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Flea Markets in Spain

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199 flea markets in Spain

Flea Markets in Madrid
El Rastro
El Rastro, that Madrid classic, is still alive! This very morning I met up with a few friends and we had a great time exploring the winding streets and peeking into the booths. We found ourselves both surprised and a bit nostalgic at the offerings and had a great time people-watching and seeing the urban artists working there. The autumn sun, bathing the whole market in its light, made the whole thing even better. In El Rastro you can find objects that you didn’t know existed, objects from your childhood, and curiosities from the 80’s and 90’s: clothing and textiles from India, the legendary Marihuana store (where every good metalhead goes to look his/her best), t-shirts for every taste imaginable, old photographs, movie posters from old and new classics…..you can even find pastry vendors in traditional Madrid costumes! The antique stores are also still open, as are the second-hand record stores and camping stores. But not everything is so retro. There are a lot more street performers now than in the past you can stumble upon them as you make your way through the crowds. You can also find designer clothes, laptop covers, and other things advertised as “clearance items.” So, in the end, if you’re visiting Madrid or if you live here, take a few hours to get lost in El Rastro on Sunday mornings (it’s the only day it’s open!)
Flea Markets in Granada
"al-Kaysar-ia", "Cesar's place". One of the places that do not go unnoticed, whether to buy some souvenirs of the visit or for its historical interest. It used to be called "the silk Market", the principal activity of the period. It is located on Bib-Rambla square, in the historical district of the city. It survived until the 19th century when it was destroyed by a fire. A replica replaced it, much smaller and in the neo-Moorish style of the time, occupying only a part of the original space. A walk through the "Moorish neighbourhood" is unavoidable in Granada. We found an atmosphere of shops looking like a "labyrinth" and in which without a doubt we enjoyed appreciating “the painted ceramics known as Fajalauza, the inlaid wood or marquetry and the coloured glass lanterns." I would call it "the awakening of the senses". I think it defines very well the atmosphere and the sensation transmitted to the visitor.
Flea Markets in Santa Eulalia del Río
Flea Markets in Formentera
La Mola Market
La Mola Market is a hippie market that's a really interesting place to visit on your trip to Formentera. It's a great tourist destination because it's in one of the most visited areas: La Mola. A good day to go to the flea market is Wednesda, which is when there's a great atmosphere of people, and the best time to go is in the afternoon until about 10 p.m. It's mostly a market where you can buy leather products, silver, stone, etc. And there are live concerts.
Flea Markets in Barcelona
Flea Markets in Formentera
Flea Market of Sant Francesc
In the middle of the village of Sant Francesc you can find one of the best markets, located next to the markets of La Mola, Es Pujols and the market of La Savina. This market is open seven days a week, always in the morning. If I´m not mistaken, I think it closes at 2:00. It's a hippie market with crafts, clothing, jewelry, handmade items, etc ... right in the center of town.
Flea Markets in Cocentaina
All Saints of Cocentaina Fair
The Concentaina market happens once a year and last four days, always around November 1st. They sell products ranging from polvoron (Spanish shortbread), turron (typical Spanish Christmas desert), plus an endless assortment of other items. There’s also a medieval market. More than 500,000 people visit it over the course of the four days. You can spend the entire day wandering around the market, eating and sampling foods. It’s always a good time spending a day at the market.
Flea Markets in Teguise
Teguise Market
During my recent stay in Lanzarote I went to the flea market that's held every Sunday in the inland town of Teguise and it seemed like the whole town is really into craft markets of all kinds. This market is attended by many people, especially tourists who want to purchases things that coincide with the memories they made on the island. Entering this small village you'll see the houses that stand there, the big white church that can be glimpsed off in the distance, the town hall, some cafes and restaurants and a large plaza where the market is held, along with the rest of the densely-populated streets of people, some of whom are browsing and others are shopping or drinking on a terrace because it's so hot, which is typical for the island at that time of year. In the surroundings there are big spaces where you can park your car, where they do charge you, but it's the normal amount for the area, so they can take advantage of the quantity of people.
