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Gardens in Spain

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1.085 gardens in Spain

Gardens in Madrid
Retiro Park
The Retiro park is one of the "green lungs" of the city of Madrid and one of my favorite parks for the privileged location. When Spring comes, the park comes back to life with the green color, the activity of thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen, going through the paths running, walking, riding a bike or skating. In the center of the park, we have the lake used by many to take a boat tour. Other spots are also nice, more in the inside, like the Crystal Palace, where there are many (strange) exhibitions. It also has many terraces to have an aperitif and even clairvoyant at tables next to the lake. If you have time, don't miss out on San Manuel and San Benito Church, next to the Retiro subway station, it is surprising.
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Gardens in Barcelona
Park Güell
Completed in 1914, Park Güell is one of the most important and beautiful works by the well-known Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudi. Along with his Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Park Güell is a symbol of the city of Barcelona and was been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1980's. Perched atop a hill and offering unbeatable views of both the city and sea, Park Güell was originally conceived as an urban project between Gaudi and the wealthy industrialist Eusebi Güell, a fact evident in the park's spaces for washing, markets, and public events. Today, it's a must in Barcelona and everyday hundreds of visitors come to get a photo lounging on the park's serpentine mosaicked benches overlooking the Barrio de Gracia (perhaps the quintessential Barcelona postcard). As you can imagine, the park gets crowded, especially at sunset and during the summer months. I'd suggest visiting first thing in the morning so you can explore Park Güell's whimsical architecture and beautiful gardens in peace.
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Gardens in Madrid
El Capricho Park
One of the loveliest spots in the city of Madrid, an area that used to be the Duke of Osuna's. An authentic whim (as the name Capricho indicates) at the time in the surroundings of Madrid. It was designed by the French landscape architect Jean Baptiste Mulot and is located next to Juan Carlos I, somewhat under urban pressure now, it is still a real luxury to visit it. A place worth it in any season of the year. The time of most splendor is Autumn, but it is good anytime. There are some restrictions to get in and check the opening hours. Everyone who does not know this wonderful place will be surprised by this exquisite place full of spots for leisure, with the very extensive variety of flowers and some small but lovely lakes. A good opportunity to spend a good day.
Gardens in Madrid
Madrid Río
I must admit Madrid has another face now. It is true that we the people of Madrid had to stand some years of building works, but the result is spectacular. A good example is the area of Madrid Río, completely renovated. And a must, as much if you are a traveler passing by in the capital as if you are a local. It is a perfect area to have a walk (alone or with someone) or to practice sports (running, biking...). The walk starts in Puente de los Franceses (Bridge of the French) and is a few kilometers long until the area of El Matadero. It was a good surprise to me. I biked on a route and it was the best one I did recently. You have to realize it was one of the hottest days in the capital of Spain (the little fountains every few meters are thus a good idea). The route I did started in Puerta del Ángel (The Angel's Gate), very close to the famous club/concert hall "La Riviera", until El Matadero, which I visited too of course. It lasted half an hour, more or less.
Gardens in Seville
María Luisa Park
Taking a walk in the park of Maria Luisa, Seville is something hard to forget. From the Plaza de España to the Monte Gurugu, a wide area of trees and plants, and albero roads (made of sedimentary rock, yellow in tone and of organic origin used mainly in Spanish bullrings), make this walk a magical activity. Strolling along we find, almost by accident, a pond in which there is a small island, named "Of the Ducks". A small stone bridge leads to this little corner where we can enjoy the greenery of Seville.
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Gardens in Barcelona
Parc de la Ciutadella
Yes, Ciudadela Park is a place to relax right in the hustle and bustle of people, cars and a lot of noise. The Parliament of Catalunya is located in the park, as well as the Natural Sciences Park. You can also walk along the glass Hivernáculo (greenhouse), housing a spectacular range of plants, and let your imagination wander sitting on the benches. Just next to the park there is a zoo where you can lean about the different types of animals living on our planet. What I like most is the stairs in the waterfall, a very very lovely monument, somehow reminding me of the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, covering distances, especially the size. The Ciudadela Waterfall is huge. It gives you the sensation of being in a romantic garden, as it's so carefully sculpted. The Mamut to scale made of stone is also fantastic.
Gardens in Madrid
Royal Botanic Garden (Real Jardín Botánico)
The Botanical Garden of Madrid is located on Murillo square, very close to Atocha station, the Paseo del Prado and the most important museums in Madrid, Prado, Reina Sofía and Thyssen and the new CaixaForum. If you just finished to visit one of these and if you have time, I recommend going to the Botanical Garden, since it is a very relaxing and less saturated with people. The Botanical is divided into three parts: the Cuadros terrace, where there are aromatic and medicinal plants; the escuelas botánicas terrace, where there is a very interesting collection of plants, some of them very old; the Plano de la flor terrace with bushes and trees. Lastly, the greenhouse, which is my favorite part and the most striking one to visitors. There you can find my favorite species, like the cactus (there are some especially high and big). The greenhouse is divided according to climates: tropical, temperate and desert climate. There are also wonderful tropical and aquatic plants.
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Gardens in Barcelona
Parc del Laberint d'Horta
The Laberinto Park is a little-known place in Barcelona even though it is a historical garden. I loved following the bushes until I found the center of the labyrinth and the big center fountain. A different place in a non-trendy neighborhood of Barcelona.
