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Castles in Spain

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675 castles in Spain

Castles in Segovia
Alcázar of Segovia
Segovia is a fantastic city and because of that the entire world talks about its special atmosphere, with a lot of life, especially in the Plaza Mayor area right next to the cathedral. I'm not sure if it's because of the famous suckling pig (totally delicious) or for the tapas bars... The one thing I know is that there's plenty to see in this city. Besides the aqueduct, the other main attraction in Segovia is the Royal Fortress. It's a spectacular fortress resembling a castle that elevates over the valley at the end of the city, watching over the city. It has many lookout towers, that stand out because of the singular conic shape. The fortress has taken on many purposes over its extensive life, but it will forever be linked to multiple Spanish kings, as well as holding artillery and weapons like cannons, armor, swords and shields, all of which can be seen during the visit inside the castle-fortress.
Castles in Alicante
Santa Bárbara Castle
The castle is located on the peak of the mountain. You can reach it by elevator. The view are extraordinary, not only of Alicante and her cathedral, bull ring, emblematic buildings, but there’s also a marvelous panoramic view of the port. You could spend hours there taking in its beauty. Imagine if you were there during sunset too…
Castles in Barcelona
Montjuïc Castle
The Castle of Barcelona is located next to the mountain of Montjuïc, where a viewpoint is also to be found, from which one can contemplate magnificent outlooks of the city. It is actually a military fort made of three bastions and designed by Juan Martín Zeremeñoa according to the model of the French military engineer Vauban. It dates back from the 18th century and is surrounded by a moat to which you would get through a drawbridge. The castle has two floors you can visit entirely and the entrance is free of charge (while the entrance fee to the museum costs 3€). How to get there: subway until Paral-lel stations, connection with the Montjuïc funicular until Miramar Avenue where you have three options: Parc de Montjuïc bus, touristic bus or the cable railway.
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Castles in Peñíscola
Peñíscola Castle
Castle of Papaluna: a beautiful castle with great views of the sea. It is very big, with a great number of rooms, halls and shields. I didn’t think it was expensive. You can also admire it from the sea, since they do boat trips, bordering the sea. From the top of the castle you can see all of Peñíscola. Inside the region of Catellón, it is one the must see monuments, since it is perfectly preserved.
Castles in Loarre
Loarre Castle
Loarre Castle is an impressive example of a Romanesque castle, situated on a mountain above the village of the same name. Loarre is 35 Km from Huesca and from the castle you catch sight of impressive views of the plains in front. The castle was constructed on a lump of rock and you can see it from the distance. It is in quite a good state of preservation and has a nearby building with a bar, shop and information office. It was here that they filmed part of the Ridley Scott film “Kingdom of Heaven”, starring Orlando Bloom, Eva Green and Liam Neeson among others. If you are in Huesca or on the road to the Pyrenees I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a visit to this castle.
Castles in Olite
Royal Palace of Olite
The castle of Olite is beautiful. It is amazing how its structure takes you back in time, where honor and bravery did not always go hand in hand. One almost feels like being a princess in this great palace, waiting to be met by a dragon, since this would make the perfect home for a winged dragon.
Castles in Palma de Mallorca
Bellver Castle
Amazing place!
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Castles in Ponferrada
Los Templarios Castle
First, I must tell you that the Templar Castle in Ponferrada was declared a National Monument and Historic Art in 1924. When in 1178 Ponferrada became dependent on the Templars via a gift of the Kings of Leon, the Templars found a small fort that became Roman citadel. They expanded it and improved it as the defense of the Camino de Santiago. The Castle that is there today resulted from a long series of additions and alterations carried out since the early twentieth century. The shields and crests of those who occupied and helped in its construction are proof of its various stages. The second photo is the Baroque Town Hall and the Clock Tower last Renaissance style, which is located in the access Clock Street (next to Town Hall). Because it is original, a picture of Ponferrada is attached to the Clock Tower.
Castles in Gatika
Castles in Manzanares el Real
New Castle of Manzanares el Real
The New Castle of Manzanares El Real is one of the absolute best day trips from Madrid, especially if you combine it with a hike among the waterfalls and rock formations of the nearby La Pedriza area. The castle itself dates back to the 15th century and was built by the Mendozas, one of the richest and most influential families in early Castile around the time of the reign of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella. What stands out most about the castle is its amazing state of preservation (it was apparently restored in the early 20th century) and the decorative granite balls which circle the turrets and give the castle something of a fairy-tale look. Inside there is a small and underwhelming museum, but the €3.00 entrance fee is more than worth it just to visit the rooftop gallery with its decorative Gothic windows and amazing views of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, the Santillana Reservoir, and the city of Manzanares El Real itself.
