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Exhibitions in Portugal

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44 exhibitions in Portugal

Exhibitions in Porto
Exhibition Hall of the Casa do Infante
This showroom is in the basement of one of the crenellated towers that make up Casa do Infante. When I visited (August 2008) there was an exhibition of old photographs of Oporto. It was worth visiting, not for the exposure (which may be more or less interesting) but to see the building inside as it's a National Monument. Admission is € 2.50, but is free on weekends. Schedule: Monday-Friday: 10-12h and 14-17h, Saturday and Sunday 10-12.30h and 14-17.30h Admission includes a visit to the archaeological museum that's installed in the other tower.
Exhibitions in Lisbon
Exhibitions in Lisbon
Exhibitions in Miranda do Douro
House Mirandesan Culture
The main road leading into the center of Miranda is the Mouzinho Rua de Albuquerque, which flows into Largo D. João III square. On the right hand side is the building that was the old Customs House, and since 2004 has housed the House of Culture Mirandesa. It was built in the fifteenth century, with a stone facade and medieval traces, but reformed in the XVI, XIX and XX centuries so you can see Manueline elements. On the ground floor there's a room with a permanent exhibition of paintings by the artist Balbina Mendes (mirandesa painter) and the upper floor was devoted to seminars/courses/workshops.
Exhibitions in Caminha
Model Aircraft Club
If you are interested in model airplanes and you can practice on weekends, and you can enjoy this sport and fly planes or helicopters in Arga de San Juan (Camiña). This weekend I was at an exhibition on the occasion of the Feast of the Sea in Vila Praia de Ancora and here are some of the pictures I took. Normally for a beginner model aircraft practice could be a bit expensive, but now with the mass in Asian markets the material price is less expensive. You can get all the material necessary for the practice for about €300. For starters you do not start with a Spitfire in a store window but a trainer plane, easy to fly model with a stable performance and easy to repair in case of human error will be.
Exhibitions in Lisbon
BTL: International Fair of Tourism
In a few days the Lisbon Tourism Fair starts. The fairground is worth it. Old halls and avenues from the Expo 98 grounds have been converted into the fairground which extends into the sea, like everything in Lisbon. The Portuguese fairs schedules are somewhat strange because they open their doors both at noon and close well into the winter night, at about nine or ten. During this time, you can walk through all the regions of Spain( competition for Portuguese tourism), you can pass through the Lusophone world, experiencing samba and the most remote places on the map. Among this multitude of gifts for the fair visitor. Some people ask where you can eat, where there's an interesting museum, and even ask for a gift. Office supplies, gastronomical shows, wine or Caribbean drinks... here you can collect a bit of everything. A Moroccan wrote my name in Arabic and there are masseuses. I was surprised by a lady with wide hips and a colorful dress, who had been part of the Rio Carnival, who tried to tie a ribbon of good luck on my wrist. "Make a wish by knot," she said as she twisted the tape.
Exhibitions in Caminha
Stony Models
One of the best ways to learn the history of a village is through the architecture of their buildings. Currently, almost everything around us is manufactured in series, however, there are people who make the private environment by hand. So, here are some pictures I took at the model stone exhibition where the popular engineering of our heritage's great buildings, in this case, the heritage of Camiña, won't leave you indifferent. These laborious, mainly stone models represent the churches, fountains, historical monuments like Clock Tower, the fortification, the Cruzeiro Lanhelas and the Fountain Square in the centre of the Portuguese town of Caminha.
Exhibitions in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Aleixo de Queiroz Exhibition
An exhibition in the new building of the Museum of Art and Archaeology (accessed by General Luis do Rego Street) that's dedicated to the famous Portuguese sculptor Aleixo de Queiroz (nineteenth century). The exhibition takes a journey through his biography, using different panels the different life stages are explained and some of his works are exposed. The most important work in the exhibition is the bust of Vasco de Gamma (in the hall of the museum) and the most famous work of his career is the sculpture of the Sacred Heart (presides over the altar of the Basilica of Santa Luzia).
