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Gardens in Germany

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104 gardens in Germany

Gardens in Berlin
Mauerpark Flea Market
One thing I liked about Berlin was our visit to Mauerpark on Sunday. In the clearing of a battered football field we came across a giant trail of resale stalls, or as they say now 'vintage', and several Turkish food stalls with lovely women making the food with great skill. A brutal atmosphere and meeting of cultures, people with family, friends, children, games, juggling, live concerts, basketball, giant barbecues with sausages and a karaoke. A wonderful experience for those who think that big city parks should be just like this, but the grass was soured, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
Gardens in Munich
Englischer Garten
Place to relax within the city, perfect for my favorite pastimes: reading and photographing beautiful things.
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Gardens in Berlin
An immense, quiet park extending from the Brandenburg Gate to the Memorial Church. The Tier Garden is the green heart of Berlin and inside is the Berlin Zoo, which is home to animals from around the world. A good place for a stroll or a picnic on sunny days.
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Gardens in Berlin
Viktoria Park
With liliac flowers and a small waterfall, it is a pity because it is a little bit dirty
Gardens in Hamburg
Old Botanical Gardens - Alter Botanischer Garten
Hamburg Botanic Park is a great place to get lost. You can choose different routes where you can see beautiful roses, a Japanese garden, water games....worth visiting.
Gardens in Potsdam
Sanssouci Park
This is a park within the city of Potsdam, near Berlin. The whole city is very interesting because it played a very important role at the end of WWII. There is the building where all the officials involved made peace. It's very interesting because it still exudes the feeling of war. Impressive. But the most beautiful park is the Sansouci Scholse, with its modernist buildings filled with caryatids and sculptures of human figures arranged recently. But this park is less interesting because, as is becoming more common in Berlin, its more of a forest than a park, with a large area and varied vegetation like a forest. It's worth walking through and finding small samples of period buildings like the Chinese pavilion with its columns and gilded carvings at the entrance. Also, to get to the museum which is on top of a small hill, you have to climb through beautiful landscaped terraces on the side. Enjoy the journey friends. It's worth it.
Gardens in Berlin
Treptower Park
Nice place
Gardens in Frankfurt am Main
Bethmann Park
Bethmannpark is a Chinese style garden located in the Nordend area. It was owned by the Bethmann banking family, and was established following the classical principles of Feng Shui. It is surrounded by a wall that isolates you from the noise and traffic outside, so that it is a very quiet place. Don't be surprised if you see lots of young "geeks" in oriental style dresses or dressed as their manga idols, because when I went I saw lots. The park has a counseling point for reporting on plant diseases, advice, care and cultivation. I thought it was charming.
Gardens in Heidelberg
Castle Gardens
This garden that surrounds Heidelberg Castle was created by renowned landscape architect Salomon de Caus with the intention of meshing well with the city's harmony, as well as the river and the mountains. The geometric "Hortus Palatinus" terraces used to be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. The gardens, which are surrounded by a wall, offers beautiful views of the park and the city. The Neckar river is photographed each year by the huge number of tourists that visit Heidelberg, Germany. It also offers the possibility to take a leisurely stroll along its entire length. The site is a blast. Do not know anyone who does not have wonder. Access is free.
Gardens in Berlin
Görlitzer Park
The Gorlitzer Park, better known by Berliners as Gorli, is located in the old railway station Bahnhof Görlitz, bombed during the 2nd GM. The station was founded in 1865 and was one of the main train stations in Berlin. After years of decay and neglect, it resurfaced in 1990 when 14 acres were transformed into a verdant park, full of life and color. It is one of the largest parks in the district of Kreuzberg. What can happen? As in Berlin, everything. Parties which are sporadic, barbecues, walks ... The best part? In one of the entrances lies a very modest and rich restaurant, berliners, a tablecloth, kitsch and good friends ... And picnic on the Gorli ... One step closer to heaven!
Gardens in Stuttgart
Castle Gardens - Schlossgarten
The majestic gardens that extend north of New Castle originated in the early nineteenth century. Parkside Rosenstein and greenbelts north, form a landscape of 8 km for walking in the middle of the city. Retaining its original charm with wide avenues and different sculptures. The landscape is very different depending on the season. In winter snow covers it while in spring and summer are filled by the multitude of colorful plants and flowers, and in autumn you can enjoy a beautiful view in shades of brown and yellow. Ideal to unwind, relax and take long walks. Furthermore, within is a Biergarten bar-terrace where you can sit and have a beer, eat lunch, read ...
Gardens in Düsseldorf
This park is, supposedly, shaped like a high-heel shoe. It's a beautiful place and the city's largest park. It's crossed by the city's main streets, so it's pretty easy to get there by foot. The statues are painted green with moss. There are lakes where you can hang out feeding the birds while contemplating the magnificent trees. A stroll through it is very relaxing. The park also houses an auditorium, Jägerhof Castle (a museum dedicated to the German writer, Goethe), a beautiful Baroque castle. You can walk from here to the centre, which is called the Latin Quarter.
Gardens in Düsseldorf
Japanese Garden
These gardens are in the outskirts of Dusseldorf but there are good public transportation connections nearby. The gardens are in a very nice and quiet residential area. You can also have a tea in the cafeteria while listening to music and relaxing. It´s a great place to have a beer by the river.
Gardens in Kronberg
Victoria Park
I imagine it must be the heart of this small town near Frankfurt. It is striking to see the Germans running inside the in freezing temperatures, so cold that its lake is frozen. Honestly, I publish this spot because in Argentina where I live, there is nothing like this, and I loved it.
Gardens in Waiblingen
Talaue Park
There is something very original about this park. Within its vast expanse there is an area protected by the authorities. In it live a native species of bird which is very difficult to see. Although you can see some small, fast, blue birds fishing in the river or in the several ponds there are. But the best ones are some living beings that science has brought back from the past. Some extinct species live in our century thanks to genetic cloning. Here are some pictures and videos of something unusual to my eyes, as I had never previously seen cloned animals .., well the truth is that they are exactly like all the others, with certain differences of course!
Gardens in Freiburg im Breisgau
Gardens in Berlin
Görlitzer Park
The neighborhood is within the district of Kreuzberg, and takes its name from the city of Gorlitz in Sakha. Previously, there was a major railway station in the district leading to Gorlitz but it was destroyed after the bombings of the Second World War. Now it is a neighborhood with many Turkish immigrants, mainly around Gorlitzer park. It's not a great place to go sunbating or play, but perfect for a cultural trip, and to soak up the atmosphere of the east neighborhood. It is a large open space where people come to eat and spend all afternoon talking and relaxing. It's in pretty bad shape because it is a poor neighborhood of Berlin, but now it is becoming fashionable. Gorlitzer is a good cheap place to eat great kebabs.
Gardens in Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Schwabengarten Bier Garden
The "Bier-Garten" are more popular in Germany. They open early and, if the weather is pleasant, they close late. Many young people come here, in addition to adults, elderly people, families ..., to eat and drink without stopping. This is quite popular because it is large and comfortable, although more closed Germans say their food is not the best, but I think it's because they are very demanding. The wheat beer filled my expectations, fresh, full-bodied and fruity .. also cheap at just 3 euros a pint! For me the best beer in the world ...
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