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Neighborhoods in Spain

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90 neighborhoods in Spain

Neighborhoods in Granada
The Albayzín
The neighbourhood of Albaicín is without doubt one of the places you shouldn't miss out on if you go to Granada, there is a good reason why it is classified as World Heritage site. The word Albaicín has various meanings, to us the one closest to the truth is "uphill district” it is why we chose to make the climb by the minibus which leaves from the bus stop next to the Isabel la Católica (Queen Isabel) monument . It took us to the centre of Albaicín, the Arch of las Pesas (weights), a gate separating the neighbourhood of Albaicín and that of the Alcazaba (citadel), which houses various archaeological Iberian, Roman and Muslim remains. The cistern of Trillo was the first cistern we visited, although we didn't have time to visit all of them of course. The Moorish church of San Juan de los Reyes, the Mirador de San Nicolás, from where we enjoyed the best views on the Alhambra, after which we wandered aimlessly absorbing the smooth smell of jasmine in the narrow and winding streets. Also the large square, where there was a lively market and some other small squares with Arab remains and various cisterns, we stopped to have a snack at El Ladrillo Restaurant (The Brick), but since it was still early to have lunch we went on walking discovering the charm of this beautiful Arab neighbourhood. We ended up at Plaza de San Miguel Bajo, where there are many restaurants with terraces; we finally opted for the Mesón El Yunque (Anvil Inn) who specialized in fried fish after observing what they served in each one of them. After lunch we went to the Mirador de San Cristóbal, from where you can see the entire city of Granada, it’s amazing. We descended to the Palacio de los Cordova, where we enjoyed the gardens, a real oasis of tranquillity. Then we continued down the slope of El Darro, La casa de las Chirimias (House of Pipers’), San Pedro Church which we could not go enjoy as it was closed, Castril House, emphasized by its plateresque door and today an archaeological museum; La puerta de los Tableros )the Gate of Boards=, which linked the walls of the Alhambra and the neighbourhood of the Alcazaba and under which the Darro river goes. And, finally, El Bañuelo or Arab bath.
Neighborhoods in Barcelona
Gothic Quarter
The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is the Eastern part of the Ramblas, the old part of town, where the streets are narrow, the center is pedestrian and it is always so packed it is sometimes hard to walk. You'll get lost in the streets at first, but you'll catch on soon enough. From little square to small streets, from church to bars, the neighborhood surprises you. You'll definitely never get bored. You can't miss the magnificent Cathedral of the city and various gothic-style churches. You can climb the tower of the Cathedral to get a panoramic view of the rest of the neighborhood. There are also various museums, Plaza del Rey with the museum of the city for example. Plaza del Rey is one of the most beautiful squares of the old neighborhood. There is also the Palacio Real Mayor, the Palace Chapel, the Palau de Lloctinent, the palace of the owner, which had the archives of the crown of Aragon. The Gothic Qurter is also the ideal place to go shopping. In the main streets there are the main national and international brands, as well as souvenir shops and typical products of the region, handicraft and gastronomic products.
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Neighborhoods in Seville
Santa Cruz Neighborhood
If there is a city in the world in which to enjoy the five senses it is Seville, and one of its greatest exponents is, without doubt, the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz. Getting lost in its streets is to appreciate the colour of a city, the flavour of history, the scent of its flowers and the closeness of its people. All seasons come well to Seville, but perhaps it’s in spring when it splendour becomes most apparent. Season of sun and flowers, scents and passions for a city and its passages like ‘el de agua' (that of water) in this district, maybe one of the most beautiful. Why hang out in Santa Cruz? The tradition of this neighbourhood makes anyone who enters feel special, to admire the conservation of long-established, from a flowery balcony or from an Andalusia table enjoying Seville tapas.
Neighborhoods in Caceres
Old Town of Cáceres
Caceres is one of Spain's best preserved old towns. You can access the old walled city from the Plaza Mayor which, even today, still seems like it breathes medieval air. Besides the fact that the town is in such excellent condition, the most striking thing is that no modern buildings distort the landscape. This is what makes it a wholly unique city. You really should visit it when traveling to Extremadura as it is, along with Merida, the city with the largest legacy of community heritage.
Neighborhoods in Bilbao
Old Town Bilbao (Casco Viejo)
One of the neighborhoods that I like the most in Bilbao is the Siete Calles (Seven Streets), name commonly given to the old part of town. Located on the edge of the Nervión ria, they are a group of narrow stone streets, with big bridges, spectacular churches and a gothic cathedral, the Santiago Cathedral. This area is known for being one the commercial parts of the city, some of the most ancient stores are found in this part of Bilbao. If you like markets, every Sunday they set up a famous one in Plaza Nueva. You can also find there some of the most typical bars in Bilbao where you can have some delicious pinchos accompanied with a txikito (a type of wine) when you take a shopping break, or you can eat in one of its many restaurants. Some of the most famous bars are the Itziar, Soiz and Herriko. You will find all kinds of people perfectly integrated to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the area. Moreover, Siete Calles is easy to reach since it has a subway station right there. To walk there even if you don’t plan to do any shopping is one of the best ways to integrate yourself with the lifestyle of Bilbao.
Neighborhoods in Granada
Sacromonte Neighborhood
Mariano "Chorrojumo" Fernandez, born God knows when and died in 1906, self-proclaimed "King of the Gypsies," idealized prototype of the gypsy patriarch, king of clan brawls, offering nothing more than his own persona, profiting from the character he managed to create, told 19th century travelers the romantic stories of Alhambra.
