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Zoos in Spain

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46 zoos in Spain

Zoos in Cabarceno
Cabarceno Natural Park
I have visited this nature park on several occasions. The entrance used to be free but now they charge per person. It’s one of the best places to see wild animals in captivity. The variety of animals is not too big, but it’s better to see them in a beautiful place than in cages. Plus, the landscape is really nice. They have different shows like a sea lion show or one about birds of prey which I really liked. It closes at 18:00 in the summertime, so you have to get an early start to enjoy it all. You can access many areas with your car. It’s one of the best zoos around and it’s close to Santander.
Zoos in Madrid
Zoo Aquarium of Madrid
Undoubtedly Madrid Zoo is a great place to go at the weekend with friends or family. With a variety of species that can be seen up close. From classic elephants, giraffes, lions and some adorable pandas are now in a controlled environment with high summer temperatures. In certain hours of the day there are dolphin or bird shows that are phenomenal. Don't miss out on the snakes and the aquarium are a show by themselves. I recommend doing this tour with children, they'll have a great time. You should bring food or drinks because prices are inflated in the Zoo.
Zoos in Valencia
Bioparc Valencia
A Different Concept of the Zoo If you like animals, parks, zoos, etc, you must visit this place! We really like it, they have recreated their natural habitats and you can see them with more freedom, without cages. It is a different concept. We even saw a zebra fight with an ostrich! The access is easy to find and they have marked the route, there is a cafeteria (you can’t bring in food) and a souvenir shop.
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Zoos in Puerto de la Cruz
Loro Parque
It is a good place to spend a family day. They recreate the habitat of the species and it is clean. It has an impressive aquarium. The restaurant is not that good and it is very touristy, so I recommend you eat in Puerto la Cruz or its surroundings. The entrance is about 30 Euros and there is a 10 Euro discount for people ve live in Canarias.
Zoos in Madrid
They also organice events with kids, weddings, etc.
Zoos in Barcelona
Barcelona Zoo
Barcelona Zoo is in Parque de la Ciutadella and has one of the largest animal collections in Europe. The zoo is spread over 13 hectares. They have over 7,500 animals from over 400 different breeds. From 1966 until 2003 Snowflake, the only known albino gorilla, was the star of the zoo. You can visit from 10 am to 6 pm. Very near the entrance there is the romantic sculpture known as i Soler Roig "Lady paraigües" (The lady with the umbrella). You can find a large skeleton belonging to a whale, a fin whale, which is 19 meters long and was found on the beaches of El Prat de Llobregat in 1983.
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Zoos in Fuengirola
Bioparc Fuengirola
You can see animals from so close up that it's scary, but the security measures are good. It offers free tours. There's a fun show and eating areas and services. Cleanliness is excellent. A place to watch the animals in peace and security in pleasant surroundings.
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Zoos in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Aquarium
A good aquarium and the skeleton of the whale was the best.
Zoos in Santander
Mini Zoo
Magdalena Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Santander. It's not hard to find reasons to linger for hours and hours, visiting the beautiful palace at the top, swimming at the beaches, or enjoying the mini-zoo. The mini-zoo is fully integrated into the landscape and the tanks are fed with real seawater, replicating the animals' natural environment as much as possible. As you enter the peninsula, you turn left and discover this unique place where nature is on full display before your eyes. There are swans, penguins, seals, and even sea lions. If you’re patient, many of the animals do fun stunts and you can live some very touching moments. From the peninsula, the views of the city and its coastline are great.
Zoos in Estepona
Selwo Aventura
Choosing a day in the calendar and dedicating it to see animal species which can not be seen in your environment is always a great idea in my opinion. We may not like that the animals can not be free, but the Zoo has changed so much that it is a pleasure to discover how they have improved its habitats. These parks are ideal for teaching children to respect, love and admire nature, trees, animals ... In the picture I show you an impressive Crowned Crane, I do not think you will ever see one of this near your home ...
Zoos in Santillana del Mar
Zoo of Santillana del Mar
The Zoo de Santillana del Mar is located on the outskirts of this pretty village, but is within walking distance from the village center. So many different animal species can be found here, meaning that it appeals to everyone from animal lovers to those who just want to see some new species. There is terrarium, Insectarium and a small aquarium, and a venue where butterflies fly freely and you can visit if you don't mind a bit of grime. It also has a picnic area, and a restaurant. The zoo is quite large, it takes at least 3 or 4 hours to visit with calm. I had some mixed feelings, because I love animals and some of the zoo enclosures are tiny, so they gave me a lot of little pain. Also, I did not think much money was spent for proper enclosures. Admission is € 17, but we visited for free thanks to Travel Club points.
Zoos in Murcia
Terra Natura
I must start by saying that it is okay to spend the day here, but I have had enough with sloppy zoos. The bears didn't have a drop of water and the lions didn't seem to be in good condition. I missed animals like elephants, tigers and monkeys .. otherwise fine performances especially of birds and mammals amphitheater was very entertaining and educational. I just hope they try to improve the animals a bit because the price is quite high and they charge you for everything.
Zoos in Ayamonte
Municipal Park of Prudencio Navarro
Ayamonte has zoo and there is no entrance fee. It's inside the botanical garden, next to the Plaza of Spain. It has tigers (one albino), lions, bears, monkeys, baboons, ostriches, deer, exotic birds, peacocks and a wide variety of waterfowl in a large pond. The animals are classified by species, in large spaces recreating their natural habitat with trees, artificial lakes and vegetation. You can watch them through large windows. There are also explanatory panels of each species. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm (in summer until 9 pm).
Zoos in Zaragoza
Zaragoza Aquarium (Acuario de Zaragoza)
Zaragoza Aquarium is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. It has a huge freshwater tank with 2 million litres of water and a depth of 9 metres. In the aquarium you can learn about the river systems around the world, with one for each continent: Nile (Africa), Mekong (Asia), Amazon (the Americas), Murray-Darling (Oceania) and Ebro (Europe). Although the vast majority of animal species exhibited are fish, you can also see some vertebrates such as reptiles (alligators, snakes, turtles and lizards, etc.), mammals (otter, marmoset), and amphibians (frogs). A great place to visit, really fascinating.
Zoos in A Coruña
Zoos in Cangas de Onís
Zoo La Grandera
This zoo is located on the outskirts of Cangas de Onis towards Covadonga. It has a variety of native species including bears, wolves, chamois, otters, lynx, grouse, buzzards, vultures, hawks etc. Many of the animals in the zoo are injured species which spend a season in Garandera and are then released into the wild once they recover.
Zoos in San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Zoos in Valencia
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