Exhibitions in Braga
Anima Vegetalis Exhibition
One of the units on the ground floor of the Monastery of Tibães is a temporary exhibition hall. I saw the exhibition "Anima Vegetalis - Imaginário Botanico do Mosteiro de Tibães" which ran until October 24 2009 that was a mostly photographic exhibition by the artist Pedro Gaspar Ferreira, who for processing spent 2 years living in one of the cells of this Benedictine monastery (also recreated in an area of ​​the room). The theme is nature, especially the forests of Tibães.
Exhibitions in Guimarães
Gomes Alves Gallery
It is an art gallery that has 2 locations in Guimarães: da Rainha street and Gravador Molarinho street. It's dedicated to modern and contemporary art and has temporary exhibitions of paintings and sculpture by Portuguese artists. They also sell artworks. Last year, during my short stay in the city, the sculptural works of Portuguese artist Susana Piteira (susanapiteira.Com) were being shown. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 to 13 and from 15.30 to 19.00.
Exhibitions in Guimarães
Ritmos E Improvisos Exhibition
This exhibition was part of a special program of nightly visits to museums because of Guimarães' for the European Capital of Culture (2012). It took place July 3-August 30, 2009 inside the Alberto Sampaio Museum. It was an exhibition of contemporary art, particularly sculpture, by the Portuguese artist Rui Anahory. The pieces were exhibited around the building's cloister, which was quite unusual for the contrast between old and modern parts of the monastery. The truth is that I found them meaningful, it was abstract art where the author used materials, such as wood, in combination with others, such as plastics or steel, to create his works.
Exhibitions in Guimarães
José de Guimarães Exhibition
A permanent exhibition in one of the halls of the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança, with paintings and sculpture by the Portuguese artist José Maria Fernandes Marques are shown (better known as José de Guimarães). It's abstract art and his works are characterized by having color, a result of the influence of African art. José de Guimarães is a contemporary artist born in Guimarães (where his stage name comes from) and is the author of the tourism logo of Portugal and the Monumento ao Nicolino sculpture in his hometown.
Exhibitions in Guimarães
This was another of the exhibits that I was able to see during my visit inside the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança. It took place on the 50th anniversary of the reopening of the palace, which was the residence of presidents of the republic. In a room there was a model of the building, a photographic exhibition and some other rooms with typical Portuguese period furniture and other items. There were also information boards with short biographies of the presidents who lived here. The exhibition was temporary (June 24 to September 6, 2009).
Exhibitions in Vila Praia de Âncora
Mar de Recuerdos Exposition
During the Gourmet Feast of Sea and Sardina, I attended an exhibition of furniture and old photographs related to the history of this seaside town of [poi = 104451] Vila Praia d, Anchor [/ poi], a pretty village resort that is located about 12 km from Viana do Castelo. The party was held as last year where lies the [poi = 74550] Forte da Lagarteira [/ poi] in a huge marquee erected for the purpose, and the entrance to an exhibition of new vehicles for sale. This festival dedicated to products and services related to the sea, had several stands of everything from handicrafts, leather, fashion, wines. This exhibit had some really odd furniture that I couldn't identify immediately, such as a toilet that was just a hole in the middle.
Exhibitions in Esposende
Biodiversity Exhibition
2010 was the International Year of Biodiversity, and during the summer the Esposende boardwalk had an exposure this subject. Basically there were panels with texts and pictures of different natural environments (beaches, forests, rivers, etc.) and animals that inhabit them. It was a free outdoor exhibition.
Exhibitions in Vila Praia de Âncora
The Festival of the Sea in Sardinia is a cultural and gastronomic feast. There, we attended an exhibition called "Men of Faith." The exhibition is a portrayal of the religious manifestations of cultural identity among people from this village. This interesting exhibition has excellent miniatures "Lagarteira Forte" located a few meters from the sample, the "Forte da Insua" located near the town of Moledo (Camiña) and at the same time in front of the border town A Guarda, since it is located on an island. The Forte da Insua is classified as a National Monument in 1910 and was initially occupied by a Franciscan community in the fourteenth century who built the convent of Santa Maria da Insua. Such strength which today we know from the seventeenth century.
Exhibitions in Lisbon
Exhibitions in Ponte de Lima
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