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Viewpoints in Great Britain

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60 viewpoints in Great Britain

Viewpoints in London
London Eye
. Apart from waiting in a huge line, the experience was definitely worth it. I didn’t particularly think such thing could be exciting, but seeing this amazing city from such height was kind of.. magical. This is not some kind of thrilling experience (well unless you have fear of heights), rather calming I’d say and I would recommend this “attraction” for anyone visiting London, doesn’t really matter it’s your 1st or the 100th time. Have fun!
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Viewpoints in Edinburgh
Calton Hill
I loved this place! Absolutely suggested. From the hill you’ll have an incredible view of the city and you’ll be surrounding by incredible monuments! I went there during the winter and the summer and I liked both!
Viewpoints in Edinburgh
Arthur's Seat
The best views of the city of Edinburgh can be found near the Holyrood Park, up a steep path that begins in front of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Holyrood Park is an area of 263 acres that was once a hunting field for royalty. Today it brings a touch of fresh air and greenery to the city. The highest point of the park, Arthur's Seat, is a 251m hill which is also a long-extinct volcano. Walking from Holyrood, where you can park your car, to the top, takes 45 minutes. I recommend that you take a walk here, as the views are spectacular...from the Palace of Holyrood to the old town of Edinburgh and of course the wonderful castle.
Viewpoints in Perth
Queen´s View
Queen´s View offers a spectacular view, considered one of the most famous in Scotland, a scenic view that more than deserves to be seen. This is the place where Queen Victoria used to come to rest and enjoy the view. It has a viewingpoint where you can see a video presentation of life in the woods Scots in Highland Perthshire "The cradle of Scottish Forestry". The viewingpoint has a tea room, toilets and a shop. There I bought most of the souvenirs that I brought home from Scotland. The parking costs 1 pound, which also gives you entry to the exhibition and the money helps maintain the place. You can buy a map for walking and cycling in the area. It is a place I would recommend visiting if you are doing a tour of the Scottish Highlands. We were heading towards St. Andrews, but turned off the road to visit this place. On the way we stopped to see the curious Scottish cows.
Viewpoints in London
Viewpoints in Glasgow
Campsie Fells
Campsie Fells are a range of mountains or rather, hills, of central Scotland, a little north of Glasgow. Along the way there are several viewpoints that allow you to see very far if there is good weather. It is great for hiking. The highest point is Earl's Seat which measures 578 meters high. North of the range is Fintry, and on the east, Killearn. They are two beautiful villates which have accommodation and all necessary amenities. You can legally camp anywhere in Scotland, but you have to leave the place as clean as you found it. The problem obviously is the weather there and, as Campsie Fells is not overgrown, you are not sheltered from the wind. But it's a beautiful place to go walking.
Viewpoints in London
View from London Eye
London is such a wonderful city - full of character, amazing history,culture and so many things to do and see. What better way to see it than taking a ride on the London Eye !
Viewpoints in Inverness
Laggan Dam
Laggan Dam is a dam which is situated on the River Spean, to the south west of Lake Laggan in the Highlands. It is 213 meters long and 52 meters high. The Ethernet frames were built by Balfour Beatty for the British Aluminium Company and it was completed in the year 1934. From there, the water is driven by an electric generator in Fort William via a pipe of 4.6 m diameter and 24 km long. The dam can be found on the A86 road from Fort William.
Viewpoints in Pitlochry
Queen's View
Another typical postcard view of Scotland, in the Highlands, very close to the tourist town of Pitlochry (Perthshire area) is "The Queen's View", which was inaugurated by Queen Victoria, a lover of this kind of location. In the midst of the mountains and the trees of the Tay Forest, we found this amazing viewpoint high on the north shore of Loch Tummel, which offers a view (when the weather permits) of the entire lake, the forest and mountains in the surrounding are, usually with a large amount of people. Not for nothing is it said to be one of the most photographed landscapes in Scotland, it is not hard to imagine the reason. Further evidence of the incredible wealth of Scottish landscapes.. Once again, Scotland is a country of contrasts.
