the waves were so incredible that everybody was watching them. There is a walk of 4.50 km, the coastal trail that leads to the beach of la Chambre (where there is a well-known grotto named "Chambre d'Amour"). But on this particular day, as the waves made it forbidden to walk along some parts of the trail. It was a pity! Close to this beach is the ice rink, the Ecological Park Izadia, Chiberta Forest, a tennis Skate, a playground and a couple of lakes. There are heliports as well.
Beaches in Anglet
Marinella Beach
This beach is named after a hotel that was built here in the 70's, but the great tides of 1973 and 1975 wreaked havoc, and in 1977 it was moved. Later dikes were built to safeguard the coast from the ocean. Today it's probably the most frequented of all the beaches, filled mostly by families with children, and surfers. Don't forget that, according to oceanographers, it's on the Basque coast where they have the biggest waves.
Nature Reserves in Anglet
Coastal Route
You can walk the four kilometre coastal route from Anglet to the beach. The trail is a true marvel, away from cars, surrounded by greenery, well equipped and with magnificent views of the city's beaches. I decided to start my walk in the Barre area (a marina with rollerblading and skateboarding) to get to the lighthouse. I left mid-afternoon and arrived at the beach under the lighthouse for sunset. It was sublime. It's the best opportunity to capture the pretty lighthouse, the beach and the cliff in a photo. If you walk the whole route, you will also cross Cavaliers beach (with a surf school), the Chiberta golf course (with routes between the forest and the ocean), and the Chambre d'Amour, an ideal place to have a drink in one of its numerous bars and restaurants. I encourage you to do this tour, to relax and recharge your batteries.
Beaches in Anglet
Plage du VVF
This beach is also known as the Plage de la Chambre d'Amour, until they built this "resort town" in the shape of a boat, part of the VVF chain (now called Belambra Club). It was the prettiest I had seen in the Anglet with views of the lighthouse, the Inmes sea, the romantic grotto "Chambre d'Amour", and the huge rock walls (which made cave in). There are many small caves in the cliffs, but for security reasons, it's forbidden to enter them. If you go by car, be prepared to climb a very steep hill. At the top, don't hesitate to stop to take a picture of the beach from above. The views are breathtaking.
Airports in Anglet
Biarritz Airport
I visited this airport twice. It´s easily accessible and is very well marked. There´s a parking area for longer stays and one for shorter stay. There´s a restaurant right next to the check-in counter. There are also several shops and car rental kiosks. It´s a small airport but it´s nice and clean.
Beaches in Anglet
Plage des Cavaliers
In another time, lots of horse races were hold on this beach, hence it's name. Cavaliers beach will delight fans of sliding sports: the strong waves mean that often there are professional surf competitions. Like most of the beaches in the city, which follow one another for more than 4 kilometers, is a vast and wild beach. There are no buildings or walls that make it a beach, just a short walk, a path that meanders through the dunes. The beach is large enough for everyone! It's the perfect to try surfing and do some courses, because there are numerous schools. If you're still learning, be careful not to enter areas reserved for swimmers and pay attention to the Baines (ocean currents) and other surfers! ;) Close to the beach is Anglet's Thalassotherapy center, it's well known in the region.
Nature Reserves in Anglet
Forest Pignada
The forest in Pignada is the perfect place to go for a stroll with the family. The adventure park which is north of the forest provides ample space to test your fitness (and vertigo) among the pine trees. Among ziplines and suspension bridges, children and adults can have fun and try out different obstacles. What other sport can be practiced with the family in such a fun and safe (there are monitors the whole way)?! Nearby there is also a fitness circuit, which is about 2.5 kilometers big, which has various routines for you to exercise. The forest of Pignada is located near La Barre, where there is also the marina, a very nice place. Feel free to make a brief stop there, you will not regret it :) In any case, the forest will delight walkers, walking and cycling, and there is no risk of getting lost: everything is clearly marked.
Nature Reserves in Anglet
Green Space
Just moments away from the beach, you can find the golf course Chiberta (located between the forest and the ocean), and the thalassotherapy center. This place is the perfect spot for lunch in the countryside with family and next to the sea (which will prevent you from getting sand in your sandwiches!). You can get there from below the coastal path that runs along 4 kilometers of the coast from the town of Anglet (perfect for a short stop between the district of la Barre and the Chambre d'Amour). The place is very well equipped with many games for children. As children tend to get tired very quickly of being at the table, it is perfect to have fun while the parents can relax and enjoy themselves. It is also a very good space for you to enjoy a leisurely lunch, without any hassle. Relaxation and leisure are the theme of this picnic area, while enjoying the sound of the surf and beach views (and, of course, the Basque sunshine!).
