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Streets in Great Britain

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214 streets in Great Britain

Streets in London
Notting Hill
Possibly due to the film of the same name, Notting Hill is one of the most well known neighborhoods of London. Known for its curiously colored low houses and welcoming streets, Notting Hill offers two interesting events. Firstly there is the Saturday market where you can find antiques and other interesting things. It is ideal for a stroll and can be reached from Hyde Park fairly quickly. The other major event is the Notting Hill Carnival during the last weekend of August. The streets are filled with colorful costumes and attendees. It's really funny. The truth is that if I were to Londre, would certainly walk through these streets. Well, all over London because if something is good, is discovering walk: Camden, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge ...
Streets in London
Abbey Road
If you go to London and you like the Beatles, you have to go to Abbey Road. Here the album with the world's most famous cover, "Abbey Road", was recorded. Its name is derived from an abbey up the road. It is not near the centre but there is an underground line that takes you to a stop a few blocks away. Those who have to walk streets are really beautiful because the neighborhood is elegant residential. It's really hard to get the picture as the Beatles took his time, as cars pass all the time. A curiosity that found out when we got there, is that the original zebra photo, had to be moved a few feet, and that was at the door of Abbey Road Studios and such was the amount of people going to take pictures there , blocking the entrance and exit of vehicles. By following a few meters and turning left, I recommend a little shop of souvenirs dedicated to the famous zebra and the Beatles.
Streets in Edinburgh
Royal Mile
I'm a lover of cities with a medieval spirit, with their castles and their cobblestone streets, but also Edinburgh is surrounded with this 18th and 19th century atmosphere, which makes it all the more special. Also, there's nothing like getting to know the charms of a British city in the dead of winter. Fog, chill, overcast skies... It irresistibly invites you into its mythic pubs.
Streets in London
Brick Lane
Great place for street art lovers. A must visit zone.
Streets in London
Neal's Yard
I like it
Streets in London
London is a city that I always want to go back to, and for me the biggest discovery has been to wander around Hampstead. It's a town within the big city with fields. I recommend visiting Kenwood gardens. It's a 20 minute walk from the subway in Hampstead and from there you'll enjoy city views. Incidentally, it's recommended to go to Spaniards Inn, I didn't have time so I can not say anything about it, but I hope to return soon and find out. If you plan on going, I advise you to learn about events that take place such as Kenwood music festivals.
Streets in London
Downing Street
This is the street where the British Prime Minister's residence is located. You can only see it from a distance. A metal cage and a friendly well-armed policemen protect this special place. It's funny how easy it is to put him head of government to approach the Parliament. So glad ...
Streets in London
Regent Street
One of the main arteries of London, Oxford Circus connects to Piccadilly Circus. A stunning street where some of the world's best known stores with a good selection of restaurant and bars are situated. In the perpendicular, late in the afternoon, see how Londoners, in suits and fresh out of work enjoy a few beers in the warmer weather.
Streets in Edinburgh
Princes Street
Princess Street is the biggest and most lively street in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. It's the most commercial, too, with all the big name brands, and it's the separation between Old Town, the old neighborhood with the castle that dominates the city, and New Town, an add-on of Edinburgh that's already old to us, but was the first after the old historic part and is now made up of perpendicular blocks that are very easy to navigate. The street is a kilometer and a half long and we'll start on the left with a big luxury hotel that in a beautiful building, and on the right, the commercial center of Saint James, one of the biggest in the center. A little further down, on the left is the tourist information center, and a little further, there's a greenspace with a park, a monument to the glorious Scots. On the right hand side there are the more upscale store like House of Fraser, which is like a luxury Corte Ingles, and Marks&Spencer, or the BHS that sells clothes. At the end of the street there's the National Gallery of Scotland, an art museum with paintings, and more than anything, it's open year round and it's free!
Streets in London
Regent's Canal
No, we're not in Venice or Amsterdam ... this really is the center of London! Along Regent's Canal you'll find Little Venice, which begins and ends in the Docklands. This waterway runs past Camden Market, Victorian warehouses, parks and the zoo. Regent's Canal was originally built to connect the huge Paddington branch of the Grand Junction Canal with the River Thames, but today is mostly a place of entertainment for Londoners and tourists.
Streets in Liverpool
Streets of Liverpool
Walking around Liverpool is a fantastic feeling. It is a small city with a surprising amount of charm. You hear a lot about Liverpool (either because of the Beatles or the football team), that when you get there, you expect a big city with noise and people. And when you arrive and you find a small, quiet town with very little traffic and plenty of charming places to visit, you feel warm and cozy inside. You want to go out and explore. Shops, street stands,'s a really cool place!
