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Of Touristic Interest in Spain

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3.740 of touristic interest in Spain

Of Touristic Interest in Seville
Metropol Parasol
A new, modern, debated and innovative building rises 26 meters above the rooftops of the historic centre of Seville, with a future many foresee as the new symbol of the city. Where visitors can not only take a photo before such an impressive building, but also walk along its "Skywalk" that crosses the highest part of the popular "mushrooms" and from where we will enjoy a new view of the city. The mushrooms, as almost everyone now knows them, were actually inspired by a ficus in a square near the Plaza de la Encarnación (Cristo de Burgos) and in the vaults of the cathedral of Seville. For its construction tons of wood have been used, thus becoming, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world, although its structure is concrete. But if its views, its undulating forms and the originality of the building do not seem like much to you, then on the ground floor you will find business premises and restaurants as well as the highlight of this place, "the Antiquarium" which is under the subsoil of "the mushrooms", housing Roman ruins and the Andalusia legacy of the city. They can be viewed from the same street through a glass floor or coming down the stairs of the Antiquarium and following a guided walk, which explains the discoveries made during the construction of this new Seville city symbol.
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Of Touristic Interest in Madrid
Teleférico de Madrid
The cable railway of Madrid unites the area of Paseo de Rosales to Plaza de los Pasos Perdidos in Casa de Campo, going above Parque del Oeste, la Rosaleda, the old Príncipe Pío station and the Manzanares river. It was inaugurated in 1969 and it is 2,457 meters long and at a maximum height of 40 meters. The opening times depend on the month of the year and the day of the week, so it is safer to check their website. The price is 3.70€ (one-way) and 5.35€ (return ticket), according to the 2011 prices. To sum up, a visit I highly recommend in order to have a different perspective on Madrid... from the air.
Of Touristic Interest in Madrid
Cuatro Torres Business Area
It is one of the places of Madrid not packed with people. In the afternoon there is always space to park the car and have a relaxed walk around the towers. The benches, the walk, everything was thought to forget about the rest and focus on yourself, relaxing. You have to see it.
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Of Touristic Interest in Mahon
Lighthouse of Favàritx
Standing alone in the spectacular Cape Favartx, the lighthouse of Favartx seems like the lookout watching over the S’Albufera des Graus Natural Park, a protected area that also has several lagunas and costal areas where birds migrate. The lighthouse was built in 1922 with stone from the area and is the symbol of this part of Menorca. It’s pleasant landscape, but sometimes the North wind brings some storms to land. It’s desolate land that’s constantly beat up by waves from the sea, covered in slate, with a supernatural look to it which has brought about legends and history. The best time to visit the cape is at sunset. The reflection of the moon (even better if you’re lucky enough to be in Menorca during a full moon) shines off the slate and it’s just fantastic. It looks like it is silver. The lighthouse of Favritx is just 6 kilometers from Mah’on when heading towards Fornells. You can get to it by car.
Of Touristic Interest in Bermeo
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
It's not hard to climb to the top, because there is not too much stairs so, recommended to anyone.
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Of Touristic Interest in Santoña
The Ligthouse Horse
This is a beautiful corner in Santoña. There's a walk of about 4 km to reach the entrance. Walk down about 700 steps to reach the lighthouse, which has lovely views next to the sea. Take a breath and gather your strength because the worst part is walking back up the 700 stairs. It's quite an experience, but you can mark it off as a fitness day.
Of Touristic Interest in Palma de Mallorca
Train from Palma to Soller
El Tren de Soller was created to improve communication between Sóller and Palma, but it's become a trip for tourists over the years. Fifteen years ago the train had a mail wagon for goods, animals and letters. In fact the postman had it very comfortable when he was choosing the letters. I don't recommend the round trip, only go one way.
Of Touristic Interest in Llanes
Paseo de San Pedro
I think the Paseo de San Pedro was my favourite thing about Llanes. Everyone had told me about its famous beaches but no one mentioned the existence of that little green park where you can take a leisurely walk while watching the horizon. Both my girlfriend and I were very surprised at how well kept it was and how safe you feel walking through it.