Flea Markets in Madrid
Mercado de Motores
The Mercado de los Motores is held the first weekend of every month in an old building near the Pacifico and Menendez-Pelayo metro stops (Line 1) in south-central Madrid. Despite the name, the market has nothing at all to do with cars. The name comes from the building, which used to house the power generators for the Madrid Metro network until the 80s when it was decommissioned. The building is gorgeous, and the power works are pretty impressive (you can visit them on normal days if you like), but the real reason for coming here is the Mercado de los Motores! The marketplace is basically divided into three sections. The first is inside the old power works: here, you find higher-end boutique designers and handicrafts, things like vintage clothes, artisanal soaps, hand-made bags, hats, iphone covers, espadrilles, scarves, and more. The second (and my favorite), is found outside, where normal people come to set up shop and the place takes on more of a flea-market vibe. You can literally peruse for hours, checking out all kinds of vintage jewelry, bicycles, clothes, decorations, and knick-knacks: everything from original Russian-language film posters to vintage Fred Perry polos (for 10euros!) to DVDs to some awesome furniture made out of reconditioned shutters from old buildings. There is also a bar area set up outside which has comfy canvas deck chairs so you can relax in the sun and have a cold Pilsner Urquell if you get tired of shopping. People also set up food stands, selling organic meats, massive paellas (which drove me crazy watching it cook!), homemade baked goods, and more. The other cool thing about this market is the mixture of people. A lot of people, somewhat derisively, label Mercado de los Motores as a hipster market, which seems pretty unfounded. When I went, there were tons of young people of course, but also lots of grandmas from the neighborhood, young couples with kids, curious types from around the blocks, and everyone was having a really great time. If you happen to be in Madrid on the first of the month, it's definitely a place I'd recommend checking out.
Flea Markets in Mérida
Artisan Market
Saturday mornings. One of these markets during a lazy winter where sunlight wakes you up. It's in the Spanish Square, and from early on in the day artisans put their tables full of their own products out for display. They're usually simple things. Ornaments and beads. Felt pins and pendants, a lot of pottery and wicker baskets. Some things are made of leather, and sometimes there are figurines carved out of a peach pit. You can get your name carved in wood, too. And there's always someone there with enough patience to make miniature things for doll houses. People walk up and down the market, slowly, enjoying this quiet morning. The atmosphere here invites you out to the street to buy some of their crafts to promote the craft market, traditional arts, and culture. It's a good way to spend a Saturday morning.
Flea Markets in Castalla
Medieval Fair
Ibi Fair has been held since 1992 in honor of San Isidro. This year, in addition to the medieval fair for children, jewelery stalls, clothes, food, etc ... there are also exhibitions of motorcycles and horses.
Flea Markets in Oviedo
Flea Markets in Conil de la Frontera
Craft Market
Greetings, fellow travelers. In the town of Conil, near the beach in peak season you can find some very interesting local craft stalls. For instance, there are accessories made from metal or wood, paintings, decorative leather artisan items. It isn't a very big market but it's large enough to lose yourself for a few minutes and discover the artists' collections. Also, you can find all sorts of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. some of them kind of unremarkable but hey, you can always find something original that catches your eye. In general, along this coast there are many areas like this, like in Caños de Meca or further away on Bologna beach and some people have really quite striking, interesting and worthwhile things, independent people ve go from one place to another selling all kinds of items designed especially for these markets and, in my point of view, their creativity is truly valuable.
Flea Markets in Vitoria
Plaza del General Loma Flea Market
I know that the 1st Saturday of every month there's a market in the old town of Vitoria, and on the last weekend in September they have a beautiful medieval market in the old part also. What they didn't explain to me very well is why they assemble it opposite the Palace of the Provincial Council of Alava. I was told that is organized again in September, but now the end of May I found out the reason. I loved the sweets and vegetable stalls. The variety was great and the atmosphere was fun.
Flea Markets in Zaragoza
Flea Market in Plaza San Bruno
When we visited the Cathedral we stumbled up this beautiful antique market by chance - it sold all kinds of things: books, paintings, furniture, utensils, toys ... Etc. In addition, there were several stalls on the sides, where food was sold, but the sale of antiques dominated the market. One thing I liked is that the Market in San Bruno has a sense of order and the products are really worth it. I've visited other markets like this and it sometimes seems that people have simply emptied a trash bag and which receive some strange looks. This is not the case in San Bruno, so I consider it a must to visit in the area of Pilar.
Flea Markets in Barcelona
Flea Markets in Vigo
Zamanes Flea Market
This market is very interesting because it is in the middle of the bush, close to the University Facilities. It is held every Sunday throughout the day. It is located around San Cosme chapel, near the reservoir zamanes. If you have any questions on how to get there the neighborhood association of zamanes can help. A.V. Zamáns Telephone: 986 468039, Fax: 986 468039, Vigo 36310 Pontevedra although they have nothing to do with the market they are very close and are very friendly in Zamanes. You can find everything, birds, clothes, shoes, fruit, cheese land, sausages, beer, candy, bread, carpets, farm implements, sometimes dogs, crafts, etc.
Flea Markets in Oropesa
Medieval Market
Earlier this summer we went to Oropesa, Toledo to see its medieval festival. Most of the people there were disguised, even some visitors too and the atmosphere very good. We paid to see the castle that day just to climb some stairs and we were more than a little disappointmented, but I had fun.
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