Streets in London
Hambury Street
Continue down the street Durward westward about 100 meters to reach Vallance Road. Take a right, cross the road carefully and take Hanbury Street where it runs through neighborhoods with modern houses built in the 60s and 70s. Continuing on Hanbury Street, in the backyard of number 29, just after crossing Brick Lane is the place where the body of the second victim Annie Chapman was found. It has changed since. For a while it was used as headquarters of the Truman Brewery, beer factory where it was distilled. Today beer is not made on site and buildings host different art gallery exhibitions. Rumor has it that in the ancient meeting rooms of the factory you feel an intense unexplained flush of cold and apparently the ghost of miserable Annie Chapman has been seen on the anniversary of her death (September 8, 1888 at about 5:30 am).
Streets in London
Whitehall Avenue links Trafalgar Square to the Parliament Square On this street you can find the most important ministries and departments of the British government. The Whitehall Palace was where Henry VIII celebrated his marriage to Anne of Boleyn in 1533 and where he died 14 years later.
Streets in Newcastle Upon Tyne
The Castle
The city of Newcastle is named precisely for Castle Keep, a castle that was built by the Normans in 1080, on a Roman building on top of a hill overlooking the River Tyne. The castle has gone through many transformations throughout its long history, but today, some things still remain in its original form. It has an indoor museum where you can see a large number of old artifacts. What I liked about the castle is the climb to the top. You can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the city: With the train station behind you, the river and bridges near Gateshead to the side, and the cathedral on the opposite side.
Streets in Oxford
St Giles's
St Giles is a wide street in the north of Oxford, towards Woodstock and Banbury and is the last point, if you come by car, where you can park - if you want go to the center you have to take a bus or walk, there's a deviation for cars. It's a pleasant town to explore on foot/by bike. Parking is free for 2 hours on Sunday but otherwise it's 1 pound/hour. In the northern part of St Gile's is the war memorial, the largest in the city. To the south is Martyrs Memorial which commemorates the death of the martyrs of Oxford, burnt for their religious views in the sixteenth century. There are several colleges and schools that make up the University of Oxford, St John's College and Balliol both have buildings in St Gile's. To the north is St Gile's Church which gives its name to the street. To the south the street meets Magdalen Street to become Cornmarket (the central pedestrian street). Don't miss the Ashmolean Museum with beautiful ancient art.
Streets in London
Sweeney Todd's Barbershop
It is said that at number 186 Fleet street, in the hidden alley of Hen and Chickens Court, you'll find Sweeney Todd's shop, the barber/murderer of Fleet Street. Sweeney carefully selected his victims that were usually people from outside of London or were foreigners. In general, they were people that nobody would miss for too long. Sweeney attracted customers with gimmicks and after shaving them, he slaughtered in the back room with his knife. The bodies were then dragged through an underground tunnel to the nearby Bell Yard Street, where Sweeney's accomplice Mrs. Lovett ran a bar that sold empanadas to London's wealthiest clients who were unaware of where the ingredients came from. Although it is claimed that the story of Sweeney Todd is based on a true story, luckily no one has ever been able to prove it. Nonetheless the story of the Gothic Demon Barber of Fleet Street has lasted until today.
Streets in Glasgow
Buchanan Street
Buchanan Street is one of the busiest streets in Glasgow. This Scottish city is the best shopping city in the UK, right after London because it offers the most range, but it's much cheaper. There are several low cost airlines that fly to Glasgow, and accommodation and food are also about a fraction of what they would cost in London. Buchanan Street is part of the Golden Z, a small group of the "in" streets in Glasgow, Argyle and Sauchiehall. Up the street is Buchanan Street Station, which only has local trains and the Buchanan Galleries, a mid-high range shopping gallery, and the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow which has classical concerts throughout the year. Going down the street is where all the high-class fashion stores are, like House of Fraser, which is a type of English Corte Ingles with all the classic British clothing chains and international restaurants and pubs. But it also has shops selling famous kilts. The Argyll Arcade, is one of the oldest shopping centers in the UK. It was constructed in 1827, and is shown carrying a metal bird above it. It's very cute and now it only has luxury stores.
Streets in Guildford
High Street of Guildford
Guildford High Street is like Ramblas in Barcelona or Champs Elysées in Paris but on a much smaller scale. It is in the center of Guildford and it´s where you can find exclusive clothes, upscale food and anything "exclusive." You´ll also find, as in many business districts or wealthier areas, poor people playing the violin or begging. High Street is on a slope that goes from the river to the end of the street. It measures about 800 meters and traffic is pretty controlled because it only goes one direction. There are stores for clothing, furniture, beauty, jewelry, flowers, etc. interspersed with some pubs (like the "Three Pigeons") and supermarkets like "Sainsbury's" and "Marks And Spencers." Throughout the day there is a large movement of people shopping on the street and on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning it can be a bit stressful.
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