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Hiking in Germany

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14 Hiking in Germany

Hiking in Heidelberg
The Philosophers Path
The Philosopher's Path, or Philosophenweg, is a path created in 1817 on the slopes of Heidelberg, 200 metres in altitude. This narrow path is the natural home to numerous exotic plants thanks to its warm micro-climate that favours an earlier flowering. Although it's a tourist attraction and appears in almost all guide books, I found the site on my third visit to Heidelberg. I would totally recommended it. It offers, without a doubt, the best views of the city, the castle and the Neckar river. It's the perfect place for a quiet stroll, while enjoying nature and the amazing scenery.
Hiking in Bad Schandau
The Bastion
The Bastion is the most well-known place in a natural park of the Saxon Switzerland, located about 30 minutes from Dresden, if you're heading east. Besides the typical mountain treks of any (well signposted in both distance and difficulty), this area is a curious rock formation that rises about 200 hundred yards from the river Elbe. It's also where a bridge was built in 1851, and there are various walkways that connect these rocks. This place offers a stunning panoramic view of the entire park and the river Elbe. Go!
Hiking in Berchtesgaden
St. Bartholomew's Path
To reach the beautiful peninsula of Saint Barthelemy, it's necessary to use the ferries on Lake Koenigssee, since this part of the lake is completely surrounded by towering mountains and is impossible to access by land. Once there, you can discover one of the most charming places in the Berchtesgaden National Park. Not only can you visit the picturesque (and photogenic) Chapel of St. Bartholomew, but there are a lot of hiking trails that traverse the peninsula, most of them are super affordable and highly recommended if visiting with children. Specifically there is a circular route, known simply as San Bartolomé Trail, that offers beautiful views of the lake and the whole environment of St. Bartholomew in less than 3 kilometres. The route is also equipped for people with disabilities and offers a Park information kiosk.
Hiking in Schwangau
Poellat Gorge
Neuschwanstein Castle, an eccentric whim of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, is beautifully built and integrated into a natural setting of stunning beauty: the Poellat River Gorge. The best way to see this gorge is through the path of the Tegelberg mountain 1730 meters high and near the village of Schwangau. The road, a little over three hours, descends through alpine meadows with black pines into the beautiful valley of Poellat. A very alpine landscape with views of the highest peaks, such as Säuling of 2,047 m and those that form the backdrop of lakes and Schwansee Alpsee. After almost two hours the trail arrives, through dense beech and spruce. Even before the castle was built a bridge that King reformed and named after his mother Marienbrucke (Mary's Bridge). The present building is a solid iron bridge hanging 92 meters above the abyss and offers one of the most spectacular views of Neuschwanstein and its environment. Below the bridge is a waterfall 45 meters high. The Poellat Gorge forms a natural setting worth exploring and as is magnificent castle of Neuschwanstein. I recommend doing it outside tourist season because during the season it is very crowded.
Hiking in Berchtesgaden
Jenner Mount Path
Once you have ascended Mount Jenner by cable car and have admired the impressive views from this mountain, it is highly recommended to stretch your legs and walk down the hill. The trails that can be walked are, as expected in Germany, well-marked in perfect German, so if you do not speak the language, it would be best to do it with a map. The trail descending from the upper station of the cable cars to the middle one is marked on the tourist map as number 2. Many people use Mount Jenner as the base for paragliding and hang-gliding and it´s very spectacular to see them. The route is 4 kms long and down-hill (of course) so it´s difficult to find excuses not to do it.
Hiking in Bonndorf
Gorge of the River Wutach - Black Forest
The Black Forest surprises us with its spectacular scenery. The lush pine forests, beautiful lakes and beautiful towns along with their ancestral culture form a beautiful environment. On a tour there are numerous hiking trails, one of the most impressive, is undoubtedly Wutach River Gorge which starts from Boll near Bonndorf in the southern Black Forest. The small river which is called Haslach rises south of Lake Titisee and Rötenbach creek joins the river forming the Wutach Gutach known by nature lovers for its extraordinary beauty that led to it becoming a nature reserve in 1928. The tour is around 13 km (one way) and there is a bus at the end if you're tired for the walk back. You start the path beside the river but there is a time when it disappears and after 1.5 km it begins to emerge again. The scenery along the way is spectacular, the amount of vegetation, plants and trees that we go through sometimes give the feeling of being in a real jungle and the route is very nice. It is necessary to bring good hiking boots as there are times when the road is muddy and slippery and cross some narrow footbridges. In winter I think it can still be done. In any case, for those interested, ask in the tourist office in Bonndorf and they will kindly inform you about everything related to it and this area in particular.
