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City Halls in Spain

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452 city halls in Spain

City Halls in Pamplona
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Pamplona)
The first time you come here you don't believe it is the famous San Fermin Square that looks so great on TV. It is exactly that what attracts thousands of people every year to kick off these parties. Check out the council, a solitary building with a very pretty and ornate facade.
City Halls in Valderas
City Halls in San Sebastián
San Sebastian Town Hall
The Town Hall is located just off the Alderdi-Eder Gardens, between two of the main tourist attractions of the capital, the beach of La Concha and the historic old town. It was built in 1882 by architects Luis Aladrén and Adolfo Morales de los Rios, but originally it served a different purpose: it was inaugurated in 1887 as the grand Casino, with Queen Maria Cristina of Hapsburg in attendance. When gambling was banned in Spain in 1923, it had to close its doors, and in 1938, it became San Sebastian's Town Hall.
City Halls in Santiago de Compostela
Pazo de Raxoi
This is the current city hall for Santiago and the Galician Government, Rajoy Palace is on the east side of the Plaza del Obradoiro, just opposite the Cathedral. The horse statue on top of the building, representing Santiago Matamoros stands out. Whenever I've been in Santiago it's always been the first thing I've seen when in this square.
City Halls in Astorga
Town Hall of Astorga
Astorga is a beautiful city that we visited one day during the Easter holidays. We saw the procession through the town which was quite an experience. The Town Hall is a wonder, with a majestic tower from which the bell rings.
City Halls in Alicante
Alicante Town Hall
The area which extends from the city to the Basilica of Santa Maria is a lovely walk through the environment accompanied by ancient buildings and pedestrian areas with terraces which invite you to relax and recuperate.
City Halls in Leon
Palacio de los Guzmanes - Diputación de León
Located in the XVI century Renaissance palace, whose details I will not elaborate, because other minube travellers have done so very well. This is the entrance to the Tourist Office, close to the corner of Cid street with Ancha street. Above all, the opening times: during high season, ie from July 1 to September 15, at Easter and bank holidays, it is open daily from 9.00 to 20.00. During low season, I.e. the rest of the year, Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00. Every Sunday from 9.30 am to 17 pm.
City Halls in Valencia
City Halls in Cadiz
City Halls in Ronda
City of Ronda
The "Casa Consistorial" is located in the Plaza Duquesa de Parcent opposite the Santa Maria Maggiore Church. It is the current home to Ronda town hall, whose construction dates back to 1734 and hosted militias throughout history and is rebuilt on stores that were in the arcades of the Plaza Mayor. It has three floors, with the upper two overlapping arches.
City Halls in Seville
City Halls in Valladolid
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Valladolid)
The Town Hall is located in the very center of Valladolid in front is the statue of Count Ansurez. It is a modern building opened in 1908 as the previous building was demolished by then-mayor Miguel Iscar in 1879. In 2008, the town celebrated the centennial of the building. The building is made pressed brick and granite and was designed by architect Enrique Repullés. It has a rectangular courtyard with four towers and a clock.
City Halls in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Cabildo Insular of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Mainly for residents although building is spectacular
City Halls in Badajoz
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Badajoz)
In the central Plaza España, opposite the statue dedicated to Luis Morales and the rear facade of Badajoz Cathedral, the Town Hall is a classical palace of the eighteenth century. The facade can't help but catch the eye, with arches by the entrance, and Tuscan columns on the top floor. The upper body is topped with a balustrade and wrought iron pinnacle housed inside a bell, under which lies the town clock.
City Halls in Bilbao
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Bilbao)
Bilbao City Council faces the river and the bridge, at the end of the Arenal promenade. it is a neoclassical building with baroque influences, built in 1892, and designed by architect Joaquín Rucoba. Highlights of the façade include the balconies, and the wide flight of steps flanked by two sculptures as well as columns on the presidential balcony. Inside, the Arab Hall is decorated with tiles and golden lamps, and is the location where large civil weddings often take place.
City Halls in Ávila
City Council of Ávila
Avila is the perfect city for a on day visit. For those who live in Madrid it is great because we can stand there with just a short train journey and it is quite cheap! Chico Market Square is a must for visitors, it is a traditional square and it is also pretty small. The town hall is the most beautiful facade of the plaza and makes for very good photos in the morning and afternoon.
City Halls in La Orotava
Consistorials Houses Town Hall of la Orotava
In La Orotava, on the island of Tenerife, we find the Town Hall is not the council. It is situated in a former convent that was demolished to build this house. We visited just before Christmas and we were lucky enough to visit most of the rooms that still have the decor of yesteryear.
City Halls in Santander
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Santander)
As usual, Santander's city hall is located in the financial and commercial heart of the city, near the cathedral and the Plaza Porticada. Nearby you'll find all kinds of shops, banks, cafes, restaurants, etc, and in front of the city hall there's a city bus stop where most lines converge. There's underground parking available. The building itself is classical, with a white stone facade and a presidential balcony displaying a clock and the city's coat of arms. The last time I was in Santander was in December, so it was decorated with lights. The square used to have a statue of Franco on horseback, but it was removed in December 2008.
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