Shopping Malls in Anglet
BAB2 Shopping Centre
Speaking of the rainy weather we're having in Basque this fall, this mall is a good way to spend the afternoon with children. Along its corridors they have many Christmas shows that excite children: polar bears that move, wolves ... There's even a Santa Claus waiting for hugs. To get to this mall, it is best to take the freeway to Irun-Biriatou to Biarritz. There, exit and follow signs for national Bayonne. Then you will get to a roundabout. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit and you will see a road that takes you across to BAB2 for a way to the mall. There are only about 35 kms from the border of Irun, you go through all the towns and it takes a while. You can also catch the highway to Anglet, but the highway is not cheap, would have to pay a toll more and do more kilometers in vain. (The vans 2 meters higher rate paid on the highway, which means you only go about 5 € to 30 kilometers). If the weather was good, a good option is to approach Bayonne, Anglet is attached to, to see the Christmas market. But DO NOT forget the umbrella, because time in the Basque country is very unstable: Http :/ / www.Bayonne.Fr/noel2008/pdf/BAYnoel08progrBD.Pdf Webcam to see Live time: Http :/ / www.bayonne. Fr / index.php? ID = 130
Hiking in Anglet
Promenade of the Litoral
This walk is 4.5 miles in length alongside the sea, passing 11 sandy beaches in Anglet, from the beach of Belambra Club (VVF) to the beach of the Barre. No bikes are allowed but it is possible to take pushchairs or wheelchairs. You can watch the huge waves crashing onto the pier or onto the shore and surfers catching waves. The ocean is on one side, the mountains on the other, including Peñas de Aia, visible from different parts of the Basque Country.
Markets in Anglet
Traditional Market of Quintaou
I loved the traditional market of Quintaou! It is held every Thursday and Sunday from 7:00 to 14:00. It is an outdoor market and it is not too big and therefore retains much of its charm. Traders are very attentive and helpful, happy to let you taste their products with no obligation. We went to the market to buy some local specialties (the essentials: Bayonne ham and Basque cake, of course!) for us to take to a small picnic in one of the many beaches of the city. The market is a must for all food lovers due to the variety and the high quality of the products for sale. The market also sells things other than food: clothing, bags, beach towels and bathing suits, in case you come to Anglet without bringing your beach essentials!
Forests in Anglet
Chiberta Forest
This forest occupies 10% of the city, where you can find many beaches to suit all tastes. It is located next to the beach of Barre and the woods of Lazaret, which are a total of 250 hectares. Perfect for hiking, horseback riding, cycling, jogging ... The trails are well marked, with picnic tables. Also every few feet you encounter a series of activities to practice sport, to the delight of children: Games of balance, coordination ... For those who prefer something more risky, there is the adventure land.
Streets in Anglet
La Barre
La Barre is a nice neighbourhood north of Anglet accessible by paths and beaches. There are several activities available, including an ice rink (with sea views), an ecological park and the Environmental House, skate track, and a park with a playground. The mouth of the Adour is also nearby. From La Barre, you can follow the coastal road, which runs along the 4.5 kilometres of beach to the Chambre de l'Amour. Following this path, you travel behind La Barre and its various facilities and pass into wild dunes. It's a lively area, great for families. You can watch the comings and goings of the boats in the marina located nearby. La Barre is, along with the Chambre de l'Amour, one of two places that truly transforms the surroundings of Anglet Beach. Many people come here to walk in the evening, as the Chambre de l'Amour is well known for its nightlife.
Golf Courses in Anglet
Chiberta Golf Field
The Chiberta golf course has two courses, one 18 hole and one 9 hole. This golf course is exceptional because it is situated between the forest (Chiberta) and the ocean. It enjoys splendid views of the ocean and pine forest and has alternating holes in the direction of the forest and the sea. It is wonderful to have a game of golf in such a varied environment. The golf course is situated by the sea and this uniqueness seems to be a real challenge for golfers, as they have to adapt to the weather conditions. As the wind never blows in the same way, one can play there everyday and no two days will be the same. The Chiberta is a fourth category French golf course and is internationally well-known, making it a must-do on the Basque coast.
Surfing in Anglet
School Time to Surf
The surf school "Time to Surf" is a small and lively surf school located on the beach of the Cavaliers (north of Anglet, close to the beach of La Barre). The beach is well known for having lots of surf schools. The rates are very affordable. The initial session lasts an hour and a half and only costs 30 euros. The course from Monday to Friday, for an hour and a half daily, costs 140 euros and one hour private lessons cost 65 euros. Obviously, they have equipment for you to use and warm-ups are done in a fun way, as they are inspired by yoga. The instructor, Karine, is very nice and is a patient teacher which is crucial. The school is open from April to November.
Beaches in Anglet