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Things to do in Larmor-Baden

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The top 2 attractions in Larmor-Baden

Islands in Larmor-Baden
Gavrinis Island
Upon just stepping foot in Gravinis, a journey begins taking you to the Neolithic Larmor-Baden, Port-Navalo or Locmariaquer, when the ship sails towards the mainland to the island. Gravinis is one of the oldest megalithic sites in Europe and is very surprising. This curiuosity is not just for the prehistory, but also because there are many other secrets to be revealed. The cairn of Gavrinis (on the island of la Chèvre) has impressive dimensions. This complex block of stone and sand is more than 8 feet high and 50 in diameter. This makes it the highest point of the Gulf of Morbihan. This monumental dolmen is located next to a burial chamber. The walls are made up of 29 pillars, 23 of which are decorated with esoteric signs: concentric circles spirals, Hs, bows and snakes carved in stone. The burial chamber is covered by a giant slab of 4 m, and inside, animal drawings and characters have been inscribed. A priori, had a role in the religion of its inhabitants. It is an exceptional work that really makes you think about various questions of creation and questions of the eternal life ...It is a Very interesting place.
Viewpoints in Larmor-Baden