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Stadiums in Spain

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40 stadiums in Spain

Stadiums in Madrid
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
There are icons football supporters cannot resist, and the stadium of each team is sacred to its supporters. So that for a "madridista" (Real Madrid supporter), seeing the inside of the Santiago Bernabéu is something you have to do at least once in your life; or this is what the hundreds of people who queued that day might have thought. More than an hour and a half, in the rain and the cold, in order to... be able to sit where those millionaire stars do, see the jacuzzi where those football players relax their muscles, being just at the level of the field, look at the empty grades and imagine how it would be with the clamor of the supporters. After seeing the interior, the visit ends in the Museum where you can live the past glories and dream of future conquests. For those accompanying they can still be the reporters of the experience.
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Stadiums in Barcelona
Camp Nou
I guess it is not necessary to say, but for those who don't know much about football, this stadium is the one where all the matches of the Fútbol Club de Barcelona, better known as "Barça", take place. The inauguration took place in 1957, after three long years of intense work, mainly on the cement and iron structure. They used to play the matches in the stadium there was in Les Corts, but with the increasing popularity of football, the field became too small, so they had to build the current one. The stadium holds a capacity of more than 98,000 people, currently the biggest in Europe. The stadium is 48 meters high, 250 meters long and 220 meters wide. The field measures 105 meters long and 68 wide, according to the UEFA norms, classifying it as a 5 stars stadium. In the beginning they had thought of calling it the FCB stadium, although the name that became popular between supporters was Camp Nou (New Field). But it was not until 2001 that this name became official, after a popular referendum to the members. I haven't gone to many games, but whether you like soccer or not, it is an experience worth living, even once. The atmosphere, with constant cheering from the fans, makes you understand what it's such a big deal.
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Stadiums in Madrid
Vicente Calderón Stadium
If you get the chance buy the ticket, pay the price, by a scarf or hat and enjoy the feel of Spanish Football. Sadly the stadium will be replaced, but it's the atmosphere and feel you get from the supporters hours before the match that makes it so special.
Stadiums in Seville
Sanchez Pizjuan
This is not the best football stadium in Spain but it is great. People here are very passionate about football and whenever Sevilla plays there is always a party, especially if Real Madrid are playing, the world's best team. These two clubs have played some great games.
Stadiums in Madrid
Caja Mágica
Madrid and the cinema get along, from the center to the periphery, where we will start this route, looking for peculiar places, as interesting for the visitor as they were to Pedro Almodóvar. Do you remember the last scene of his first feature film Pepi, Lucy, Bom? Carmen Maura and Alaska cross the ancient Carretera de Andalucía next to the Hospital 12 de Octubre with a panoramic of the city. Today, this place has been replaced with a big roundabout, but just next to it is the Lineal de Manzanares Park, and inside a mountain with the La Dama del Manzanares, a sculpture by Manolo Valdés from which you can see a vision similar to the one the movie portrayed, and to appreciate the changes that have fallen since the movie was premiered. Also, the park is the entrance to a great many hiking routes, which allow you to discover the peculiarities, such as the Channel that tried to convert the city into a port (trying to connect the Manzanares river with the sea, as incredible as this sounds) or the settings of the Jarama Battle, one of the bloodiest battles of the Spanish Civil War, a conflict that also left its marks in the emblematic Ópera Prima. The leit motiv of this Fernando Trueba movie was the plaza of the same name (I recommend you visit it), but two of the main characters, Oscar Ladoire and Antonio Resines had their man to man talks along the Camino del Príncipe, a road with beautiful views over the Palación Real, near the Extremadura Road, from where we reach our next destination. Fade to black.
Stadiums in Gijón
El Molinón Stadium
The Molinon football stadium is home to Club Real Sporting de Gijón. It has a total capacity of 25,885. Although it now belongs to the municipality, it went through different owners in the past. It dates from the early 20th century. It's appearance is really quite painful, with chipped walls. It definitely needs a good remodelling. It has ample parking. Besides sporting events, the stadium is also used occasionally as a concert hall, especially during the summer. The venue has hosted artists like Tina Tarner, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. It lies at the mouth of the Piles, across the street from Queen Isabella and the Parador Hotel. The Trade Fair and the Village Museum of Asturias are close by.
Stadiums in Valencia
Stadiums in Almería
Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos
Let's enjoy watching the Almeria-Real Madrid match from the roof of the new buildings that is opposite the stadium, from where you can take some amazing photographs, not only of the stadium but also the panorama of the wonderful city of Almeria. By the way it was a fantastic game too!
Stadiums in Madrid
Stadiums in Santa Pola
Manolo Maciá Stadium
This stadium has everything: sand for the long jump, shot put, track, canteen, changing rooms, refurbished and spotless toilets, radio area, two tiers (one indoor and one outdoor), and of course, a large football pitch on which countless contests have taken place...
Stadiums in Huelva
Nuevo Colombino Stadium
Along the fairground or Colombino they celebrate the main celebrations of the city is the football stadium, named Nuevo Colombino, because it replaces the last one. It is a bit out of the heart of the city, but in the surrounding area are 2 attractions: El Muelle de Rio Tinto and Huelva Interpretation Center, Atlantic Gateway. It is big establishment that is 61,350 m2, of which 15,000 are for commercial and recreational purposes. It has a parking lot. The stadium has 3 levels of steps, with total capacity for 20,670 people and home to the team "Recreativo de Huelva".
Stadiums in Vigo
Stadiums in Malaga
Stadiums in Madrid
Stadiums in Leon
Stadiums in Burgos
Stadiums in Elche
Martínez Valero Stadium
This stadium was built in the 70s and is still today the best in Spain. It has hosted global matches, international friendlies with big clubs and big teams and a few years of the Copa del Rey. The home team is Elche CF, who have only modest success. But still, the team have this year accomplished a full history in the field. It was the third time since the '70s, which generated enough enthusiasm to fill the stadium. The atmosphere is always exceptional, with a phenomenal crowd, who fire the team as if they were champions. It's always a great stadium to visit. Martínez Valero Stadium was built in the 1970’s and is now considered one of the best second-division stadiums in Spain. Since its construction, it has hosted games for the World Cup, friendly matches among world-class teams, and even a finals match in the King’s Cup.
Stadiums in Soria
Los Pajaritos Stadium
The Stadium The Birds, enclave where the Club Deportivo Numancia plays, a team that currently plays in the first division. If you go by Soria, I recommend you go to a game in this stadium, because people do not only go to watch football, but to have fun with their friends. Party, lots of music and joke is what you can enjoy there. You should sit on Numancia´s side.
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Camp Nou Experience Tour & Museum