Of Touristic Interest in Es Mercadal
Cavallería's Lighthouse
Jagged, solitary, and wild, Menorca’s northern coast hides some of the island’s most pristine landscapes. Go get an idea of the wild beauty; all you have to do is explore the cape of Cavalleria, Menorca’s northernmost point. At 90 meters above the sea, the cape is crowned by a precious lighthouse built in 1857. To get there, go 9km down the narrow highway that leaves from Fornells. Before you enter the actual cape, there are small coves and pathways to the sea that are very calm and very rarely crowded.
Of Touristic Interest in Cadiz
Historic Cádiz
The old town of Cadiz is almost the only one like it in the world. You can visit it by land, sea and air, from its streets to its towers, lookout points, walking along the boardwalk that surrounds the city without losing sight of the sea. It's a real pleasure to discover every corner of Cadiz. They are very interesting, as well as very numerous...... If you come, take all the time you want because it is really worth it. Going for a stroll in Cadiz is fun, especially if you do it after the children finish the "School". The streets are very lively, and so are the cafes, and terraces. As the population density is high in the town, you'll always find that there's a good number of people around. If you come to Cadiz, my first advice is .... lose yourself!! Although here I show you some lines on the ground so that people don't get lost .... The truth is that the lines are for "giris" (foreigners) to follow.
Of Touristic Interest in Madrid
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Of Touristic Interest in Barcelona
Montjuïc Aerial Tramway
You get a stunning view to Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea, the tramway are clean, and cost about 8€, it take you from the beach to the hill and Vis Versa, I loved the view a got from there to Barcelona city.
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Of Touristic Interest in Tarifa
Strait of Gibraltar
Only just over 14 km away, you see the other side and wonder if there's another place in the world that's so huge. 14 kilometers separating two continents, two completely different cultures, architecture, food, religion... The scenery is spectacular; on a clear day with no wind and calm sea you get the feeling that you could walk to the other side.
Of Touristic Interest in Barcelona
Barcelona Exclusive Wine Tour OFFBEAT
Highlights: Departure from Barcelona Plaza Cataluña with a guide tour. Visit to the catalan pioneer winery, selected menu with an exclusive wine tasting. A walking tour over the vineyards where you will learn the history with an expert guide. Winery visit to innovative cellar producing a selection of high qualitative wines, the guide will take visitors through the various stages of making high-end sparkling wine and cava the traditional way. Exclusive and selected limited edition products paired with premium reserve wines and caves to all gourmet and wine lovers. Exclusive and private Vilafranca Castellers performances (human tower world heritage) where you can participate. Regional gourmet lunch with all drinks included (wine and cava) Special gift Drop off in Barcelona Plaza Cataluña. Duration: 6-7 hours Booking phone number: 689967430 Luis More information on the website: www.offbeatbarcelona.com
Of Touristic Interest in Getafe
Of Touristic Interest in Madrid
Gate of Europe
They were inaugurated in 1996 on Plaza Castilla in Madrid. If you keep walking South you will get to the the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid's stadium. Even though the name of the towers is "Gate of Europe", they are better known as Kio Towers, since the development company was Kuwait Investments Office. They are the entrance to Madrid from the North. But now they have great competitors: the huge Cuatro Torres Business Area, the new business district that has settled in the Paseo de la Castellana. The highest tower is 250 meters, the highest in Spain.
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Of Touristic Interest in Faro de la Mola
Of Touristic Interest in Seville
Horse Carriage Rides
Seville is one of those cities you fall in love when you go... its climate, its people, its temperature, its gastronomy and its monuments a few of the many features that make this city a place to seduce. Although for places to seduce, I think it is best to take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the centre of the city. I recommend taking it from the beginning of calle Mateos Gago (in the Plaza de la Giralda) and from there, you are given a lap around the old town. The friendly coachmen guided and told us stories about the places we passed. It is excellent from start to finish. So, now you know, if you visit Seville with your partner and want to surprise them, I recommend this romantic trip, in which you will have a good time whilst enjoying the beauty of the greatest historical centre in the world.
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