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Historical Monuments in Portugal


350 historical monuments in Portugal

Historical Monuments in Lisbon
Belém Tower
If you want to go inside you will waste a lot of time; if not you can walk along the gardens and take photos of the tower from out
Historical Monuments in Lisbon
Jerónimos Monastery
It seems a very gloomy, right? But that isn't what I intended - I wanted to pay tribute to people who have dedicated their lives t
3 activities
Historical Monuments in Lisbon
Santa Justa Lift
has resulted in a wide range of unusual transport options. Perhaps the most outstanding is the cast iron Santa Justa lift. This na
11 activities
Historical Monuments in Lisbon
Monument to the Discoverers
So its a great place to rest in the middle of the trip between the two attractions.
Historical Monuments in Lisbon
Rua Augusta Arch
On the north side of Plaza del Comercio, the Arco da Rua Augusta is the start of Rua Augusta, the most important street of the Bai
1 activity
Historical Monuments in Porto
Clérigos Tower
You can see all town from there
2 activities
Historical Monuments in Braga
Monastery of Sao Martinho de Tibaes
Tibaes Monastery is a fabulous monument, a wonderful sight etched in your memory for the rest of your life! I advise everyone to v
Historical Monuments in Sagres
Sagres Fortress
Located a few kiómetros from Cape St. Vincent, it was commissioned by Prince Henry the Navigator, after his brother King Don Pedro
Historical Monuments in Fatima
Little to offer, except to go for religious reasons, souvenir shops and religious items, a number of restaurants, and the Basilica
Historical Monuments in Lisbon
National Pantheon of Santa Engracia
As you walk through Alfama, a stunning pure white dome stands out from the modest houses: The church of Santa Engracia that, by or
1 activity
Historical Monuments in Coimbra
Monastery of Santa Cruz
Located in the lively May 8th Square, the Santa Cruz Monastery was founded in 1131 by the canons of the St. Augustine order. Today
Historical Monuments in Óbidos
Walls of Óbidos
The walls of Óbidos delimit the territory of this beautiful city in central Portugal. You can access them by walking through the h
Historical Monuments in Albufeira
Albufeira Old Town (Monte Choro)
Beautiful charming. busy and loud at night.
Historical Monuments in Braga
Praca da Republica
In Republic Square is the building known as Arcade, built by Rodrigo de Moura Teles in 1715, replacing one by Diego de Sousa. The
Historical Monuments in Braga
Arco da Porta Nova
The eighteenth century New Gate Arch was designed by André Soares and is Baroque and Neoclassical. The Baroque façade is facing to
Historical Monuments in Sintra
Poço Iniciático
One of the mysteries of Regaleira is its "little Iniciático". It is believed that it was used in rituals of initiation. They say y
Historical Monuments in Salzedas
Santa Maria of Salzedas Monastery
The Monastery of Santa Maria, in the center square of the village of Salzedas, is classified as a National Monument and is of the
Historical Monuments in Tavira
Tavira Anchor Graveyard
Located on the island of Tavira in the Algarve region of Portugal, there is a beach (Praia do Barril) where you can find more than
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