Hiking in Hamburg
Hiking in Bad Harzburg
Paseo Hasta Broken (Parque Nacional de Harz)
They say that the witched came her to meet. It must be the misty air that makes everything seem bewitched up here. From Harzburg we rushed to the mountain to enjoy a ride that good autumn time is allowing us this November. The tourist office is located in a small park there before the bridge that takes us into the Harz forest, from which follow the signs marked with a green imp carved wooden signs found in the woods. The walk, although long (about 4 hours to climb to the 1142m summit of the massif) is beautiful. It's a huge coppery forest that at times goes into total darkness but then back into the light. You'll cross a river and a huge lake, then end with the toughest stretch, climbing on a stone walkway that leads to the summit. At this point the fog slowly becomes more and more dense, and there is little more visible than your your footsteps. While I was going up and looking at the information boards that are located in certain points, I discover that Goethe liked this place. I wondered if when he walked in here felt the same sense of magic from the stories or if he forgot about the the legends. Anyway, a chill ran down my body rising to the top when suddenly a large, shiny silver metal structure with an inverted cone shape made it's way into view and could be seen through the mist. For a split second my imagination ran wild and escaped from logic and I felt like I was in a strange place and that the only explanation was that it was an extraterrestrial object. I was half-impacted by what my eyes were seeing and I was unable to take it in, but I continued only to find that what I thought was a spaceship, was only a satellite tower for mobile devices (even though for a second my legs were still shaking, so fun). We arrived at Broken, where a small square with a lookout (which is useless with the fog). It marked the miles and the direction to some famous cities. So here is where they say witches came from all over to gather and celebrate their orgies of blood and spells. Some time we'll take the famous historic train to learn a little more about the surroundings of the park. A delightful walk.
Hiking in Torfthaus
Excursion to Torfthaus
The walk to Torfthaus is beautiful, especially now (it isautumn), with much color on the road. At times we crossed red carpet areas, or forest green, and deep dark forests, a lake now, after a river, forest during the 9 km long that separate it from Bad Harzburg. Its 22 inhabitants work in tourism. It is rather simple, its greatest charm is the journey that brings us back to Bad Harzburg ( base camp for our rides as mountaineers). About 900 m high. Located in the center of the Harz National Park, the views are breathtaking (not far from here, we can also see Broken) Torfthaus has a small ski lift and a toboggan run, this along with the restaurant and any accommodations are all the services they offer (more than enough, the place gives the rest). To get from Bad Harzburg just follow the instructions found on the road (it is very well signposted), or purchase (for 3 €) a laminated map at the tourist office near the bridge that you will cross to find the way (which helped us explore the Park). Greetings and travel.
Hiking in Sasbach
La cumbre Hornisgrinde
One of the routes we took from Lake Mummelsse lead to the summit of Hornisgrinde. There were 3 miles of accessible trail that went through an interesting landscape of fir trees and native flora. As you ascended the summit, stunning images are left below the Lake, and that is when the horizon reveals the true image of the lush, dark forests of the Black Forest. At 1,164 m it becomes the best viewpoint of the Rhine Valley, the Vosges and even on a clear day Strasbourg France. We were interested in this route because when you reach the top you discover an entirely different picture to what you are used to seeing in the region. The Hornisgrinde surprises you with a landscape of peat, small swamps and sometimes an arid landscape with vegetation that reminded me of the Tabals of Daimel, but smaller. The best way to appreciate this uniqueness is up the Tower Paronámica, at 30 m high it rises over the summit and letting you admire the natural environment - it leaves you breathless with its endless stairway to heaven. This was one of the places in the park, and on the Black Forest tour, that impressed me. I recommend this route because from here a number of interesting trails depart, and if you love winter sports, this is your place!!. You may come across YouTube:
Hiking in Stühlingen
Hiking in Seebach
Hiking in Löffingen
Hiking in Heidelberg