Gardens in Valencia
Jardí del Túria
This is a magnificent public park in Valencia. It’s an immense place, with its 110 hectares occupying the old Turia river. It’s the second largest public park in Spain, after Zaragoza’s water park. While walking through the city, you’ll see where there obviously used to be a river, but is now completely dried up. The park was created about 20 years ago, 30 years after the great flood of Valencia, where 80 people were killed. The river dried up and was made a park. The park has various bridges crossing over top. There’s a great variety of trees, sports facilities, playgrounds, etc. There’s always something different along the course of the old river. At one end of the park (heading towards the old quarters) you’ll wind up at the City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic buildings created by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava. It’s the most visited park in Spain, with about 3 million people per year.
Gardens in Salamanca
Huerto de Calixto y Melibea
A beautiful garden stands on the remains of this antique city wall, from which you get a magnificent panorama of the bank of the Tormes. The orchard takes you back to medieval times, has a well where you can make wishes for eternal love, a great variety of plants, a mix of romance ... La Celestina immortalized in beautiful images.
Gardens in Madrid
Cerro del Tío Pío Park - Las Tetas de Madrid
This park, located in the southern area of the capital, in the neighborhood of Vallecas, is also known as "The boobs of Madrid" or the "7 boobs Park" and it offers the best views of Madrid at dusk. It is incredible how a place can change, since this hill used to be a dump.
Gardens in San Ildefonso
The Gardens of la Granja
There is little more to say than what has already been said. It's a must-see. As always, it is not the same as seeing it on direct television. I would like to highly a restaurant which we were told had only had been open three weeks. It's called "La Golondrina" and is very close to the bottom of the hill, next to the hotel Spa "Elizabeth Farnese". We ate there a few times and although the menu is not very extensive, the staff is very courteous and also a la carte dishes are delicious and very well presented and plentiful.
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Gardens in Madrid
Sabatini Gardens
The Royal Palace in Madrid is, for sure, one of the loveliest and best preserved in Europe. And just next to it, there are the Sabatini gardens, perfect to have a walk right in the center of Madrid, surrounded by fresh nature. Somehow, it is one of the places that we the people of Madrid do not often visit and then, when we are in visiting another place in the world, we think: "Why don't I go there more often?". It has no reason to be envious of other great European works. A perfect place to have a walk on a Spring day in the capital.
Gardens in Valladolid
Campo Grande
A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY This is a lovely place to relax in the big city, where nature is in full splendor. There is a large field which hosts many species of birds and the occasional squirrel ... if you visit make sure you're not to miss a trip tot Valladolid. Its construction goes back to the last century which gives Valladolid a senorial touchof a big city in the hands of Mayor Don Miguel Iscar
Gardens in Granada
Generalife Gardens
It is totally worth the visit and the 7€ extra for the Alhambra ticket!! Last summer when I went to the lands of Granada, I was left really impressed after my visit to the monuments of the Alhambra, which actually have two parts, on the one hand the Alhambra, on the other the Generalife gardens. The entrance fee to the Generalife gardens is 7€ and the opening hours are Monday-Sunday, from 8.30 am to 2 pm. In the afternoon the visits start at 2 pm and stop at 6 pm from November to February and to 8 pm when the days are longer from March to October. The general visit of the Generalife gardens can last more or less an hour, if you take your time. Among the places that can be visited on the tour of the gardens you can see: Patio de la Acequia (The Canal Patio), La Escalera del Agua (The Water staircase), Paseo de los Cipreses (The Cypress Courtyard), los Jardines Altos (The Upper gardens), los Albercones, etc... Some of the most representative. You can also take advantage of the visit by roaming the Palacio del Generalife located in the same Gardens. The truth is they are worth seeing, as they are very well taken care of, and on top of that in full herbage, since I visited them at the end of August. Maybe during another season they are not so well preserved.
Gardens in A Coruña
San Pedro Park
My name is David and I am going to show you all a really amazing part of ​​A Coruña. The first time I visited it I was stunned with its views of the sea and the city. It is a really special place to spend summer evenings with your partner and your family. If you get the chance, go! Players of the national soccer team went to visit it and were surprised by its spectacular views.
Gardens in Madrid
Quinta de Los Molinos Park
La Quinta de los Molinos is one of the most unique parks in Madrid, a true oasis of peace in an area far from the city centre. It's famous above all for its almond and cherry trees which come into bloom at the end of winter and offer a spectacular landscape of red and white flowers.
Gardens in Seville
Gardens of the Royal Alcázar
An excerpt from a story of "The Thousand and One Nights" is what the walk through the gardens of the Alcazar seemed to me. Mixed with the green foliage of magnolias and palms, small brightly coloured laurels and scented leaves, lemon trees studded with green lemons and oranges ready to explode, the well-trimmed box hedges covered in part by pink petals, aromatic myrtle, lilies, acanthus and the imponderable rosemary among the great quantity and variety of plants and vines. Several different fountains and a beautiful arbour contribute to the wonderful setting of the magnificent building facades, in a soft yellow colour smoothly intense yet at the same time pastel contrasting with the blue sky. The serenity that is conveyed by this space is mixed with the chirping of birds and the imagination overflows in relentless pursuit of memories trying to compare the incomparable. A trip that was worth making and a place you will want to come back to.
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