Viewpoints in Cheddar
Jacob's Ladder
The owner of Cox mill constructed it, to get to the top of the cliffs and the lookout tower has 274 steps. Originally known as Jacob's Ladder out of the Book of Genesis Chapter 28: Jacob, son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham, dreamed of a ladder that went up to heaven and angels going up and down it. On the stairs there are 4 areas to rest at, which lets them take a breath and look at the lovely forest.
Viewpoints in Inverness
Took the Timberbush tour of the Highlands (the one day trip) and our tour guide Stephen was a little bit of an animal whisperer. The hairy coos seemed to know him well and came over our way for the food they knew he'd have for them.
Viewpoints in Guildford
Newlands Corner
Newland's Corner is a part of high Guildford, which are some hills that have been converted into a park. There was a man, who, when dying, donated his farm to the city. The only condition to this donation was that the place was never built. It later became a beautiful public park. There are forests, picnic tables and especially nice views of the city. If the weather's good you can see towers in London in the distance, which are only 50 kilometers away! To climb Newland's corner from the center you have to start on Farnham Road and then get onto one of the walkways that are climbing on the left. Top riders often gather on motorcycles or classic cars on Sunday mornings. Stop at Newland's Corner for a drink in the small cafe upon your return. There is a slightly more formal restaurant and a boutique hotel. But if you stay up, you will need a car, because it's a nice spin once but not every day to lower the center.
Viewpoints in Cheddar
The Lookout Tower
The original wooden tower was built by eccentric, Roland Pavey. In 1936 it was changed to a wrought iron gazebo viewpoint. There are 48 steps which lead to a circular viewing platform. Looking down you will see the steep valley side of the Gorge, which was formed over many years by torrents of water from the melting glaciers at the end of every ice age, cutting deeper and deeper through the limestone. During the periods from the Ice Age, known as interglacials, acidic rain water seeping through cracks in the limestone slowly formed a network of underground rivers. Water no longer flows, but it fills Gough's Cave underground aquifer, the largest underground aquifer or water containment system in Britain. Cheddar Gorge joins the Mendip Hills in the northeast and Somerset continues to the south.
Viewpoints in Berwick-upon-Tweed
The Anglo-Scottish Border Crossing
Leaving Newcastle, go up the A1 motorway, just past the historic town of Berwick-upon-Tweed (currently in England but previously part of Scotland) and you'll arrive at the Borders viewpoint (Northeastern coast of the United Kingdom). This viewpoint is a symbolic representation of the historical border between England and Scotland. Beautiful North Sea views, which has witnessed hundreds of battles between the two countries, separated by Hadrian's Wall at one time (follow the A69 route between Newcastle and Carlisle, about 107 Km). Today's first scenic stop after entering Scotland via the East coast, where the field merges with the sea. If you drive from England, this is the first recommended stop.
Viewpoints in Limavady
Magilligan Point
We came with the sole intention of crossing the bay on the ferry, but we were a little sad that we didn't have more time to explore the area. There's a bar and restaurant where you can relax, a defensive tower and a huge beach which is a nature reserve, where you can see numerous sea-birds.
Viewpoints in Brighton
Brighton Wheel
Facing the Brighton Pier on the border of the sea is the Brighton Ferris Wheel. Although it is not as big as the London Eye, the view is still really beautiful! For a half an hour, the price is good too. It's especially great at night when all of the city lights are lit. If you're lucky, you can even see fireworks!
Viewpoints in Boldon
Views of St. Nicholas
In West Boldon, on one side of the church of St. Nicholas, is a small viewpoint looking out on the river Don and towards Newcastle, which now is part of a series of existing residential areas. It is said that the views have been preserved so that they still resemble those from the mediaeval times of St. Nicholas, patron of the area and founder of the church that bears his name. Supposedly, the views were much more spectacular then, when the church was the only building in the area and its elevated position favored the views of the river and the Don Valley in general. That is not true for today, because the buildings have built up in the area, eliminating the alleged views. This makes it difficult for many to understand the fame of the Boldons. It's a problem of nostalgia as often experienced in modern times!
Viewpoints in Aviemore
Aviemore Ski Resort
You need a car to go up to the viewpoint of Aviemore. From here you take lovely pictures of a spectacular mountain landscape. There is also a ski resort, or you can simply enjoy a tea with a beautiful view.
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