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Bars in Portugal

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68 bars in Portugal

Bars in Funchal
Golden Gate Grand Café
The Golden Gate Grand Café, located a few steps from the Ritz, is one of the best and most famous in town. It has been in business for over a century, attracting tourists and Funchal locals with its good food, bright atmosphere, and amazing views. The terrace is incredible!
Bars in Lisbon
A Ginjinha
I found this cherry liquor to be just yummy. You can try it in a place called "A Ginjinha". It is about 1.50 euros per cup. It is to the right of the theater (if viewed from the front) from the Rossio square.
Bars in Aveiro
Casa de Cha
This modern house, located in a corner of the Plaza do Peixe, has been renovated and is a great place to go for tea or cocktails. In the backyard, there is a lovely terrace where you can enjoy cocktails with some quiet music, while a TV screen shows pictures of nature. A great place to relax and be at ease. In November, it is open as usual but with large umbrellas, heaters and light blankets for guests. A great place.
Bars in Alvor
Sports Cafe
People who like to follow sports news quickly understand this place. Equally important is to have located a good beach, a good restaurant or a bank (€) to know where the nearest Sports Café is. It's in the area also called "rua two bars", the most beautiful and lively part of Alvor (part of the Portimao district), the Sports Café lets you watch all the matches of the Spanish,English and Italian league ... Like almost every place in Alvor, is full of the English, for me it doesn't make the bar but adds to it(they give a lot of atmosphere to these kinds of places). For € 2.5 you can have a pint that's just less than half a liter(super cheap). A curious detail that earns a lot of points: It costs the same order at the counter as for the waitress to come to you and take your order.
Bars in Coimbra
Diligencia Bar
The Stagecoach Bar is one of the most incredible clubs I went to. If you like fado music go to this place if you ever drop by Coimbra. This is a bar where people will listen and sing fado. And when I say people I mean the customers. Suddenly one takes a guitar, gets up and start singing. When I had a group of two or three guitarists and two or three alternated Portuguese songs. Price: 1.95 euros in December 2009. Yes, in glass cane. Too bad it will not record a video, but on YouTube you can find some. This bar is an excuse to visit Coimbra, a city that, on the other hand, has many charms.
Bars in Cascais
Bar Moinho
In Carcavelos beach, then after to the "Forte de São Julião" is the Bar Moinho. It is a bar to chill out in ... you can have breakfast, dinner, drinks, eat and admire the beach from your special terrace. You choose where you want to admire the sea, whether from their sofas, chairs, tables and you can accompany it with mojito, caipirinha or fruit juice. The same happens at Carcavelos, even if it's only for a coffee, it's worth going.
Bars in Cascais
Bar Salamandra
So far, the bar that I've most enjoyed in Cascais! First, I have to say it has a great location on the beach, and a wonderful sea view. The decor is nautical, without being cliched, and is very cozy. The employees are very friendly, always serving with a smile. They have great chicken sandwiches with different smoothies. All this, and more ... don't miss it!
Bars in Coimbra
Á Capella
A Capella is a former chapel that has been converted into a cocktail bar. It is very quiet, and every night, a Coimbra fado performance occurs (which unlike Lisbon, these men sing them). The place is very nice, it is perfect with great acoustics and atmosphere. It is calm, relaxed and away from the typical tourist restaurants on the menu which included a concert of fado, is great. You can see a video on http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=4IxwVqOPh80
Bars in Lisbon
Mojito Compay Tasca Cubana
Barrio Alto is one of the best places for drinks in Lisbon, as the atmosphere on the streets is very lively and there are plenty of places to choose from. We went to the Mojito Copany looking for some cheer and dancing after enjoying several hours of Fado. It's a place to dance Latin rhythms, it's decorated with pictures and musical instruments and they serve great caipirinhas and mojitos.
Bars in Lisbon
Bars in Lisbon
Tejo Bar
Following the recommendation of Almudena, we went to this spot that was full of people and had a beautiful atmosphere. We found a small empty place and a waitress that served us two beers .... she barely served us, though, so thank Godness we got our beers ourselves. It was about 12 pm when we left and only three guys had come over, they began to play chess. I guess that since 2011 the bar must have changed.
Bars in Costa da Caparica
Bars in Viseu
Altas Horas Bar
In Don Duarte Square, next to the Cathedral and opposite the CR Sport,there's a recommended Michelin restaurant. Here you can have breakfast, a beer, a hot chocolate or chat with your friends in Spain on wifi, as always coffee is 0.60€ although you can have a specialty coffee for 2.00€. In Don Duarte Square, next to the Cathedral and opposite the CR Sport, there's a Michelin star restaurant and other places where you can have breakfast, have a beer, a chocolate or have a chat with your friends. As always coffee costs €0.60, although you can get specialities for 2.00€.
Bars in Setúbal
Bars in Lisbon
Bar Park
Great view, hard to find but worth the search!
Bars in Porto
Bars in Setúbal
Bars in Setúbal
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