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Cities in Great Britain

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57 cities in Great Britain

Cities in Inverness
A place full of history which is very beautiful, quiet and cozy. I went during the month of November.
Cities in Windsor-Eton
Brilliant town. The shopping is just breathtaking!
Cities in Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews is the perfect town to live in, or just enjoy nature, of Scots and to open a Spanish restaurant, but with Scottish food that is not enjoyed almost never
Cities in Nottingham
Wander around Nottingham and experience its history like the lace market whose old factories have been converted into modern lofts, the castle, the new contemporary art museum, the church of St. Mary, the river Trent, and all of which are just steps from the central square that becomes a beach in summer and an ice rink in winter.
Cities in Salisbury
From this part of the city, a bus takes you to the ruins of Stonehenge. Though that is not the only thing you can do. The city is also known for its beautiful cathedral. Around it you can walk along the oldest part of the city where you can see houses and streets giving a glismpe of the past. High St. to downtown street will lead you to the cathedral, you will pass under a beautiful arch. At the tourist office, located in the back of the Market Place, you wcan get a small map for sightseeing
Cities in Dundee
Dundee is located in the north of Edinburgh on the east coast of Scotland. In present times it is the 4th largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Historically, the city developed from a Pictish settlement on a hill along the Firth of Tay. It has always been recognized for its harbor and shipyards. These were built for when the very first boat salied to Antarctica. In the eighties and nineties, Dundee was regarded as a city in decline that gradually was becoming marginal. The subsequent government policy, based on a complete remodeling and total sanitation (at all levels), have created a modern city that is evolving (albeit slowly) and adapting to the times. Therefore, various Universities have collaborated to attempt to bring success to the city. It nonetheless remains a city very overlooked by visitors and does not really draw much attention. Personally, it is among my favorite corners of Scotland.
Cities in Glasgow
Trongate / Argyle Rd
Trongate is located in the heart of the most commercial area of ​​Glasgow. In the era of large businesses and industries of the British Empire, Glasgow was called the "Merchant City" in reference to its traffic of goods. Subsequently, the center was overlooked but after a few years, some restoration work began and there was a radical change. The old abandoned road was converted into a modern fashion district. The "Merchant City," which sold spices and tobacco, was the second most important city of the empire, and people came from far away to exchange goods. The Bank of Scotland was strong and powerful. The "Tobacco Lords" were the kings of the city. All of this happened before the industrial crisis which left Glasgow deserted. Nowadays, there are still very poor and crime-filled neighborhoods but it has nothing to do with the '90s, when the city was known as the European capital of crime. Today the historical buildings mingle with fashion shops like Primark, the English clothing store that is much cheaper than H&M or Topshop, the landmarks of British fashion. These places are more expensive but much cuter.
Cities in Oban
Landscapes of the West of Scotland
Scotland, a country that shakes and moves. Tranquility in nature. The West of Scotland is a small corner where the colors color the landscape, highlighting details. In the countryside we forget the rain. On both sides of the west coast and rugged mountains, there are some surprising and lovely islands, in a warm and moist environment. Every curve, every road, every mountain shows the splendor of the journey through the places and landscapes.
Cities in Peterborough
Peterborough City Centre
Peterborough is possibly one of the first areas inhabited in England in the Bronze ages, but it gives the impression of being a fairly modern city, and in fact was declared "New Town" (new town or city ) in 1967. Its centre revolves around the Cathedral of St. Peter's (from which this settlement is named) and Queensgate shopping center shopping center, fusing the traditional with the modern. Between the two areas, the feeling is the same, modern view dotted by some historic buildings. A good choice for a weekend if you pass through the area.
Cities in Manchester
Manchester Center
This photo depicts the beauty of the architecture of Manchester. It was taken in December 2007 near the Chinese district, and they say that ghosts are not outside the building!
Cities in Birmingham
Although the weather was not on our side for this trip, I must admit that to walk by the canals of the city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas was a real healthy experience and I must highlight that although England is famous for being grey, for the little sun that comes out, the canals and its natural beauty are illuminated, along with its charm. There is a contrast of colors among monuments, buildings, churches, and pure nature.
