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Statues in Spain

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1.254 statues in Spain

Statues in Madrid
Cibeles Fountain
Welcome to Madrid, the capital of Spain! This is an essential spot: this historical monument is an icon of the capital. I will quickly explain its history: in the 18th century, Carlos III gave the order to build it. It is a work from the architect Ventura Rodríguez and represents the goddess Cybele (Cibeles in Spanish), sitting on a throne drawn by two lions. Those two are as famous as the Deputies Congress' ones. Besides, she holds a scepter and the keys of the city. And, in case you are really curious, the monument is 8 meters tall and is 32 meters in diameter. Centrally located, it lies right in front of the City Hall and is surrounded by emblematic buildings, such as the Spanish National Bank, the Palace of Communications, the Palace of Linares (the current House of America) and the Palace of Buenavista. Why is it so famous? Just because every time the Real Madrid football team achieves some title, the fans go there to celebrate. It is one of the essential monuments to visit in Madrid. Besides, its location offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city. By the way, there are several information points around Madrid, and one of them is situated really close to this place.
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Statues in Santander
Monument to the Raqueros
These sculptures are located on the seafront, near to the Paseo de Pereda. Their creator was José María de Pereda. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, people tried to recreate them by diving in the waters of the Bay of Biscay to collect coins that people who roamed the area had missed.
Statues in Madrid
Statues in Gijón
Statues in Vitoria
Ken Follett Statue
It’s almost an obligation to have your picture taken with the Welsh author before going into the Santa María Cathedral. It’s been 21 years since his best seller, The Pillars of the Earth, was published, one of the most sold books in history. This and many other of his books led to the construction of a statue in his honor in 2008. The fact that the author decided to use the cathedral for his book, World Without End, had a lot to do with it. So, don’t forget to snap yourself alongside Mr. Follet.
Statues in Seville
Glorieta Bécquer
It is the perfect place to declare your love for someone or to pick up a book of poetry by Becquer, while breathing the bucolic atmosphere of the place in which the only sounds you perceive come from the many birds that inhabit the park and the trotting of horses that pass you by. Without doubt, one of the most romantic places in Seville.
Statues in Madrid
Fallen Angel Statue
Some say this statue is one of the most beautiful in Madrid. Some experts claim that it definitely is. Anyhow, it does not go unnoticed inside the Retiro Park, it is an essential spot: every tourist I run into in the park asks me where the statue is. Did you know that the statue lies exactly 666 metres above sea level? Madrid is, more or less, at the same height but... it’s a little strange, right? The statue caused some controversy during the thirties and forties because some satanic rites and sectarian meetings used to be held there. The police had to intervene, and some wondered whether the statue had to be removed. Nowadays it is wonderful to see this monument, the work of the sculptor from Madrid Ricardo Bellver. It was said it was the only work in the world dedicated to Satan, but it is definitely not! In Turin there is a monument dedicated to Lucifer (Fréjus Tunnel). In Spain, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, there is another one also known as the Fallen Angel. This one is one of the most popular faces of the capital. 100% recommended.
Statues in Alcala de Henares
Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
Undoubtedly, Alcalá de Henares is a city that is bound to the hand of Quixote and there are many places in this district where you can find references to the masterpiece of Spanish literature. While walking through it a couple of weeks ago, I found this sculpture where you can watch Cervantes with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza on a pedestal that is a bit high, so you can easily admire the details.. The statue is found in a park where you can admire it from a bench.
Statues in Baiona
Virgen de la roca
This huge stone virgin is 15 meters high and it has a hollow inside boat-shaped gazebo in his right hand, to which you can access by a spiral staircase. Taking this path costs 1 euro but it is worth it due to the beautiful view it offers. It is located on Mount Samson, an attractive setting which overlooks the entire coast of Bayonne and in which there are stone benches and tables where you can regain strength after the rise and in which a popular pilgrimage dedicated to the Virginis is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. It is the work of modernist architect Antonio Palacios. But its face and hands are the work of Angel Garcia in white marble, and its crown was built in porcelain.
