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Streets in Portugal

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176 streets in Portugal

Streets in Porto
Avenida Dos Aliados
The greand avenue Dos Aliados reminds one of the big avenues of Paris and Barcelona. The big central walkway is full of trees and seats to rest on during your visit to Oporto, where there are also small stands and various sculptures that are interesting. One one side of the avenue you can find one of the most ornate McDonalds of the chain, and it is said to be the most beautiful. It is typical to find yourself packed-in on the south part of the street, where more tourists go. It is an avenue to visit, and a big change from the zone of the Ribeira.
Streets in Coimbra
Coimbra, though not a city that struck my interest, was recommended by a friend so I decided to check out something new, and I was not disappointed! I fell in love with its streets, the narrow paths through the city. It's full of monuments and people, but still quiet. It has great, warm weather and along the river you can get close to nature. The number of hills shocked me, to go anywhere you have to go up and down, but it really is part of the city's charm. Being a university town, it is really lively, with lots of young people partying. Eating in Coimbra is very cheap. It's typical to eat in a bars with a dirt cheap menu. For example: salad + grilled chicken + chips + white rice + bottle of water = 2.50 €! Yes, less than 3 €! Amazing! And you don't leave hungry! A beautiful landscape, a cheap vacation, a big party, if you have the chance, do not hesitate to visit Coimbra.
Streets in Lisbon
Rua Augusta
The most important street of downtown Lisbon, full of life at almost any time of day and the main artery linking the Praca do Comercio with Praça da Figueira. It's full of shops and restaurants, but the cuisine is too oriented to tourists, with terraces offering paellas (of Paellador), little pizzas and local cuisine. Halfway between the Alfama and Alto districts is the starting point to learn about this amazing city.
Streets in Lisbon
Avenida da Liberdade
A long street starting at Rossio Square and reaching the top of Lisbon, where the main shops, the airport and the city in general are located. It's as if the area is the city itself and Lisbon's tourist center. It's a thousand times more beautiful than the coastal area.
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Streets in Funchal
Rua de Santa María
On Funchal Street in Rua de Santa Maria, in the old area of the city, there's an outdoors art gallery. It's an initiative to take art to the street, "Portas Abertas Art," featuring the most colorful designs and original doors. There is also a website where all doors are detailed: http://www.zyberchema.net/portas/
Streets in Alvor
Rua Dr. Frederico Ramos Mendes (rua Dos Bares)
Without a doubt this spot is the best of this small hamlet belonging to Portimao. I was in love at first sight with this street. You can make your way up the sides of the road, spotting charming restaurants and shops. The first part of the street is lined with restaurants more expensive and as you progress you find more affordable places. I was much struck by an Indian restaurant in the middle of street, Kashmir Indian Restaurant. I could not go but it looked tremendous. The village is basically full of English and some French. In addition, of course, Spanish. In short, a street that surely you will fall in love with.
Streets in Porto
Do Barredo District
Really narrow streets
Streets in Porto
Streets in Póvoa de Varzim
Passeio Alegre
The long Passeio Alegre is the most atmospheric place that can be found in Póvoa. Here you will find the Grand Hotel, the Mercure Hotel, Casino, and a myriad of restaurants and terraces. It is also where summer concerts and shows are set up. Underneath it there is an underground car park which you will most likely need, because parking in the park is more complicated. As for its ornamentation, the highlight is a monumental decorative fountain situated in the central area and the heroic statue of José Rodrigues Maio fisherman. This large square is the center of the entertainment area of ​​the city: Towards the side the Avenida de los Baños (the boardwalk that runs along the vast beaches) and Avenue of the Discoveries come together, where fishing port is located. It leads to Vila do Conde
Streets in Guarda
Rua do Comércio
The Rua do Comércio is one of the main streets of the heart of Guarda, off the square Praça Luís Camões or Velha (old). There is where you can find 2 of the most emblematic buildings of the city: the Cathedral (Gothic) and the Church of Mercy (Baroque). It is a pedestrian street where there are many stores , both bricks and mortar stores as current.
Streets in Barcelos
Avenue of Liberdade
The Avenida da Liberdade is a central street that can be found in Barcelos, situated close to Largo Porta Nova. It starts just behind the Church of Bom Jesus de la Cruz, and ends at the Plaza of October 5 (Field 5 Outubro), just opposite the Palace of Beça Meneses. Facing the avenue is the fairground (Campo da Fair). It's a good place to have a stroll while looking at the architecture and tiled facades, or sit in a cafe for a drink. At one end of the avenue is the Volunteer Firefighter Memorial, and a milestone with the shield of the city.
