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Things to do in Alicante

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The top 1.564 attractions in Alicante

Squares in Altea
Plaza de Altea
Altea is one of those places that’s more amazing every time you go. You arrive there and it’s like you’re in a place completely different from the rest of Alicante. You can sense happiness and excitement in the air and Altea gives off an atmosphere of peace and serenity: the hippie stores, the charming restaurants with their terraces, and the winding, cobblestone streets.
Villages in Les Rotes
Les Rotes
It’s a rocky zone of tremendous beauty. It has a great path from where you can enjoy the views. There are charming bars along the coastal path, and since it’s made up of rocks, there’s less tourists than at other sandy beaches. I love going there in the summer, to relax and enjoy the fresh air, the smell of the sea in the morning, when the swimmers still haven’t arrived. I recommend it.
Gardens in Elche
Huerto del Cura
In Elche, a Huerto (garden) is considered to be a parcel of land where palm trees are planted. Each garden normally has an allusive name related to the property owners or something historical. The Huerto del Cura (priest’s garden)’s name comes from the person that owned the property until 1918. There's a pond with a copy of the Dama de Elche (Lady of Elche) in the garden – an Iberian sculpture from the 4th century B.C. which was found in 1897 and is actually located in the Archeological Museum of Madrid. The Huerto del Cura barely has 13,000 square meters, but 1,000 palm trees are planted inside. It’s considered to be a densely populated date palm population. In addition to palm trees, there are other typical Mediterranean plants, like lemon, orange, pomegranate, and dates trees, among other subtropical species.
Gardens in Altea
Los Sentidos Garden
An amazing concept. It is half Dutch and half Argentine and it has opened the doors of its incredible botanical garden (and house) to the public. It is exquisitely decorated and full of magical places to chat, think, read .. with small waterfalls, tropical and native plants, rivers, bridges, hammocks, candles and incense everywhere. There are 2 rooms in the small cottage. One is suitable for a family and one has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. I think it costs around € 100 a couple with breakfast. You will find it good value for money and you will love it.
Coves in Javea
Cove Ambolo
This tiny natural cove with crystal-clear water located to the south of Cape Noa and in front of it emerges the impressive Descubridor island you can enjoy a swim all to yourself. You can scuba dive between the lush ivy grasslands that house the foundation of the cape. Although it’s not a nudist beach, it’s not abnormal to see people swimming in the nude. It’s very fun to snorkel or scuba in this cove: in the rock just in front of the beach there’s a sunken ship.
Gardens in Alicante
Explanada de España
More than 6 and a half million tiles (made from marble) were used to construct the tricolor mosaic covering the ground of the path. It’s the most internationally recognized sight of the city. It's located parallel to the marina, between palm trees, which is nice and cool in the summer, pleasant in the winter. It’s a perfect place for a walk, to play, or to read a newspaper. There’s a small market on weekends, which is very well known throughout the province. There’s also a ton of bars and restaurants all over the place. If you are lucky and can see the city’s symphony orchestra performing, make sure to do so. They usually have concerts sporadically throughout the year.
Nature Reserves in Alfaz del Pi
La Serra Gelada Natural Park
If you have the chance to visit Alfas del Pi, don’t miss the chance to check out this short yet wonderful route. It’s a 2.5km trail to the lighthouse along a paved road and you’ll see lots of people on the way. But, it’s surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and unequalled natural beauty. Of course, the return trip is 2.5km as well, so make sure to bring something to eat and a cold drink and you can have a picnic fit for a king at the end of the trail.
Beaches in Denia
Dénia Beach
Denia has long, wide, sandy beaches and surprising rocky coves: North of the city lies the long sandy beaches of Les Marines. In this area you will find: Punta del Raset, Les Marines, Les Bovetes, Els Molins, L'Almadrava and Les Deveses. South of the town lies the sandy beach of La Marineta Casiana, followed by the rocky coves of Las Rotas. The cliffs of Cabo San Antonio begin at the end of the cliffs.
Beaches in Santa Pola
Playa Carabassi
Playa del Carabassí is, by far, the beach of choice for those that live in Elche. There´s always a great environment and the water is always crystal clear and at an ideal temperature. It´s easily accessible by a tiny bridge that the town hall built to help visitors cross the beautiful sand dunes and fallen pine trees. There´s a nudist area, and another for snorkeling at the end of the beach behind the curve, as well as various paths to follow that the rocks form, which are both easy and fun do follow. There´s a woods of pine trees, which makes for a great place to take a siesta in the shade. Just about perfect… This is, without a doubt, the favorite beach of the Elche locals. The waters are always crystal clear and the temperature is perfect. It’s a great environment and also very easy to access thanks to some boardwalks that the town hall has set up to help cross over the beautiful dunes. There is a nudist area, another for snorkeling, and finally a part where the beach curves and there are natural pathways through the rock which are very fun. There is also a piney area perfect for taking a siesta in the shade. It’s perfect!
