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Cliffs in Spain

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205 cliffs in Spain

Cliffs in San Sebastián
The Comb of the Winds
It is my favorite corner in San Sebastián! This sculpture by Eduardo Chillida –Peine del Viento XV, mistakenly known as Peine de los Vientos– is one of the most famous sculptures of this Basque sculptor. It is located on a side of La Concha Bay in San Sebastián. The group of three sculptures inserted on the rocks, in front of the sea, concludes the walk that goes around the bay, giving a destination to the promenade, besides being an exceptional public space. Few people know that the square from where you see the three sculptures is not made by Chillida, it is actually the work of his architect friend, Luis Peña Ganchegui. They worked hand in hand to simultaneously build the sculpture and place from where to admire it. The project –Plaza del Tenis, constructed in cobblestone– adapts to the geography of the existing rocks, constructing some stepped platforms in the transitions, with a strong geometry that doesn’t expect to blend with the place. Peña Ganchegui took advantage of an ancient sewer and used it backwards so that the waves under the square eject streams of water through the openings between the stones.
Cliffs in Finisterre
Cape Finisterre
At the end of the earth.. unforgetable experience.. breath taking views ♡
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Cliffs in Los Gigantes
Acantilado de los Gigantes
After visiting Punta Teno and observing the cliffs of the Giants from afar, we decided we had to go and see them from below in a small boat. And so we did it... After searching and searching for a small boat for a few people, we found a sailboat named Alexander. It carried a maximum of 9 people. Simply stunning. The cliffs are 600 meters high and we swam in its turquoise waters! What more could you want!
Cliffs in Pría
Los bufones de Pría
The high cliffs of Llanes have holes in their limestone rocks because of the sea. When there are strong tides and storms, the air goes out forming impressive fumaroles that blow with strength. It is the origin of many myths among the ancient people of the land. The strength of the sea is such that not even the cliffs are a safe protection. Cell phones, cameras, etc. can be ruined because of the water.
Cliffs in Cabo de Gata
Las Sirenas Reef
I never fail to visit this Las Sirenas Reef when I go to Cabo de Gata. Its in the town of Cabo de Gata and is by a long straight road that goes to the left next to the salt fields. At the end you will find a small lone church - depending on what time of day it is it may seem "sinister". From there, continue up a narrow road (with very steep curves) which leads to the Cape. Here you will find a viewpoint where you can see sharp coral rocks jutting out from the sea.
Cliffs in Gozón
Cliffs in Zumaia
The Flysch
Zumaia is a beautiful town of the coast of Gipuzkoana. One of the most beautiful coasts to visit in this region is Flysch, an impressive cliff between Zumaia and Deba. It is a beautiful place to see from a distance and enjoy in the actual place, since you can go up to the peak of the cliff to enjoy the incredible views. The first picture is taken from the chapel of San Telmo, at the beginning of the Flysch. The second is taken from the peak of the cliff and shows the views that this natural treasure offers. The third one shows the views of the town of Zumaia, from the cliff. It is a beautiful place and obliged visit if you pass Gipuzkoa: an ideal place to relax while enjoying the sea.
Cliffs in Donón
Cliffs in Burujón
Barrancas de Burujón
Totalmente impresionante. Las vistas te dejarán sin aliento, sobre todo si es a la luz del atardecer.
Cliffs in Villalba de la Sierra
Ventano del Diablo
In the Ventano del Diablo you will be able to enjoy spectacular views. It is a natural cave that gives the opportunity to see the gorges of the Jucar River in all its splendor. According to the legend, the Devil used to organize witchcraft exercises in this place and would throw every person that would approach to look through the windows. Depending on the season one visits, the colors of the landscape, in combination with the water of the river, can result in spectacular and breathtaking views.
Cliffs in Deià
Sa Forada
Son Marroig is one of the houses in beautiful Deià, which is located left of the road to Valldemossa to Deia. It's a small peninsula with a large rock at the end, which has a hole that's eighteen feet in diameter, which is actually one of the most iconic and photographed landscapes in Mallorca. To reach Sa Foradada, you have to follow the 3 kilometer path, coming out of the house after the iron gates near Marroig, and then go down inside a pine forest by the sea. In a pleasant hour-ish long walk you'll reach a small shipper that'll let you gain access to the sea and swim in front of the imposing Foradada.
Cliffs in Pollença
Cape Formentor
beautiful sunset in late August ... to end the summer with good taste in your mouth!. Formentor is composed by cliffs in the north of the island of Mallorca. The cliffs are over 100 meters height and they sink in the mediterranean sea resulting in a stunning landscape, especially if you have a chance to go by boat.
Cliffs in Cudillero
Cabo Vidío
Cabo Vidio is the most impressive sites in Asturias. If you think the region itself is impressive, then this place is a must. Leaving Cudillero, you have to go towards the sea to access one of the most impressive cliffs in the Spanish north coast. Without any barriers, one can visit cliff that is more than 200 meters high, which is extremely scary. From there you can see much of the Asturian coast and almost to the Playa del Silencio, which is another great site.
Cliffs in Cariño
Cliffs in El Albir
Cliffs in Javea
Cap de la Nau
During these past holidays, I think it was the most spectacular place I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, it has something magical ... there are 2 restaurants where you can have a drink and enjoy these magical views, it is a place where certainly I want to go back but anyone who has not seen it can enjoy it for this instant.
Cliffs in Liencres
Costa Quebrada
I’m a geologist so I was naturally attracted to the Costa Quebrada after hearing so much about it. What I found was above and beyond my expectations: wide beaches, multi-colored cliffs, natural bridges, whimsical rock formations…it’s a real wonderland for the eyes.
Cliffs in A Coruña
Costa da Morte
Photo taken at the perfect time on a Galician beach, at the beginning of the "Costa da Morte" with the wave about to break over us ... we didn't know whether to face it or run away. It's amazing to just watch the waves sweep over the shore, realising how insignificant and powerless you are against the sea. In this picture you can see some people making the most of the summer, enjoying their holiday..
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