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Bridges in Spain

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113 bridges in Spain

Bridges in Córdoba
Roman Bridge of Córdoba
In my opinion the Roman Bridge gives the most beautiful view of Cordoba. It crosses the Guadalquivir and has connected the two sides of the city for two thousand years. The best time to go is at dusk, when the lights of the mosque/cathedral and the city are blazing in all their glory. Views aside, the ride is very pleasant, there is a bike path on the north bank and a lovely walk under the bridge on the south bank. In the middle of the bridge there is a statues of the archangel Raphael which must not be missed!
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Bridges in Seville
Puente de Isabel II - Puente de Triana
Beneath the ground I lie down every day that I can all alone, on the lawn with a beer and the person I love most. Furthermore, it is little visited, which gives me greater intimacy and relaxation. In short, there is not a week that I don’t go at least once to my favourite corner of Seville.
Bridges in Getxo
The Vizcaya Bridge
In Getxo there's an old bridge that once served as transport to cross the river, today the bridge is still running for traffic. The bridge has two ways to cross, the first is through its mobile platform at the bottom, which makes trips every few minutes from one bank to the other and it can carry both vehicles and pedestrians. The other way is climbing to the top of it where there's a walkway that allows you to walk across. Personally, this is the best option since the view is beautiful and it's hard to see much expansion of the city. Perhaps it's best to cross by one way and then return by the other.
Bridges in Bilbao
Zubizuri Bridge
beautiful, nice to see at night
Bridges in Cuenca
Puente de San Pablo (St. Paul Bridge)
The most famous bridge of Cuenca is made of iron, has a reddish color and rectilinear lines and is located on the Huecar River, very close to the Casas Colgadas and from where you can take some of the best pictures of the city. This place is better than any other to see and feel the architectural elements, the urban development and the symbolic content of this city-landscape: the river, the slopes of the ravine... The current bridge was built in 1902, following the architectural tendencies of that time, and measures about 100 meters long. It is made of five arches and very high columns. If you suffer from vertigo you should cross without looking down too much. This bridge replaced an old one made of stone that was built between 1533 and 1589 and which collapsed. It was located at the same place, connecting the San Pablo Convent and the urban area on the ravine of the Huecar River.
Bridges in Zaragoza
Puente de Piedra
The stone bridge of Zaragoza is an old bridge, built in the twelfth century, which was built to ensure that at any time of year, people could cross the river Ebro. They began building the bridge we see today in the fifteenth century, but there are older parts. There is also a parapet called San Lazaro, and back then it functioned like a wall that kept river water from flooding the city center. At that time, the city was just located in the old city center, and people passed the bridge just to go to work the fields that were on the other side, or for traveling. The bridge represented a breakthrough at this time, as it was one of the first permanent bridges in the country, and improved the level of communication and trade, making things much easier for people in the region. It also improved conditions for those in the basin of Madrid and the city of Barcelona. It was built in ashlar stone. They were recently restoring the bridge, so it could only be seen from a distance. With the Cathedral del Pilar next to it, it makes for a very nice view of the city.
Bridges in Seville
El Alamillo Bridge
As always, throughout the journey, we came across fantastic structures, the best part is they come alive at night... There were various opportunities to park the van for a while and take some pictures.
Bridges in Girona
Eiffel Bridge
The Eiffel Bridge is one of the most striking in Girona for its deep red color and so much metal, like a small Eiffel Tower lying down. The bridge was built by Gustave Eiffel's company in 1876, and represented a breakthrough in terms of the unity and cohesion of the city as it connects directly the heart of the old city with the new city. A must in Girona.
Bridges in Seville
Barqueta Bridge
An evening of nocturnal photography with my friend Fernando Marrón in the centre of Seville. Summer temperatures, Canon 40D in hand with its Tamron 17-50 mm tripod and the blue hour, as we call it. It is the right time of late afternoon, combining the colours of night with those of sunset, it is truly beautiful. It is fully recommended a short walk around the edge of the Guadalquivir on a summer evening with a good serranito (cured ham) in the stomach and a good camera. The monastery is full of amazing colours, from intense blues to electric purples and greens. A real nocturnal visual delight available to everyone. I was born in Seville and, in truth; it was the first time I took a full walk around the edge of the river. 100% recommended.
Bridges in Zaragoza
Third Millennium Bridge
Something that caught my attention is that this bridge had its own website, so I leave it for you here so that you can take a look, it's a bit little curious. Its structure is huge and makes you feel tiny, and yet despite its cost, especially at the economic level, it seems to me more striking than pretty.
Bridges in Madrid
Monumental Bridge of Arganzuela
The monumental Arganzuela bridge, made by architect Dominique Perrault, is the ninth bridge crossing Madrid’s Manzanares river. Located in the middle of one of city’s biggest and newest “green lungs,” the Madrid Riverwalk. Enjoy!
Bridges in O Grove
La Toja Bridge
This bridge is markedly connected with my life. My grandfather, Paulino Cleric, who worked for Sestao Portland Cement Company, was the builder thereof. It was unofficially opened on July 28, 1910, by a passing motorcade carrying a group of British journalists, who were invited to the Hotel Balneario to promote it (El Faro de Vigo 30-July-1910).
Bridges in Pontevedra
Los Tirantes Bridge
The Bridge of the Tirantes (Ponte dos Tirantes, in Galician) is the newest bridge in Pontevedra. It connects the northern and southern shores of the river Lérez, as an extension of Malvar Xosé Figueroa Street (at the height of the southern Youth stadium) to the city auditorium (Manor House of Culture), in the north. The bridge of Tirantes, is the newest bridge in the city of Pontevedra and connects the northern and southern shores of the river Lérez, as an extension of Malvar Xosé Figueroa Street (at the height of the stadium Youth, south) to the city auditorium (Manor House of Culture), in the north.
Bridges in Madrid
Bridges in Beceite
Bridges in Elche
Canalejas Bridge
This bridge is the entrance to the center and watches over Elche. It is certainly the prettiest bridge and its lush and colorful setting is part of the identity of the city. The surrounding buildings, the slope of the river and palm trees dotted around gives it a lot of personality. The architectural style of the bridge with the walls, which holds the lamps, is also very unique. The views from the center of the bridge are utilized by photographers and painters alike.
Bridges in Madrid
Bridges in Tui
Bridge Over the Miño River
Bridge over the River Minho. From Spain to Portugal, from Tui to Valença do Minho. Built by Eiffel, it is used by cars and trains. Today, since the construction of the highway, it has much less traffic than before, where once people formed queues for kilometers to cross the border.
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