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Streets in Vila Nova de Cerveira Municipality
Rúa de Pescadores
The name of the street along side the river Miño, is given to the area in which fishermen leave their boats and tools to enjoy freshwater fishing, and to fish the equisite lamprey to many palates (not my case), I do not understand how they can be so appreciated, not only in Galicia, but also in northern Portugal. Throughout this tour and the end of it we find the leisure park called "O Catelinho" a large area of ​​parkland, playground, picnic areas, etc.. and also where is located the Aquamuseo so you can visit and enjoy this landscaped surroundings.
Streets in Miranda do Douro
Coslanilha Street
Rua da Coslanilha is one of the most typical streets of the historic town of Miranda. The cross street is part of the Praça João III (on the corner of City Hall) and ends in a stunning medieval tower, which was one of the entrances to the walled city from the Castle. It's narrow, cobbled and pedestrianized, the only traffic are wheeled vehicles belonging to people living here. Lower houses are 2-storey with masonry facades, some built in the fifteenth century, such as Bourgeois House, the former Guesthouse do "Zambeira" and called Casa dos Erotic Cubs. It's a real treat for a walk down this street and the adjacent streets.
Streets in Braga
Avenida Central
This wide avenue runs between the Praça da República and Largo da Senhora-A-Branca. The central area is very wide, pedestrianized and being covered by gardens in which there are numerous sculptures, monuments and benches under the trees. The whole park has an underground car park (accessed on the Praça da República). On the right side of the park are the spectacular Church of the Congregados, University of Minho, Rolão House (the library-cafe Centésima Página) and Convento da Penha de França. On the left side is the Braga Shopping Mall, the Museum Nogueira da Silva (Portuguese furniture, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, porcelain) and the former Convent of the Converted. This avenue is also the venue for concerts and outdoor events, I saw a craft market and several political party booths, as it was election day and there would be a rally at night for the winner. Also at the beginning of the avenue there's a large McDonald's with plenty of tables where you can eat outside.
Streets in Guimarães
Rua de Santa Maria
It is the most historic street in the city and the oldest, as it connected, in the 10th century, the convent founded by Countess Mumadona in the lower part of town, with the Castle at the Sacred Hill. It currently goes from Rua Serva Pinto until Alberto Sampaio Museum, through the Long Jose Maria Gomes, where you can find the City Hall (former convent) and Library Raul Brandão. It is a narrow, cobbled street, which highlights some stone houses such as Casa del Arco or the House of Valadares, and a tourist information center.
Streets in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Av. Dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra
This avenue is one of the main streets of Viana and goes through the center of town dividing it in two, right and left. The street begins on the riverbank next to the Viana Welcome Center and April 25 Memorial, and ends at the railway station. It's a pretty broad avenue with two lanes and wide sidewalks with many shops, cafes and banks. Two buildings attract attention, the Courts and School of Dr. Alfredo de Magalhães. The street is uphill from the river, with a backdrop of Mount Saint Lucia.
Streets in Braga
Los Capelistas Street
Another main shopping and pedestrian street of Braga's historic center is Rua dos Capelistas, which runs parallel to Rua do Souto. It goes from Praça da República to Praça Conde de Agrolongo. At the beginning of the street (near the resort) is a quirky sculpture, the Franciscan Igreja dos Terceiros, and the Church and Convent do Pópulo. Along the street there are numerous cafes and shops as well as the Alameda Shopping Mall and the "Residential Two Terceiros" hotel.
Streets in Guimarães
Largo República do Brasil
For my taste, this is the most beautiful avenue in the city and it runs between Alameda S. Damaso and Domingos S. Gonçalves Square, ending with the monumental Church of San Gualter. At the other extreme is one of the Chapels of the Steps of the Passion of Christ. It's a wide boulevard with a pedestrianized central part and beautiful gardens formed by small hedges and thousands of colorful flowers arranged in geometric designs. On the sides of the garden there are several stone sculptures (which are fountains) and one lateral street, crossing the traffic lane is the Monument to Count Arnoso. The modern San Francisco Shopping Mall is also accessible from this avenue.
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