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Flea Markets in Portugal

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34 flea markets in Portugal

Flea Markets in Lisbon
Flea Markets in Barcelos
Barcelo´s Market
Barcelos is a small town located in the district of Braga, which is known for its pottery since the famous Barcelos was born there with the famous rooster which is the symbol of the city, and you can find it in any corner of Portugal and currently it has thousands of designs. The main reason to visit Barcelos is its weekly market that is held every Thursday, this is the largest in Portugal and it is made in the Campo da Republica, a large Plazoleta, which has a fountain in the center of the style of Renaissance in the market you can find everything: flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, cheeses, breads, traditional pottery, kitchenware, clothing, footwear, carpets, animals, etc. In short it is a market full of fascinating color and light with an extraordinary life, i recommend you visit it, you will surely enjoy it greatly. Carlos Palacios Meñaca.
Flea Markets in Lisbon
Feira da Ladra Market
The Feira da Ladra (Thief Fair) is a market with old things, used furniture and collectibles etc. It got its curious name because it used to be the only place that sold stolen objects. Nowadays they sell personal things that people want to get rid of (and some other stolen property, of course) The fair is open every Tuesday and Saturday.
Flea Markets in Albufeira
Albufeira Flea Market
Like in any typical tourist town, this has a pedestrian street with lots of little shops and products. There are lots of nice things from Portugal / Algarve / Albufeira, but generally they are things that you can find in most beach towns . I was surprised how many "Chinese" stores there were. I recommend that you go into Naturasia, as it is a shop in this area around the square on April 25. The address is: Av de Liberdade, nice view building 65, loja B, 8200 albufeira. This is the exact address but if you just walk down that street you will see it right away. The shop features products made with coconut roll Zen is really very nice things have animal shaped lamps made in coconut for 24 € I think, we bought one with 2 palms (I attached photo). The items there are original, not found anywhere else, the cashier also super friendly.
Flea Markets in Braga
Braga Bird Market
Every Sunday in Braga, outside the Municipal Market, there is an ornithological market. It just so happened that we saw the Igreja do Carmo and we noticed from afar a large group of people, and the overwhelming sound of birds chirping, so we went to see what was happening. There were lots of stalls with an amazing variety of birds of different species and sizes (canaries, finches, parakeets, parrots ...) and all kinds of accessories for birds (cages, feeders, feed, etc). Of course, they were are for sale. There was also, to a lesser extent, stalls with puppies. Of course, I thought it was a really interesting flea market as I had never seen one anywhere else. The Municipal Market is a relatively modern concrete building (dating back to 1980) which was designed by architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.
Flea Markets in Quarteira
Quarteira Market
Since going to the Algarve four years ago, a visit to this little market that's here every Wednesday is an insufferable experience for me, but not for my wife. It's almost as big as the Rastro in Madrid, and I almost always see the same things. However, this year I noticed the change in coloring of the Peruvians and Ecuadorians who decided to settle in the country. Otherwise everything is the same, including the stomping, elbowing and even some bumping into people. It was a total waste of time, but I have to deal with it as best I can.
Flea Markets in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Crafts Jobs
Both at the door of the Basilica of Santa Luzia and at various points scattered around Mount St. Luzia, you will find stalls selling handicrafts, souvenirs and sweets and homemade pastries. There are all kinds of ceramic figurines, wooden objects or objects made with typical Portuguese tiles and you can even uncover some small toys.
Flea Markets in Barcelos
Barcelos Fairgrounds
I always find it strange when fairgrounds are in the city center, but this is the case in Barcelos. The "Campo da Feira", designed by the architect Marques da Silva, is surrounded by some of the major historical buildings of the area such as the Church of Bom Jesus de la Cruz, the House of Mercy, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Baroque Garden. It is a large square, decorated with colorful panels of tinsel and statuettes made of cloth. Inside the enclosure there is a weekly market where you can buy textiles, ceramic and copper pots and antiques. In the center of the area is a monumental fountain, made of seventeenth century stone. It is worth a visit.
Flea Markets in Vila Praia de Âncora
Crafts Market
During the Feast of the Sea this month I attended a craft market in the fishing and tourist village of Vila Praia d, Anchor, only 12 km from the town of Viana do Castelo, in a pleasant seaside environment and a large numbers of visitors. The wide variety of stands made people stop and observe the carefully crafted products that are on sale, such as leather and leather products, alabaster pieces, ceramics, jewelry, lace and linens, carpets and rugs, toys . Food also makes and appearance, with a variety of sausages, bottles of the finest wines, pastry .. A bit of everything!
Flea Markets in Braga
Braga Crafts Market
Together with the music pavilion in the Central Avenue Gardens there was a craft market organized by the Association of Artisans of the Minho region. It consisted of a few stands that offered religious objects (different wood carvings Santos), wool woven bags, various ceramic pieces placed on the facades of houses and buildings, decorative objects made of glass, etc..There are some interesting things to see.
Flea Markets in Guimarães
Handicraft Market
During the Feast of Gualterianas (the largest in the city), a craft fair takes place in the gardens of the Alameda S. Damaso, from July 24 to August 3. You can stroll along and find all kinds of typical objects from local artisans: Textiles, embroidered linen, pottery, wrought iron, gold and filigree baskets, wicker furniture and even cutlery. The most typical piece is "dos Namorados Cantarinha", a kind of vase made of red clay with details in white mica. It is typically given at a wedding, to the groom's family.
Flea Markets in Ponte de Lima
Antiques Fair
Last Sunday I went to the "Feira de Antiques and Velharias" in Ponte de Lima, which is considered the oldest town in Portugal. It's tradition that this fair is held on the second Sunday of each month, in the beautiful setting on the riverbanks of the river Lima. Collectibles and display cases of antiques steeped in history and rich in symbolism, one of the best parts was a great jukebox in good condition and ancient radios from the start of the last century as well as displays of old books, records, pottery, toys, jewelry, etc..It was my first visit this year, I estimate that there were about 60 exhibitors from various places that attracted more visitors including collectors and people from Galicia. The Municipality of Ponte de Lima supports the fair and is in collaboration with dealers and antique collectors in the area.
Flea Markets in Caldas da Rainha
In Caldas da Rainha, there is a daily fruit and vegetable market in the old town. Besides food, you can also find craft items such as handmade baskets or wooden utensils, among other things. I wouldn't say that its a must-see, but I think that it's always interesting to visit markets in different places.
Flea Markets in Ovar Municipality
Flea Market of Ovar
During my brief visit to the Ovar Market this summer, walking around town I happened upon this market. It's a pretty big market where you can buy food (mainly fruits and vegetables), as well as all kinds of junk (from household items to old, secondhand stuff), and clothing and household items like towels, sheets, etc.). When we went it wasn't busy, so it was fine just going from post to post. I bought a pair of pajamas (made in Portugal) that are pretty cool for 10 €. The market is there every Saturday morning.
Flea Markets in Setúbal
Flea Markets in Olhão
Flea Markets in Aveiro
Flea Markets in Alhos Vedros
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