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Resort Towns in Spain

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93 resort towns in Spain

Resort Towns in Altea
I have to admit that I have a rather limited experience with Spain's ultra-touristy Costa Blanca, but from what I've seen, Altea is one of the most charming and beautiful towns in the area. Although it's located only 20 minuted from the high-rise resort complexes and tour groups of Benidorm, Altea still retains its quiet fishing village feel and its white-washed buildings, incredible views, and flower-lined cobblestone streets make it one of the most enchanting and romantic destinations in the area. The village itself it perched upon a seaside hill and topped by a historic church and its iconic blue domes. And while that means lots of hills and endless stairs, it also means that you'll be able to enjoy amazing unspoiled views of the coast at basically every turn. The city was orginially a fishing village which became a magnet for artists and bohemians and has since become home to a higher-end clientele, both Spanish and international. This means that the town offers a lovely mix of traditional restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and cocktail bars, all the while maintaining its authentic village feel. If you can, try to rent an apartment in the old town at the top of the hill. Yeah, you'll have to walk a bit to get to the tram station or the beach, but the views and atmosphere are worth it. The old town at night is especially enchanting as the old-fashioned street lamps flicker on and the plazas fill up with candle-lit outdoor cafes spread out among the bougainvilleas and palm trees. To get there, head to Benidorm and then catch the Benidorm-Denia tram (line 9) and you'll arrive in less than half an hour. All in all, if you're looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city or just spend a romantic weekend at the coast, Altea is one of your best options in Costa Blanca.
Resort Towns in Ciudadela
On the westernmost point of the island, the stately Ciutadella (or Ciudadela) is a fascinating surprise. I never in my life imagined that the island had such a city. The charming area around the Plaza des Born houses fabulous and colorful Neoclassical buildings and palaces like those of Vivó, Salort, and Saura. The city was capital of Menorca until 1722 and today has a wonderful old town with white-washed buildings, narrow little streets, and small homes with asymmetrical windows. It’s enchanting to stroll under “Ses Voltes,” the beautiful arcades of the Arab court on José M. Quadrado St. and Plaza Nova, and see the picturesque Mercat (market) and have a drink in one of the bars in the medieval Plaza de la Libertat. There is an explosion of life and activity in the center of Ciutadella like in no other part of the island. In the pedestrian-only streets surrounding the magnificent Gothic cathedral, there is a melting pot of foreigners, young people, and local families. There are lots of magical little corners to enjoy, and plenty of places to try out the specialties of the island: cheese, sobrasada, cured meats, cool “vino del interior,” and pastries. The other treasure of Ciutadella is the port. It’s long, narrow, and boxed in at either end as if they wanted to keep it a secret. It doesn't admit large yachts, only small boats and sports vessels. The maritime-bohemian atmosphere that permeates the place is absolutely seductive. It’s a memorable experience to eat in one of the restaurants along the dock. The atmosphere of the port only adds more flavor to the island’s typical fare of fish and shellfish.
Resort Towns in Mojácar
Delicious food. Word of caution: Leave your hill shoes at home!
Resort Towns in Calpe
One winter morning, when the spring was beginning to dawn I walked from Calpe to Moraira ... What a view!
Resort Towns in Almuñécar
For years, we've vacationed in Almuñécar on the tropical Granada coast, and, despite the inconvenience of its stone beaches, I recommend coming here for a quiet holiday with children, or just for couples. Don't miss the chance to go to La Herradura or Cantarriján Creek (if you're a nature lover). Eating the silver whitefish, on the Chinese part of the promenade, or going to the sea with the best food on the coast is great. And, of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Almuñécar without having a beer in Piliki :)
Resort Towns in Pollença
One morning visiting Puerto Pollensa, whe went for a relaxing walk through Vora Mar, a small seaside promenade, it relaxes and ensures any desire to return to the place. Strongly recommended as well as eating in the restaurant Little Italy: freshly cooked pasta or homemade pizza, all terrific!
Resort Towns in Muros
Resort Towns in Guardamar del Segura
Guardamar del Segura
Guardamar greatly surprised me. Aside from the dunes where you can spend house looking out at the sea and reflecting on life, there’s a marvelous park full of birds, picnic tables, and walking trails. I love it!!!
Resort Towns in Miraflores de la Sierra
Resort Towns in Tamariu
Resort Towns in Isla
Resort Towns in Vilanova de Arousa
Vilanova de Arousa
This summer we went to the island of Arosa for a few days. Despite having a bridge that connects it to the mainland, the island maintains unique landscapes and stunning beaches. The island still has its own character mainly rooted in fishing. The mussel rafts are a common sight along the coast around the island. It is a quiet place, without much mass tourism and with coastal walks that are a true delight.
Resort Towns in Bagergue
I spent an entire summer living in this lovely village, which aside from its incredibly beautiful landscapes and situation, has one of the prettiest winter “freerides” of the Valley of Arán. Access is done by Beret, taking its famous T bar lift which enables us to access Baguergada. From this point and with good snow, it is possible to reach the village. This is a place to visit and get away from everything for a few days.
Resort Towns in Aguilar de Campoo
Resort Towns in S´Agaro
Resort Towns in Castelldefels
Resort Towns in Calabardina
My favorite place is "The Citadel", a beautiful development located on top of a rock with two saltwater pools from which you can see the sea and a huge dragon-shaped mountain asleep. Enjoy the great silence that is only awakened by ocean waves.
Resort Towns in Rincón de la Victoria
Blas Infante Sea Promenade
This promenade Cala del Moral, is an ideal place to walk in summer evenings and in winter on good days where many people enjoy this part of Spain. A along the Paseo, there is ice cream and restaurants and space for children to have fun. The promenade extends along the Costa de la Cala del Moral
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