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Wineries in Portugal

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21 wineries in Portugal

Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Sandeman
In Porto you can visit tons of wineries, this is 1 of the most significant and the good thing about it is that in the bag you can buy a joint ticket for just 1 euro and you enter plus you have entrance to the wine tasting included. Interesting for the history of the wineries.
Wineries in Porto
Porto Calem Caves
Porto Cálem is one of the most famous wine cellars of Oporto, it has produced wines of extraordinary quality since 1859, the visit is a pleasant and instructive experience. The winery is in Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the bridge, and offers tours that begin with a didactic and interesting museum. There data on the Region Douro Wine Region, production of Vinho do Porto and the long history of the winery. The tour continues through the cellars, where special conditions, aging delicious house wines. Daily visits May-October: 10-19 hours, November-April: 10-18 hours.
Wineries in Porto
Croft Port Wine Caves
We visited the Croft Caves and assume that the other wineries are similar. It was an interesting visit, as well as the visit itself, the whole process of making wine, barrels, vats, etc. was explained and to end the visit we were offered wine.
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Wineries in Aveiro
Bodegas Alianza
Sangalhos is a small parish of Anadia (in central Portugal) and here are some of the most popular and prestigious wineries. They hav won many awards both nationally and internationally. On sale was the famous "sparkling" wine that is frequently used in the area to accompany suckling pig. There's a variety of bottles and very different prices from the cheapest to some with exorbitant prices. I was not able to visit the wineries, as they had a lot of people to attend to and night was approaching. However, you may visit them and see how they make these fine wines.
Wineries in Estremoz
Encostas of Estremoz
The region of Alentejo, in Portugal, is famous for several reasons. One is its wine. The Alentejo wine, characteristic also for its high amount of alcohol. These days, wine is gaining popularity amongst young people. In the town of Estremoz, we visited this winery and attended a wine tasting. It is a tiny winery, the vineyards are small, but very modern, highly industrialized. They have a good range of wines, quite varied, and produce from a rather ordinary table wine to wine and quality reserves. I most liked the view from the vineyard because it sits atop a hill and is surrounded by vineyards.
Wineries in Mateus
Mateus Winery
Opposite the front door of the Chapel and the northern facade of the Mateus House Museum is the cellar, which was acquired even before the palace. For a price of € 1 to seniors, the inside can be visited with a guide who explains the process of making the famous Mateus wine. It is a slightly sweet rose wine, which since its increasing production after World War II, has become one of the most popular wines of Portugal. Of course, can be purchased from the usual [poi = 150913] Store [/ poi], next to the museum reception.
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Ferreira Cellars
One of the visits when in Vila Nova de Gaia Porto is going to one of their warehouses. Although the vines that lead to the drafting of the wine are found in the high Douro Valley, the Fermentation and aging is done in Vila Nova de Gaia. The origin of the wine appellation is Porto, igiven by the wine shortage England suffered as a result of the war it had with France in the year 1678.England went to the wines of Portugal and Spain for supplies, when some Liverpool merchants flocked to a technique used in the Monastery of Lamego for wine and transferred it to the island. This technique was to add the wine during fermentation and interrupting it. Consequently, the wine has higher alcohol content and a higher proportion of sugar fermented not completely finished. The visit to the winery is a few more than are able to do, that is a brief explanation of how it collects, embarrica and bottled. The price is four euros per person with a small taste, being the languages ​​Portuguese, English and French. My particular advice is not to purchase any bottle in his showroom, since the price is higher than that then you can buy at any big surface. The difference found by for a normal wine bottle was 3 euros.
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Offley Cellars
A visit to the Port Wine Cellars is mandatory for anyone traveling to Porto / Vila Nova de Gaia, even if you're not fond of the stuff. There are several types of visits, the cheapest is the "classic visit", for €3 per person, and includes 2 wine tastings. It is open from March to October.
Wineries in Setúbal
José Maria de Fonseca House Museum
The House Museum has one of the oldest and most vintage wine cellars in Portugal. In the village of Azeitao, Setubal and close to the centre of the Sierra da Arrabida. A beautiful 19th century mansion where you can explore the history of this family and try very interesting wines with a pleasant taste. Among them the famous Lancers rosé. They also produce the Setubal muscatel. The exterior architecture is typical of Portugal with blue tiles. Best in town.
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Wineries in Porto
Wineries in Aguada de Cima
Wineries in Lisbon
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
Wineries in Anadia
Wineries in Guimarães
Wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia
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