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Theaters in Portugal

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20 theaters in Portugal

Theaters in Porto
São João National Theater
This theater is one of the landmarks of Porto, and is located in the heart of the upper zone of the city, more specifically, in the Praça da Batalha. The current appearance of the building is the result of the reconstruction carried out by the famous architect Marques da Silva after the building suffered a fire. It brings together the best plays and cultural and social events of the city, and it is the seat of the national theater company. It belongs to the network of the Union of Theatres of Europe (UTE). Besides watching the shows, there are guided tours to see the theater itself, Saturdays at noon. You have to sign up in advance, and the tour costs three euros.
Theaters in Braga
Theatre Circo
This theater is located in the central pedestrian area of Avenida da Liberdade. The building is notable for its monumental façade, mainly made of stone but has also has areas painted in a striking red. The theater was built in 1911 and is one of the largest and most beautiful theaters in Portugal, with a capacity of 1,500 people. As is the case for almost all theaters, there was a decline following the cinema revolution. However, in 1988 it was acquired by the City Council of Braga ve restored it and since late 2006 it has become the main cultural focus of the city and hosts all kinds of events and performing arts (theater, opera, ballet, concerts, conferences, exhibitions etc).You can call to arrange a guided tour inside the theater. They are held on Mondays and admission is €1.5.
Theaters in Lisbon
D. Maria II National Theatre
The national theater Dona Maria II (daughter of Dom Pedro IV) is in Rossio Square (called Dom Pedro IV Square). It was built where there was a palace, it survived the famous Lisbon earthquake but was destroyed by fire. The front is decorated with Apollo and the Muses and consists of 6 neoclassical columns.
Theaters in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Municipal Theater Sá de Miranda
The theatre is just outside the historic centre, just in front of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity (former Benedictine convent of Santa Ana). It was opened in 1885 and was designed by José Geraldo da Silva Sardinha. In 2000 it was completely remodelled. This theatre was a real milestone in the culture of both the city and the region of Alto Minho, since it has hosted major performances of music, theatre, opera and dance. It has capacity for 400 people, distributed among boxes and seats, and there are still shows today.
Theaters in Barcelos
Gil Vicente Theatre
This summer (2010) the Gil Vicente Theatre was still under construction but Barcelos won´t have to wait too long for it to open again. This eclectic building was built in the early 20th century and served as a movie theater for many years, until it finally closed its doors. It has now been acquired by the City and is being renovated to re-open as theater. The ¨A Capoeira¨ Theatre Company is headquartered here. It organizes the annual People's Theatre Festival of Barcelos during the months of October and November (and it´s the 23rd edition). The theater is named after Gil Vicente, the first great Portuguese poet and playwright (born in Barcelos). It is very near the Largo de Apoio and the building of the City Council.
Theaters in Porto
Oporto Coliseum
Porto is known in Portugal as the capital of concerts, art and culture. This recognition was achieved by having a cultural heritage and many of the best concert halls in the country and even Europe. Such is the case of Oporto Coliseum, which is recognized across the continent as one of the most impressive and outstanding concert halls. The proposed rooms in Porto are complemented, near the Oporto Colosseum, with the House of Music and Rivoli Theatre. Www.coliseudoporto.pt/
Theaters in Lamego
Ribeiro Conceiçao Theatre
Conceição Ribeiro Theatre is in Largo de Camoes, just opposite the Cathedral Square. It was built in the 18th century, serving as House of Mercy until 1892. After a fire in 1897, it was acquired by the City Council, who rebuilt to house the current theater, which opened in 1929. They kept the facade of typical Portuguese Baroque style, consisting of 2 floors, there's also a wonderful staircase. It highlights the multiple granite windows, and the coat of arms of the Portuguese royal crown. The interior features a spacious Italian style living area. This theatre plays host to various art forms such as theater, dance performances, concerts and more. It's even been used as a place to hold a circus once. The building is classified as Property of Public Interest.
Theaters in Bragança
Municipal Theatre of Bragança
The Municipal de Bragança Theatre is located at Praça Cavaleiro Prof. Ferreira, next to the Bragança shopping centre. It is a modern establishment that can be accessed by an impressive and imposing staircase. It was designed by architect Filipe Oliveira Days and has seating for 400 spectators. This theater is the main venue for artistic expression in the city, especially concerts, theater and opera. It also has a modern café with an outdoor area where you can go if you just want a drink.
Theaters in Vila do Conde
Municipal Theatre
The main socio-cultural events and artistic events take place at the city's Municipal Theater, which is meant to be one of the main theatres on the north coast of Porto. The building was the former Cine Teatro Neiva, which was a private entity between 1949 and 1980. Then it was bought by the City Council to be the municipal theatre. It consists of a main room, an auditorium and a noble hall, rehearsal hall and bar.
Theaters in Monção
Brejoeira Palace Theatre
I recently went to Brejoeira Palace, and though I am often in this area and it had many times caught my eye, it only recently opened to the public, specifically last year. This lavish 19th century palace was declared a National Monument. It has four facades outlined by four towers and inside, there are valuable regal rooms with paintings and frescoes, as well as a chapel and a theatre. Because you can't take pictures inside the palace, I only took two of the little theatre, which looks more like a painting, and the rest around the grounds, gardens, forest, lake, extensive vineyards. In fact, they also have warehouses in the back of the palace, where Albariño wine is produced for sale. This is a must-see in the spring or fall, so you can admire the beauty of the forest and gardens.
Theaters in Viseu
Viriato Theatre
Viriato Theatre is in Largo Mouzinho, Albuquerque, opposite San Antonio Church. Built in 1883 by popular initiative, its first name was Theatro Boa União, but it closed in 1960. In 1999, the City Council and the Ministry of Culture of Viseu took over the project, undertaking a complete restoration of the theatre, with the aim of reopening in the same year. There's an auditorium with space for 256 people, a bar on the first floor, a mini library, a media room, a dance studio, a rehearsal room, and the artists dressing rooms. All kinds of cultural, musical, dance and theatre events are held at this theatre.
Theaters in Ponta Delgada
Micaelense Theatre
Micaelense Theatre is in Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel), just a short distance from the promenade of the city and the Church of Sao Paulo. It is not just a theater, but is actually a cultural and convention center where artistic expression is concentrated on the island for the enjoyment of locals and tourists who come here. In addition to theater, there is dancing, music, and film. But you can find even more at the Teatro Micaelense. In addition there are workshops, conventions and exhibitions of painting, photography, musical styles and many other cultural and artistic expressions. It suffered a terrible fire in the 30s and has currently been renovated and redone with the intention to take back all the ingenuity, creativity and imagination of artists from different cultures and nationalities. Micaelense Theatre is today the most representative cultural center of the island of Sao Miguel and even possibly in all of the Azores.
Theaters in Lisbon
Theaters in Funchal
Theaters in Lisbon
Theaters in Lisbon
Theaters in Porto
Theaters in Lisbon
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