Neighborhoods in Barcelona
El Raval
El Raval is the second established neighborhood of the old Barcelona. It was created in the medieval period, with the successive extensions of the walls of the city and became a poor neighborhood, even dangerous in some places, where it was better not to go at night. Now it is the complete opposite, it is being renovated and is becoming trendy once again. There are various museums and attractions in the part close to La Rambla, like the MACBA, the museum of contemporary art of Barcelona, with concerts of the electronic music festival Sónar, among other things. El Raval is the place to discover a more authentic Barcelona than on the other side of Las Ramblas, the one of the Gothic Quarter, more touristic and packed with people. There are bars, taverns, restaurants, usually cheaper. There is also La Rambla del Raval, with bar terraces and shops, the market, one of the liveliest of the city and many alternative discs and tattoo shops you'll find cheap internet and services to call back home and send or receive money. As to hotels, the neighborhood is still quite expensive, it is better to stay a little further from the center.
Neighborhoods in Córdoba
Jewish Quarter (Judería)
Sometimes the photos are not enough to express a feeling. Sometimes I can't capture the essence of the experience. In a few cases, every corner of the resulting picture memories stick out of a single weekend. Thanks Irene.
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Neighborhoods in Alicante
Barrio de Santa Cruz
On top of a hill near the castle in Alicante, there’s a very special neighborhood, the most authentic and charming one in the entire city. In fact, it’s quite surprising for many visitors who don’t know it exists (as was my case). It has traditional white houses and the distinct sensation that time has stopped. It’s one of those areas where you see the locals sitting on chairs on their porches and you can’t help but bid them good afternoon. It’s not easy to get there since there isn’t a great road connection, but it’s sure got to be nice living there, in your own little paradise with those wonderful, old-fashioned houses. In Alicante, there’s a very special neighborhood at the top of the hill and towards the castle. It’s the most typical and charming neighborhood in the city. As a matter of fact, it will surprise any travel that passes by and didn’t know about it before (as was the case with me). Traditional white houses and a feeling of traveling back in time. The locals sits on their chairs on the terraces and you can’t help but say good afternoon to them. It’s not easy to get there, as there's not an easy access road nearby… But, the good thing is, after a few minutes you feel like you want to stay there forever. With those special houses. Like in the days of yesteryear.
Neighborhoods in Leon
Barrio Húmedo
In the old part of Leon, the Wet District is the area that collects all the gossip of the city, especially the San Martín Square, where you can taste the typical products. Jerky, black pudding and hash. Along with local wines or beers you can have a really great time, especially if you're in good company. The Plaza Mayor's a typical image of a Spanish square with its arcades and its Saturday market. In one corner, there're wooden columns holding up the house and an empty niche recalls that in ancient times this corner could have been the scene of some neighbors' prayers addressed to any image you found inside.
Neighborhoods in Barcelona
El Born
This summer I traveled to Barcelona for the first time. It went very well, as I had expected, but everything changed when I went to El Born. It became the center of the trip and I went there to walk the streets as many times as I could. I would finish visiting museums and other areas and go there to get coffee or sit on a bench. Incredible streets, unforgettable spots and I could even enjoy a street concert I loved.
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Neighborhoods in Gijón
The Cimadevilla neighborhood, located on a hill between the beach of San Lorenzo and the Marina, is a pedestrianised area in the old zone. There are a variety of cider bars and nightlife spots that open mainly at weekends and are filled by young people having a good time.
Neighborhoods in Barcelona
Barrio de Gracia
Barrio de Gracia used to be a village in the outskirts of Barcelona, and now that it is completely part of the city it preserves the little popular village touch. You get there with the Ferrocarril FCG (FCG Railway) in Gracia station (be careful not to mix it up with Passeig de Gracia), the neighborhood is at the end of Paseo de Gracia and goes until the Güell park. It is an artistic neighborhood and is famous for its festival in August. People decorate the streets and the houses, each of the streets has it own theme. For example last year one of the streets was Road 66 and there were motorbikes and all the American states the road crosses were represented along the street. Another theme was the submarine world, or the school with the streets decorated with folders and gigantic pencils. At night it gets lively with concerts, bars open partially on the streets and you also have parades with fireworks. During a whole week. During the normal season it is very nice to go to Gracia at night, to have drinks in Plaza del Sol, Plaza Joanic or at Carrer de Verdi. There is also a market more lively and more authentic than the Boqueria.
Neighborhoods in Girona
Call Jueu
This part of Girona is the old Jewish Quarter. They lived here for more than 600 years and their presence is still clear in some of the buildings, narrow streets between high walls that make this zone so special. It' not surprising that they chose this neighbourhood to film "Perfume". The feel is a French town from 18th century. The book's better than the film.
Neighborhoods in Palmas de Gran Canaria
San Cristobal Neighborhood
The seaside neighbourhood of San Cristobal has still retained their customs despite being in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A refreshing promenade runs along much of the village, where there is an ancient castle in contact with the sea.
Neighborhoods in Oviedo
Old Town
The historic center of Oviedo is superb. We arrived at Oviedo in full feast of St. Matthew. 9 days of festivities with lots of events and recitals. This led me to having mixed feelings because on the one hand, the city was organised for a party, but on the other kiosks and stages, set up in different parts of the historical district fully hampered your ability to enjoy the district its planeness.
Neighborhoods in Cuenca
Neighborhoods in Palmas de Gran Canaria
Vegueta District
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