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Waterfalls in Spain

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183 waterfalls in Spain

Waterfalls in Baquedano
Waterfalls in Navajas
El Salto de la Novia
This natural park, in addition to having beautiful waterfalls and forms thanks to the way the water has eroded the rocks over the
Waterfalls in Barro
Waterfalls in Dumbría
Waterfalls in Silleda
Do Toxa Waterfalls
The Fervenza (cascade) Toxa River is one of the highest in Spain and one of the most famous in Galicia. It is used a lot for adver
Waterfalls in Valdastillas
Caozo Falls
Caozo falls is very close to the highway so there is usually a fair amount of people there. I went in the springtime during the ch
Waterfalls in Valle de Tobalina
Pedrosa de Tobalina
This place is ideal in the summer! On our tour of the Burgos town of Frias, it was recommended to us to go to Tobera, which is ri
Waterfalls in Valverde de los Arroyos
Despeñalagua Waterfall
As I left from the town of Valverde de los Arroyos, the Ocejon was my objective. Shortly after we embarked on the hike, we were su
Waterfalls in Amurrio
Waterfalls in Orbaneja del Castillo
Waterfalls in Bullas
Waterfalls in Santa Maria de Corcó
Waterfalls in Rascafría
Waterfalls in Viella
Uelhs Deth Joeu
This cascade of the river coming up from the trees is an example of yet another one of the spectacular corners one can find in the
Waterfalls in Orduña
Waterfalls in Corcubión
Waterfalls in Rupit i Pruit
Salt de Sallent
After hiking for about an hour, one ends up in the middle of a place where nature is reigning the landscape. Something worth seein
Waterfalls in Silleda
The Toja River´s Falls
In Silleda County (Pontevedra), the river Ulla is the third longest river after the Minho and Galicia Sil. From the estuary of the
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