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Castles in Spain

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674 castles in Spain

Castles in Coca
Castles in Morella
Morella Castle
Visiting Morella is visiting one of Spain's most magnificent towns. Morella has been inhabited by all the Hispanic civilizations (Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, etc.). As a matter of fact, the Arab castle of Morella was conquered by the legendary Cid, before he went to Valencia. It’s a complex of fortifications forming a ring various kilometers long that surround the castle. The castle was reconstructed in the Middle Ages by the templar knights. Today, it’s fairly destoyed from attacks it underwent during the Carlist Wars, especially those by Carlist general Cabrera (called the Tiger of Maestrazgo – see the sculpture). The entrance gates are of Saint Micheal, Saint Matthew, etc. from the 13th century. The central street, Don Blasco de Alagón, is bordered by porches, where the merchants and handcrafters work and sell their products since the Middle Ages. Morella is known for their fabrics. You must see the treasure of the Santa María church: the gate of the apostles and the virgins, and the spectacular charcoal stairway inside that lead to the chorus. The temple has been declared a national monument. You should also see the Royal Convent of San Francisco, the aqueduct, San Nicolás church that hugs the museum, and the diverse ancestral houses running along the fortified wall.
Castles in Jaen
Castle of Santa Catalina
The Castle of Santa Catalina is one of the most important legacies of Hispanic Arab culture in Jaén. It is the most beautiful viewpoint of the capital, at 800 meters high. You can enjoy a walk, dine, relax ... on hot summer nights there is also a special atmosphere.
Castles in Cuéllar
Castles in Toledo
Castle of San Servando
It is a well located castle next to the Alcántara Bridge. It is well preserved and has nice views of the Alcázar, the Alcántara Bridge and of the river. By night the castle is illuminated. It is a youth guesthouse with a cafeteria. The room we stayed in was spacious and had a bathroom inside. We liked the experience. It was cheap and cozy.
Castles in Guadalest
Castle of Guadalest
Before crossing the tunnel dug in the rock, Guadalest Castle rises dramatically in front of you. It is worth spending some time enjoying the panoramic views towards the sea and much of the Marina Baixa. When you reach the medieval castle, feel free to approach the large square, which also serves the nearby lookout over Guadalest reservoir and the mountains, with its changing light throughout the day. Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/comunidad-valenciana/alicante/casas-rurales-guadalest_rm-es-3075.htm Guadalest
Castles in Medina del Campo
Castle of La Mota
It is one of the largest castles of Castile. It was used as a fortress and in its time was a strategic military center. The artistic style of the fortress is Gothic. The fortress is known for its great keep, the chapel, the hall of honor, the lookout point, or the Queen's hairdresser. Access is to the main entrance; these are areas that you cannot miss.
Castles in Frías
Castles in Blanes
Sant Joan Castle
This town is so small that a must visit activity is climbing to the Castell de Sant Joan. The view is spectacular, with the fresh breeze and worthwhile sunset. You can easily get there by car (little parking lot above).
Castles in Trujillo
Castle of Trujillo
I do not know if there are many cities which are guarded by a castle and which, from a window of the fortress, the patron saint of the city watches over its people. It is Our Lady of Victory, named in memory of one of those triumphs of conquest. Going up to the castle from the main square takes approximately ten minutes and the walk is along a paved road, between old houses and medieval churches. Once you reach the top, the castle overlooks most of Trujillo and the surrounding areas. Among other things, you can see the works of the highway. Perhaps someday it will be possible to reach Cáceres by highway?? For now, from Madrid to Trujillo it is possible, and it takes just two hours. Who would dare? The last there pays for dinner at the Castle!
Castles in Gormaz
Castles in Palmas de Gran Canaria
San Cristobal Castle
This photo was taken when I had just finished a night shift at work ... At 6:30 am, the camera mounted on the tripod, I had to wait for a while for a little light .. so I had breakfast :), When I saw a light that I liked I started doing some tests with the white balance and the photo shoot and that is this what I leave here ... I used a speed of 15 seconds...
Castles in Sagunto
The Castle of Sagunto
The Castle of Sagunto offers a pleasant walk along its ancient walls. Leave your car and begin at the train station. You won't find any posted indications, so use the walls as a reference. After walking through the pleasant little town, there is a local trail that takes you around to the wall and the ancient Roman amphitheater, which has been renovated. The wall is stunning, and the walk very nice, though someone has littered part of the grounds. Once you reach the amphitheater, walk down to Sagunto and enjoy the streets and Cathedral, with a festive atmosphere.
Castles in Cartagena
Bateria de Castillitos
Great tour, before arriving at the military area to be visited, will dazzle the view of the road, lined by pine trees, and trees, mountains, and the marsh. It is obligatory to have a snack for when you reach the top of the port.
Castles in Pedraza
Castle of Pedraza
This fortress was first built in the 13th century, then rebuilt in the 15th. You definitely shouldn't miss the "Night of the Candles", which is the first two Saturdays in of July. They turn off all the lights of the town and just have candles everywhere.
Castles in Sax
Sax Castle
A Nice Mountain Peak The day I visited the castle it was closed, so I couldn’t visit it on the inside, but I thought it was very pretty on the outside and magnificent at night. I go a lot to Burgos and when we come back we pass the towns of Alicante and see the illuminated castles, which is wonderful.
Castles in Villena
Castle of La Atalaya
The castle was constructed at the end of the 17th century by the Arabs that occupied all of Valencia at that time. King Jaime I conquered it in 1240 and, since then, it has undergone several transformation and reformations. The castle, better known as the Villena castle or, as some locals call it, the Santa Bárbara castle. These happens in many Spanish municipalities, where due to a lack of interest in conserving the artistic heritage, the original name of the structure has been forgotten. It’s when the town hall decides to “baptize” these marvelous places with a name in order to remember it by. The castle look impeccable from the outside: spotless walls, almost as well kept as our houses and a good organization system for the tourist visits. It has some privileged views of the entire city and the surrounding areas.
Castles in Baiona
Monterreal Fortress
Monterreal Fortress is located at the end of Bayonne promenade, on the peninsula of Monte Boi. You can go inside by paying 1 €. The interior is huge, so you can quietly spend a couple of hours walking around. The views of the coast from its towers are great, this alone is worth going in for. From inside, you can walk through the Monte Boi, to see the outside of the fortress. However, be careful not to miss the first turn as we did, as you then end up back at the entrance and have to walk all the way back!