Cities in Kirkwall
Kirkwall (Orkney Islands - Stage 6)
With a population of just 9,000 inhabitants, it's hard to believe that Kirkwall is the largest city and the capital of the Orkney Islands! Its name comes from medieval Norwegian meaning "Church of the Bay", which refers to the Cathedral of St Magnus, one of the city's most popular attractions. Historically, the first written references to the city appear in the medieval Orkney Saga, dating back to the eleventh century. As well as the cathedral, other historical attractions include the Bishop's House, the ruins of the palace, the Highland Park distillery, the harbor and the beach at Scapa. And you'll find plenty of fishing and sports around the harbor, too. We found it a bit too quiet, even at weekends, but it is charming and, unusually for the UK, most of the parking is free!
Cities in Morpeth
Morpeth, north of Newcastle and principal city of the county of Northumberland, is situated along the river Wansbeck. Its current population is around 14,000. Its foundation may be dated after the arrival of the Normans in the eleventh century city. During medieval times, it was a very important place because it was a main commercial center in North England. The first thing to take into consideration here is how much green space it encompasses, especially that there is so much along the river. There are quite a few local people, mostly during the summer. I second the large number of churches out there for the size of the city and the third some medieval buildings contrasting with more modern, like the castle or the city hall tower. It is a very quiet and convenient north of Newcastle, with pleasant walks along the river, for its parks and similar places. In general the attitude towards the traveler is the most postive and enjoyable. Given his royal burgh category would be a shame to be passing by and tall.
Cities in Carlisle
Carlisle City
The small but attractive town of Carlisle is located in the North-West of England, being the capital of the region of Cumbria. Its foundation dates from the Roman settlement and its history has been developed in parallel to that of Scotland. Today the city blends traditional features with modern ones, the most notable attractions being the Old Town Hall Square, the cathedral and castle. It has a very dynamic nightlife and is a charming small town, but with a personality (including a peculiar accent of the North of England, I have to admit that is one of my favorites). Given its proximity to the famous Lake District, where the larger lakes of England lie and a completely idyllic place where many films have been shot such as Miss Potter, this city is a lovely alternative. It is different from the big cities of London or Manchester and has a traditional English town feel.
Cities in Stamford
Stamford is an ancient town, located halfway between London and York. There are old houses houses and churches which date back to the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth century. It also has great attractions, and a large number of restaurants and pubs, of diverse cultures. Walking the High Street there are shops that are selling everything from local cute clothes to antiques. You can take a break in the cafés or on Fridays or Saturdays go the fair, looking for products from nearby farms.
Cities in East Riding of Yorkshire
Went to the Deep for a family day out and took a few shots of the Humber Bridge to show everyone what the UK has beneath its skin.
Cities in Dunfermline
Just north of Edinburgh, Scotland's new capital, is the capital of the medieval kingdom: Dunfermline. Perhaps many would not dare call this city but more of a village due to it's size. In its heyday it was named city and royal burgh, ans this is why this village is called a city. Its cathedral and abbey house, the work of the great King Robert I 'The Brus' (his embalmed heart is buried in Melrose Abbey), brought pride to the Scots and even more to the inhabitants of this town. Currently this is a location that offers a lot, a historical view of everyday life, Abbeys, Cathedral, museums, parks, shops and divers establishments. Usually ignored by visitors to this area of ​​Scotland, who stay more focused in Edinburgh, it is great for those looking for an alternative to the more typical sites. It is also so close to Edinburgh, you might as well devote a day to know the charms of this enchanting city.
Cities in Stromness
Stromness (Orkney Islands)
In terms of both size and importance, Stromness is the second city in the Orkney Islands. Its importance lies in its harbor, located on the southwest coast of the Mainland Island. Seu Hamnavoe, meaning "safe haven", was once a Viking settlement. It's a small city without a lot to do besides the Navy and Harbour and Victoria Street, which is the main street. Here you will find some shops, a maritime museum, post office, bars and hotels. One interesting thing to do is just take a stroll down this street and look at the unusual local architecture, such as corners designed to look like keels of boats, and whalebones. These bones are in fact located throughout the island, reflecting the tradition of whaling in the area. The Vikings believed that these bones functioned as a kind of omen, to keep whales and fish visiting the area.
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