Castles in Javier
Castillo de Javier
We were on our way to Huesca when we realized we were next to the Javier Castle, so we couldn’t resist making a stop. We had heard a lot about the place. There was a lot of peace and calm in the place, with barely a few cars in the parking lot. On the right side there is a statue of the saint, and on the left side an avenue lined with trees that takes you to the castle. We started walking, everything was perfect. We saw a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, and toilets. At the end of the avenue there is an esplanade paved with slabs of stone. On one side there is a mosaic of the saint, in front of the castle. Next to the mosaic there is a convent from the 16th century. It is quite austere but I could enter the central patio, which is in perfect condition. The castle is quite another thing, full of visitors. It is in the highest part and a part of it is now a church, the part where San Francisco Javier was born and lived. We bordered the church and arrived at a viewpoint. You walk to the castle, cross the bridge and enter history. The castle has three parts, the tower of Santo Cristo, the tower of San Miguel and the museum. First you enter the central bastion or tower of Santo Cristo. You climb up and contemplate a series of dioramas that narrate de life and miracles of the saint. When you arrive to the highest part of the tower you access a hall with paintings and objects from medieval origin. The castle was built in the 10th century, but it was seized in 1223 by Sancho VII of Navarra, when they built the two lateral towers. In 1516, the cardinal Cisneros ordered its demolition. The exterior barbican was demolished, the moat was filled, the gardens were flattened and the tower of Homenaje lost its upper part. The rest survived, until in the 20th century it was donated to the Society of Jesus by the duchess of Villahermosa. At the end of the avenue there is a square with a stoned floor. When you enter the tower of Homenaje, or San Miguel, you go into the rooms where they lived. It is decorated and furnished, so you get an idea of how they lived at the time. The most interesting part is the hall where the floor was lifted to show the Muslim floor. I didn’t find as interesting the part where the saint lived and was baptized. We liked this place; it allows you to see how the medieval castle was and some details of the life and work of a Spanish saint. I guess that in March it is full of people, but in low season it is really nice to visit it.
Castles in Tossa de Mar
The Castle of Tossa de Mar
A coastal town to enjoy a nice day at the beach, good waterfront food. Or why not walk through its streets and its splendid castle, it's an all in one, perfect for the weekend. Away from the stress, the hustle of the big cities ... I recommend climbing to the castle viewpoint on the side facing the bay, it's amazing to sit on a stone bench, fresh country air gives a sea breeze ​​and watch the gulls fly!
Castles in Benalmádena
Colomares Castle
Had no idea this existed, let alone visited it before!! to think that just three people built this fairytale-like castle and did so in their spare time. Its an amazing feat. A visit to the Colomares castle is highly recommended. The whole family will enjoy it! I found this very helpful article with a video for the Colomares castle in Benalmadena - http://www.spain-holiday.com/Benalmadena-Pueblo/articles/colomares-castle-benalmadena-a-fairytale-tribute-to-a-true-life-explorer
Castles in Belmonte
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Castles in Xàtiva
Castle of Xàtiva
Although of Iberian origin, the majority of the remaining walls and towers of the castle fortress are technically Islamic or gothic style. It was once the prison of the Kingdom of Aragón. The panoramic views from the top of the castle are magnificent. To the north lies the city and the plains along the Júcar river. To the south are the dry lands and Grossa, Mariola and Benicadell Sierra mountains. To the west, the border with Castilla. To the east, the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a beautiful place.
Castles in Peñafiel
Peñafiel Castle
I like castles and was eager to see this one specifically due to the fact that it's shaped like a boat. Unfortunately, I was only able to see it from the outside because it was a Monday, and all the museums are closed on Mondays.
Castles in Badajoz
Alcazaba of Badajoz
Although they’re currently restoring part of the Alcazaba walls, it’s still really incredible to walk along the walls and take in views of the entire city. The Plaza Alta is right around the corner and there are some really pleasant terraces to have a cold beer as well! I’d really recommend it. It’s a must-see if you’re in Badajoz and is the most beautiful place in the entire city to watch the sun set over the reservoirs.
Castles in Zamora
Castle of Zamora
A good week's holiday in Zamora in my town. On one of my visits to the castle I took this picture. The place itself is just to the left. Well kept with large benches that are perfect to relax on after eating, while your food goes down. Even better if the sun is shining. Around that time there is hardly anyone in there until around 17:30 when the cathedral and castle open.
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