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Cemeteries in Spain

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116 cemeteries in Spain

Cemeteries in Comillas
Cemetery of Comillas
When I saw this cemetery for the first time, I loved it. It was just…different. Not only because it looks out over the sea but also because it gave the sensation of being in ruins but at the same time beautiful. Later, I found out that it had once been a church that was abandoned. After being abandoned, it was converted into a cemetery. After a few centuries, it had to be expanded, a project which was led by Lluís Domènech i Montaner in 1893. The sculptor Josep Llimona created the Angel of Death statue (dated between 1894 and 1895) which stands over the ruins of the old church.
Cemeteries in Luarca
Luarca Cemetery
The Luarca Cemetery is said to be one of the most beautiful in Spain and I can only confirm this. It offers amazing views with some beautiful white monuments and funeral chapels where you can breathe immeasurable amounts of peace. Only the strength of the sea crashing against the rocks will disturb you.
Cemeteries in Madrid
Cemeteries in Guadalajara
Cemeteries in Malaga
English Cemetery
This unique cemetery began small, but expanded into a large space where the non-Catholic people of Malaga can be buried. Among the graves people are buried including the poet and author Jorge Guillen, Robert Boyd, who died fighting in 1831, the writer Gerald Brenan, and the Englishman who built the first hotel in Torremolinos.
Cemeteries in Covadonga
Tomb of King Don Pelayo
In the Holy Cave, inside the Sanctuary of Covadonga, as well as the Virgin of Covadonga in Sagrario Chapel, lie the remains of King Don Pelayo, a place where according to tradition, he took refuge with his men during the Battle of Covadonga . Don Pelayo was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Asturias, who ruled until his death. He is famous for having succeeded in stopping the northward expansion of the Muslims, starting the so-called Reconquista.
Cemeteries in Camariñas
Cemeteries in Sayalonga
Sayalonga Round Cemetery
In the village of Sayalonga in Axarquia Malaga is one of the most unique cemeteries in the province. It was built in the nineteenth century and has dome-shaped niches superimposed over each other. It is probably the only round cemetery in Spain. In 2002 the cemetery was inaugurated as a museum or interpretation center which provides information about its origins and those of Sayalonga village.
Cemeteries in Cuacos de Yuste
Cemeteries in Madrid
Cemeteries in Barcelona
Cemeteries in Seville
San Fernando Cemetery
San Fernando Cemetery is the graveyard of Seville. Opened in the mid-nineteenth century, it has undergone remarkable changes during the last two decades as a result of the investments made by the gitano (Romani) population. With unique artistic areas, some now in ruins, but which give a peculiar "romantic" flavour, the construction of mammoth pantheons-of very dubious artistic taste in the heart of the noble area of the cemetery, have devalued its monumental status. It has however, provided a very quaint folkloric dimension. The best time to visit is November 1, All Saints Day. Thousands of people come to honour the dead with flowers, multiform wreaths –of various football teams, teddy bears, etc. - and colourful objects, bought in "one euro" stores. The most unusual are the gitano families, who sit by the gates of their pantheons to keep their deceased relatives company, eating and drinking, in an act of communion with the afterlife, which brings us back to pagan times. Not to be missed.
Cemeteries in Segovia
Segovia Jewish Cemetery
The Jewish Cemetery is located outside the walls, on the southern slope of the Clamores River valley, in an area commonly known as "The Pinarillo". The Jewish community performed two types of burials here: the first, using caves formed by nature, that were expanded and upgraded, and the second using the pit anthropomorphic type. The graves are oriented east-west and all of them were found the skeletons intact, supine and looking east. Among them are some that outline the head and shoulders of the body, while in others the shape of the cavity is simply trapezoidal. Access to the cemetery is free and is signposted from the Jewish Quarter. It is lit until 12 midnight.
Cemeteries in San Fernando
Tomb of José Monge Cruz (Camarón)
José Monge Cruz, Camarón de la Isla, rest in his native San Fernando since his death on July 2, 1992. As flamenco lover that I could not leave Cadiz without visiting the last resting place of Master of flamenco. It is a beautiful mausoleum with a figure of the singer on his tombstone, adorned by dozens of bouquets throughout the year.
Cemeteries in Macharaviaya
Galvez Family Crypt
This is a spectacular place because of its history. The role of Galvez in the history of Spain, the Kingdom in general and the U.S. was key. This is the resting place of the imperial history of our country.
Cemeteries in Soria
Tomb of Leonor
Anyone who visits Soria and does not make time, just half an hour, to go up to Espino ("the high Espino where your land"), will miss out on one of the most historic and charming cities. No one who has ever been in love can go without visiting the cemetery of Espino in which remains buried in solitude Leonor Izquierdo, the beloved young wife of the famous poet, who died after three years of marriage and separated from her husband, even in death for hundreds of miles. It is an evocative and magical place you can not miss out on. Oh! Don´t forget to bring a flower. That coffin must never go without petals or stems.
Cemeteries in Lloret de Mar
Modernist Cemetery
The Cemetery of Lloret de Mar is near the Chapel of Sant Quirze, close to the Bon Repos. The cemetery has two confined areas, the historic area dating back to 1900 that is known as the modernist cemetery, and the current zone that has no special architectural interest. Various modernist architects, artists and sculptors collaborated in the construction of the historic cemetery, including Josep Puig, Antoni M. Tighten Gallissà, Vicenç Artigas Alberti, Bonaventura Conill Montobbio, Ishmael Smith and Eusebi Arnau. The graves, in the style of Gaudi's work, offer a fascinating perspective about the funerary art of the time.
Cemeteries in Madrid
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