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Forests in Germany

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12 forests in Germany

Forests in Baden-Baden
Black Forest
The Black Forest (in German Schwarzwald) is a dense mountainous forest situated in the southwest of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In this mountainous region the highest peak is the Feldberg at 1,493 meters above sea level. Today the Black Forest is known as a natural tourist spot. Totally recommended
Forests in Grevenbroich
Gustorf is a small neighborhood of Grevenbroich in Germany. It has a large forest where you can see wild animals such as rabbits and deer during a long walk. It enjoys very hot summers.
Forests in Lübben
The Spreewald is a forest with channels that are situated just outside of the city of Berlin. You can get there by train and it takes about an hour and a half. Once there, you can go cycling, ride canoes (which are rented by the hour) or just enjoy a nice meal on one of the terraces or stroll through the parks. Typical products from the region are strawberries, asparagus, and especially the pickles. There are also tours which you can take through the canals on a barge which also have tables where you can eat. It is a good choice for the day, always good weather!
Forests in Freiburg im Breisgau
Black Forest Wood Carvings
There is nothing so characteristic of the Black Forest as the extensive and thick black spruce trees that abound in it, hence the adjective "black". Spruce forests are everywhere you go and everywhere you look giving this region a very special charm. Add their ancestral culture, traditions and friendly people and the result is an area that is really worth getting "lost" in for a few days - enjoy it as it has many things to offer. It's a real pleasure to walk through any of the forests within the Black Forest but I want to emphasize one corner near the city of Freiburg. In it, the German sculptor Thomas Rees has carved a series of old trees creating fanciful figures that are enigmatic, mysterious and full of tremendous originality - they can not be missed if you walk through this area. For this artist nature plays an important role in his creativity and his creations are mostly outdoors. The figures are particularly gigantic, in addition to the creator's fantastic work he perhaps shapes a legend or perhaps some thought, but the truth is that I'm not exactly sure what it is that he has tried to express in them, I just know that they drew my attention and I recommend visiting if you are traveling through the area and want to see something different (getting away from previously established tourist routes).
Forests in Walsrode
It was a business trip that became a pleasant experience. Walsrode is located adjacent to Bremen, you'll find yourself in a beloved city next to a majestic forest that is home to the largest population of birds in the world. If you prefer to relax in a warm hotel with spacious rooms and away from all the rush of the city without missing anything you can find in front of the entrance to the hotel the forest. Also I recommend the local cuisine and the wide range of beer that they have to offer.
Forests in Bad Harzburg
Ride in the Historic Train of Harz
The fog began to cover everything when we were very close to arriving at the village of Broken, with each step it became thicker and after a long walk with the forces beginning to falter we heard sounds in the distance. A slow, loud and unmistakable noise came from an old Harz coal train which is still working today. After a long walk to Broken on a day that was starting to get ugly, I heard in the background (which surprises me, because so far we had not seen any vehicles around) the sound of an old locomotive followed by a great smoke, and suddenly, like a ghost emerging from the thick fog an old (but, I must say, very well kept) black as coal train appeared and came to a stop in Broken. Although it seemed somewhat expensive to buy a ticket (if I remember correctly it cost about 6 €), it is well worth the walking tour of the National Park aboard a machine and you get to see the forest through different eyes, from another time, a walk almost as magical in this land of myths and legends, as that train appearing out of nowhere from that thick black fog, in order to take us back to our home in Bad Harzburg.
Forests in Stuttgart
Burgstallwald (Black Forest)
In Stuttgart. Right in the city center, about 5min. by tram from the city center see this forest. No, it is not the largest in the world, nor the most spectacular, but it is direct to your door and large enough that you can lose yourself for a couple of hours. A road and stairs and now this other path. You can leave the city and delve into this lush forest, let yourself be surprised by its colors, smells, animals, etc. A fantastic tour takes a couple of hours up the mountain but ...., it is in the city center!
Forests in Dresden
Dresden Heath (Dresdner Heide)
Nice place to go with your children to be in the nature, in the middle of the city.
Forests in Frankfurt am Main
Limes Romano en El Taunus
North of Frankfurt am Main, is located in the Taunus mountains, a small mountain range covered with lush forests, with a vast network of roads, forest roads and marked trails for the enjoyment of the inhabitants of the Rhein-Main region. This union of rivers and mountains was used by the Roman Empire to build their defensive barrier against the "barbarians" of the north. The Limes Germanicus was from the Rhine to the Danube, the northern border of the empire. Within a thick, dark forest, we can see the mounds showing the route of the wall snaking through the hills and valleys of the area. I visited for the first time on a cold winter afternoon, lacking only peeling Romans and Germans in the area. The Limes is labeled path and you can pretty much walk on it. Do not expect a huge wall, with towers and battlements. Rather, they are what is left remains, but they give us a good picture of the environment in the area. The chamber then was not quite there and there was very little light, so no photos direct Limes. So I put some of the surrounding roads leading to uniting the different sections of the Limes. What if you can find are some reconstructions that have been made to see how the Roman defenses were in the area. The most interesting is the castle / fortress Saalburg, where there is also a museum with archaeological findings in the area very educational. It is customary for the locals go to spend the weekend in the area with children there, and then enjoy walking. A good idea of ​​course is to walk out from Oberursel, which is accessible by subway to Saalburg. From there follow the Limes Sandplacken up near where we stop for lunch and from there, get back to Oberursel. He can walk but it is also an ideal course if you want to ride a bike!
Forests in Berlin
Kursk Berlin
In Berlin it's not just for walking the streets. You can also enjoy nature. The Spandau Citadel is a sixteenth century fort, surrounded by a beautiful forest. You can walk and observe even the most minute details. It's best if it recently rained.
Forests in Oberwolfach
Forests in Wilgartswiesen
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