Statues in Zamora
The Merlú
"The Merlú". The interesting name comes from an urban sculpture in front of the Church of San Juan de Puerta Nueva, Plaza Mayor Zamora. It was made in bronze by sculptor Antonio Pedrero Yeboles Zamora in 1966. It is for the most important event in Zamora, which is Easter. It Represents two brothers of the Brotherhood of the Nazarene, and it has an interesting meaning which is as follows: the night of Good Friday, six couples of brothers of this fraternity out in the streets of the city, they were responsible for waking up and gathering in the square to the other members of the brotherhood (almost 5,000) for the procession. These pairs are called "Merlú" and awaken others by bugle and drum. The sculptures are an exact depiction of these events.
Statues in Salamanca
Fray Luis de León Statue
In the centre of the Patio de las Escuelas (Schools court) of Salamanca is a monument to friar Luis de León, the poet and sixteenth century Spanish Augustinian. Friar Luis was a doctorate in theology and taught at the University of Salamanca (he was even a professor at San Juan de la Cruz), a city in which he also entered the Augustinian order. Friar Luis de Leon went to jail during la Inquisition for complaints from some university professors ve reproached him for having translated the Bible into Spanish, something prohibited at the time by the Catholic Church.
Statues in Granada
Isabella and Columbus Monument
Although it is known with this name it was really made as a tribute to the discovery, represented in the act on which it was decided to begin the adventure. It is recalled that Columbus was received in Santa Fe when the Catholic Kings where besieging Granada. It is located in the centre of Granada, surrounded by a small garden with a fountain. It used to be in Paseo del Salón but here it stands out more. The square is decorated with exotic trees, even though the views are too modern for the aesthetic of the monument. The figures were modelled in Rome, by Mariano Benlliure in 1892. The mausoleum on which it is now installed is local work, adorned with various medals and the names of civil and religious people of the time. It is one of the most photographed monuments in Granada, for its central location, although in my opinion it is too high and you cannot see the expression of the faces.
Statues in Madrid
Equestrian Statue of Philip III
If there is a place everyone goes to when visiting a Spanish city, it is the Plaza Mayor. Am I wrong…? Madrid has a lot of beautiful things to see, and one of them is Plaza Mayor; a nerve center that holds events and a starting point to visit other touristic spots. This one is the equestrian statue of Felipe III (a pretty famous royal face in the capital), work of Juan de Bolonia, an Italian sculptor, but finished by his disciple Pietro Tacca. Felipe III, also known as Felipe el Piadoso (the Pious), was the King of Spain and Portugal. Originally, the statue was in Casa de Campo; in 1848, Queen Isabel II gave the order to move it to Plaza Mayor. On its pedestal it can be read: ‘Queen Isabel II, as a request from the Town Hall of Madrid, gave the order to move here the statue of Felipe III, son of this city, who reinstated the Courts in Madrid in 1606, and who gave the order, in 1619, to build this Plaza Mayor’ (1848). It is such a special place, since there is always activity, painters, tourists, events, and people enjoying the sun… I personally consider it as a bohemian place. I like to go there and sunbathe on the stones...
Statues in Burgos
Statue of the Cid
This bronze statue is near the Puente de San Pablo and in front of the theater and was designed by Juan Cristóbal. Opened by Franco in 1955. I liked the characterization of the Cid, with his long beard and flying cloak with his sword directing his horse's trot.
Statues in San Sebastián
Construcción Vacía Sculpture
I don't like anything about this! Okay, so I've never liked modern art, and placing this monument in the Paseo Nuevo of San Sebastian ... I just can't understand why. It was made by the sculptor Jorge Oteiza, and was placed here in 2002, just a few years before he died. Personally, I can't stand it ... maybe you don't mind it, but I hate it!
Statues in Girona
Kissing the Lion
The legend says that you have to kiss the butt of the lioness when you come to Girona for good luck. It is located next to the Cathedral of Santa Coloma. Girona has two cathedrals and this is something unheard of in most cities and one of the churches has the largest dome in Europe.
Statues in Valladolid
Columbus Monument
This is one of the most important statues in the city of Valladolid, located in the Plaza de Colon. It dates back to the year 1891, and was made by the sculptor Antonio Susillo and cast by Thiebaut Freres. It was initially located in Cathedral Square in Havana, where it remained until 1898, when Cuban independence meant that it was returned to Spain. It shows Columbus kneeling on a boat carrying the cross.
Statues in Barcelona
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