Wetlands in Guadalest
Guadalest Reservoir
Looking to the north from the middle of the dam, you can see the entire surrounding area -- the mountains, Guadelest, the other towns in the distance, etc. The views are magnificent. If you turn and look towards the south, you can see the valley of Guadalest and its outflow to the sea. From this perspective, the sea doesn’t look like a giant blue mass, rather a thread of blue light that intertwined from the mouth of the valley to the distance. The road seems like it dead ends at the dam. If you have time and are traveling by car, you can cross the dam and take the road on the other side. It will take you to the entire area surrounding the reservoir. You’ll be in Guadelest in just 30 minutes. It’s a narrow, recently paved road with many curves. Not many people take this road, but if you drive slowly, you’ll have no problems. It’s a great feeling to visit this area, right in the middle of the valley.
Viewpoints in Santa Pola
Cabo Santa Pola Lighthouse
This is a perfect place to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend, whether it be someone new or your long-time parner. Almost all the guys in the area have taken advantage of this picturesque place, with the lighthouse, the cliff, the sea and the impressive view of Tabarca island off in the distance, to seduce a woman. I personally have tried it several times with different results. But, if you’re there, you have to bring your significant other. Head out from Santa Pola towards Alicante (capital) on N-332. Once leaving Santa Pola, you’ll find the road leading to the lighthouse within about 2 minutes.
Caves in Denia
Cova Tallada
Between Dénia and Jávea, there’s a wonder of nature in the form of a cliffside cave, an incredible place to get lost on a sunny day when you want some peace and quiet. You can get there on Les Rotes in Dénia.
Resort Towns in Calpe
If you are looking for a place to rest, this is it. The beach is very clean and very quiet. The hotel is magnificent for enjoying sun and sea, has luxurious facilities, the dining room has a windows from which you can see the sea at all times, the food is very good and the service too. The pool is lovely and panoramic.
Nature Reserves in Torrevieja
Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park
The Mata-Torrevieja lagoons form, together with the El Fondo and the Santa Pola saltmines, a triange of wetlands of international relevance in the south of Alicante. The Ramsar Conventional declared it an area of international relevance in 1989, and it was included in the ZEPA special protection area for birds. The two lagoons are separated by “El Chaparral” (the thicket). A canal unites the two depression that are artificially connected by a canal known as “El Acequion”, which is a part of a salt mining entity. The Mata lagoon works as a heating deposit, while the salt mining is done in Torrevieja.
Theme Parks in Benidorm
Terra Natura
Benidorm is a beautiful town with its beaches and spectacular skyscrapers, but you can also have fun visiting the theme parks. One of them is Terra Natura, a paradise for animal lovers. The park is divided into four sections: Pangaea, Europe, Asia and America. It’s an interesting park because you hardly feel like there are barriers between you and the animals. Some barriers are simply (reinforced) glass, and the feeling of seeing the animals just one meter away from you is pretty interesting. You ask yourself, but what if they wake up? Is the glass really strong enough? These barriers make this park so special. The park is open from 10am to 8pm and it closes at 9pm in August. You can get there by bus, which takes off from Benidorm and costs 1 euro. You can also go via car, as they have a parking lot.
Viewpoints in Benidorm
Cruz de Benidorm
This is a view that very few tourists know. From this cross in Serra Gelada, you have amazing panoramic views of all of Benidorm. On the way up, you pass by many chalets including a famous pink one that has been featured in several Spanish movies. Truth be told, it’s not easy to reach; but, you can ask some of the shop or bar owners in the area around Rincón de Loix and they can show you how to get there.
Streets in Altea
Casco antiguo de Altea
We had a lovely visit to this town on the coast of Alicante on a very sunny day, with a walk through the old town which was amazing with its quiet, narrow streets, whitewashed houses, breathtaking views of the coast and in the distance the rock of Ifach. There is a beautiful and very well maintained church with blue domes like almost every other church in the area of ​​Alicante. An extraordinary experience.
Harbors in Santa Pola
Santa Pola Marina
The Santa Pola port still maintains the light and color of old fisherman’s wharfs. It continues to fill up with broken nets that the fisherman sew back together themselves, as well as the constant coming and going of small ships. You can also calmly converse with any fisherman about how the day went, how the water was, and how the catch turned out. It’s something that I’ve always loved to check out whenever I'm in a port town. It’s always interesting to see the names they give their boats. One thing’s for sure, they don’t name them after saints. The names are always fitting, however, just like a cat or dog’s name.