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Historical Monuments in Germany


201 historical monuments in Germany

Historical Monuments in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate
On our first night in Berlin we decided to visit the heart of the city. One of the places we like the most was the Brandenburg Gat
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Historical Monuments in Berlin
Holocaust Memorial
This memorial is moving and deeply saddening. It conveys a feeling that is hard to explain. When you visit, please remember what t
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Historical Monuments in Berlin
East Side Gallery - Berlin Wall
Berlin was my second stop in my Europe trip. The place I spent the most time was the Berlin Wall. I would sit in thought and refle
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Reichstag Building
A visit here is essential. You make an appointment via e-mail: http://www.bundestag.de. There are different visiting hours through
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Historical Monuments in Berlin
Fernsehturm Berlin
We had a meal at the TV tower and it was hands down one of the best meals I have ever had, the deck rotates so it gives you a 360
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Berlin Victory Column
Es una monumental columna ubicada en el parque Tiergarten. La construcción de la columna se inició para conmemorar la victoria de
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Historical Monuments in Oranienburg
Sachsenhausen Memorial & Museum
This is a visit that all people, if you ever have the opportunity, should do. Check "in situ" how, where and why one of the greate
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Historical Monuments in Berlin
World Clock
The Weltzeituhr is a world clock that is installed in the main square of Alexanderplatz in the heart of Berlin. The clock gives th
Historical Monuments in Munich
Munich Frauenkirche
This cathedral was constructed between 1726 and 1738, it was, until World War II, the largest Protestant church in Germany. Destro
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Historical Monuments in Frankfurt am Main
Is very small, just one street but you feel Germany in that bit.
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Hackescher Hof
Mitte (German for "center") has many surprises. They say that the rapid growth of the Berlin population back in the late nineteent
Historical Monuments in Frankfurt am Main
This cute building, built between 1729 and 1731, is a former police station. In 1833 it was occupied by revolutionary democrats. N
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Historical Monuments in Füssen
Castle Road
We arrived in Fussen with the intention of seeing its wonderful castles, namely Neuschwanstein, which is one of the seven wonders
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Neue Wache
This small building, completed in 1818, is on the famous Unter den Linden (under the linden trees) in Berlin. In the middle of the
Historical Monuments in Frankfurt am Main
Eschenheim Tower
Eschenheim Tower was definitely the most beautiful of the 42 old Frankfurt watchtowers. It was constructed in 1428 and it's the ta
Historical Monuments in Munich
The Köningsplatz is modern place that creates a very big square surrounded by 3 imposing buildings and an avenue. It was designed
Historical Monuments in Berlin
Neptune Fountain
The Neptun Brunnen is the Neptune Fountain. It was built in 1891 after a design by Reinhold Begas. It represents the Greek god Pos
Historical Monuments in Berlin
The Wall in PostdamerPlatz
This memorial is a tribute to those who died because of the Berlin Wall and was created in 1990 by the artist Ben Wargin. It keeps
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