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Ruins in Spain

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166 ruins in Spain

Ruins in Mérida
Roman Theatre of Mérida
The Theater of Mérida is the “Prince of the emeritus monuments” according to Menédez Pidal, architect that directed its reconstruc
Ruins in Córdoba
Medina Azahara
It is one of the most beautiful and charming places in Córdoba, and like every story tale palace, its legend tells the story of a
Ruins in Cartagena
Roman Theatre of Cartagena
Beautiful ruins. Lovely place to visit. Make sure you give yourself a good hour if you don't want to rush to see everything. About
Ruins in Tarragona
Tarragona Amphitheatre
It is not hard to imagine what used to happen in this amphitheater located almost on the showers of the sea. Tarragona has a l
Ruins in Mérida
Temple of Diana
I was wandering around the busy streets of Mérida and then all of the sudden, the Temple of Diana appeared. It came into sight bet
Ruins in Bolonia
Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo Claudia
The Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo Claudia are the Roman Ruins that are near Bologna's beaches. They have a visitor center with
Ruins in Malaga
Roman Theatre of Malaga
This was built on the hillside where La Alcazaba was erected. Its remains were discovered in the fifties, after being buried for c
Ruins in Cambados
Ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo
The ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo, Cambados are in the upper part of the village. It is a late Gothic style temple whose construction
Ruins in Tarragona
Pont de les Ferreres
Pont del Diable is the popular Spanish name of the Roman aqueduct of Tarragona, capitol of the province of the same name. The a
Ruins in Tarragona
Roman Wall of Tarragona
A good way to visit all of Tarragona’s Roman ruins is to go for a walk along the ruins of the ancient city wall. You can only expl
Ruins in Mérida
Aqueduct de los Milagros
Along with the National Museum of Roman Art, this was my favorite monument of the city. The sheer size of this aqueduct and the th
Ruins in L'Escala
Ruins of Empúries
Whilst walking along a tree-lined promenade, bordered by dunes, connecting L'Escala and Sant Martí d'Empúries, visitors can stumbl
Ruins in Mérida
Mitreo House
After lunch we went to visit the House of Mithraeum, somewhat far away from the rest of the Merida Roman beauties, but it is no le
Ruins in Zaragoza
Roman Theatre
It was a surprise finding it in the middle of the night. Walking down a small street, we noticed the roof so huge they have built
Ruins in Granada
El Bañuelo Arab Baths
The Arab baths “El Bañuelo” date back to the 11th century, are the oldest in Granada and the best preserved in Spain. They are sit
Ruins in Córdoba
Ruins in Mérida
Portico of the Forum
You can enjoy another great landmark and it's not a woman. Yikes, that was an cheasy joke. The only problem is that around noon he
Ruins in Santiponce
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